Workout check-in thread: You October-y Lifting Heavy!



  • justmytype
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    I used the power cage instead of the squat rack for the first time today, too and it was great. The mirror is lower to the floor and I could make sure I got low enough and I could see myself getting unsteady.

    Ah, that's what I need in my workout room...a mirror! So far I've been watching my shadow for form. Lol.
  • canadianlbs
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    Wow, just realized I never posted my workout in here this a.m.

    great that you feel better enough to be back. guess there was a reason for all yesterday's protein, huh.
  • SkepticalOwl
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    I backed off on squats again today so that I can go as deep as I should. I'm soooo frustrated. I could do 5x5 at parallel, but only 85 lbs. I had to take a few days off for religious holidays, so that's some of it. Also, I think my caloric deficit is too steep but I'm in the process of reverse dieting back up to maintenance since I've pretty much reached my weight goal. It's messing with my head, though. I need to stay strong and remind myself that fueling my workouts is what I want to be doing, but it's hard after eating at a deficit for the past 6 months and focusing on cutting... Sorry I'm kind of rambling, but it feels good to get it out there.
  • psych101
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    Last nights lifting

    Squat 5x5 @ 145lbs
    OHP 5x5 @ 60lbs - bit of a deload here so that I can work my way back up
    DL warmup of 1x5 @ 120 and 130 then 1x5 @ 165
  • psych101
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    Oh and I just realised that I must have scraped my shins a bit last night when deadlifting - I have bruises and scrapes lol didn't even feel it at the time!
  • spirit095
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    These "light" days don't feel very light lol

    Squats: 5@65,75,85,85
    OHP: 5@45,45,50,55
    DL: 5@85,95,110,115
  • symba1130
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    Todays workout - SL 5x5 B
    Squats - Warm up + 5x5 @ 85
    OHP - Warm up + 5x5 @ 50
    DL - 1x5 @ 95, 1x5 @ 115, 1x3 @ 135

    I am taking a week off. My lower back seems to be suffering, my guess is from bad form so I am going to heal and deload as needed.
  • canadianlbs
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    well, i guess lesson learned. you can't power a workout on gummi bears. either that, or the 7x7 and 8x8 sets with the squats are using up all the juice that should go for other lifts.

    workout b:

    squats: 2x5@45, 2x5@65, 7x7@70. on second thought, maybe the 65lb warmup sets were too much. did okay with these, overall, but i give it 3 stars. i might have been all quasimodo'd over today, now i look back on it. worst side-effect of the low bar placement is thumbjoint death but i think i've found a nice positioning that i should be able to reproduce every time. everything else seems pretty happy with it. in particular, BACK not complaining.

    lowbar form discoveries of the day:

    1. plant feet where they're going to be while still on 'this' side of the bar, and Do Not Move Them until stepping out. similar to deadlift setup.
    2. check placement by 'taking the slack out' of it with shoulders before standing up. also similar to deadlift setup.

    ohp: PAH. i think i managed 4 sets of 5 at 45, sprinkled throughout the whole session because i kept going back and trying again. but overall, personally, i think they sucked and i don't consider that i really 'did' ohp at all today. no stars upon thars.

    deadlift: 3x1@80, 2x1@100, 5x1@120. 120 is still HEAVY for me and today was a real case of not-gonna-come-off-the-floor. i wasn't very happy with how they went today, but i got them mailed in eventually. 2 stars. will deload to 110 unless things are better next time. this was too heavy for me to feel the form.

    planks: 2x60 seconds front, 1x30 secs each side. ~14 back-release pops throughout.

    i need to eat like a sensible person again.
  • nassaugyal
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    Nice work, chicas!

    Here's what I was able to squeak out today:
    squat - 3x5 @ 85lbs, 2x4 85lbs
    BP - 5x1 @70lbs, 5x4 @70
    BR - 5x5 @ 60lbs

    After giving myself a much needed pep talk, I feel pretty good. I'm not hitting all of my reps and that was getting me really down. I actually cried last workout after not being able to squat 90lbs for 5x5. But today I reminded myself of something my Dad used to say, "The race is not to the swift, but to s/he who can endure".

    There is no end of the line for me. I've fallen in love and I want to keep lifting for the rest of my life. So why am I beating myself up over one little speed bump? So I put my ego in check and dropped the weight. The 85lbs actually felt light, but my mind is so weak! My husband got up to spot me at the start of my fourth set and that just caused a switch to go off in my head - "you need help! you won't be able to lift this! this $*!T is heavy!" and yep, I failed after 4.

    How do you guys keep your head in a good place? I'm getting really apprehensive about squatting now. I used to love it but as the weights get heavier, so do the doubts :(
  • jcdoerr
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    well, i guess lesson learned. you can't power a workout on gummi bears. either that, or the 7x7 and 8x8 sets with the squats are using up all the juice that should go for other lifts.

    I tend to eat a small handful of gummy bears about 15-20 minutes before my workouts. I feel like they help me get all the way through everything without tiring, but then again that could just be the old placebo effect kicking in. Either way, it gives me an excuse to eat gummy bears!

    @canadian - I think you might be right on with all those squats sucking up your energy before you get to the other lifts. It seems like you've got a ton of reps in your warm-ups. I do extra warm-ups for squats too, because I feel like it takes longer for my knees to get warm and loose, but you might try decreasing a little and see if it helps.

    Was tired last night but managed to squeeze this in:
    squats - 3x5 at 135 pounds
    BP - 3x5 at 105 pounds, just made it on my third attempt at this weight!
    rows - 3x5 at 105 pounds, also just made it on my third attempt at this weight. Funny that my bench and rows numbers have been tracking at almost exactly the same pace since I started this program.

    Headed out of town for the weekend, but I'll try to control least a little. Cheers everyone! :drinker:
  • canadianlbs
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    Either way, it gives me an excuse to eat gummy bears!

    always need that. i feel like i'm still trying to figure out the real correlation between food and workout performance. doesn't seem like it's linear in my case.

    i feel the same way about squats. 65 is a lot for warmup when 70 is going to be your working weight, but i got myself kind of confused about it and i may have jumped ahead of myself by several workouts on weight/volume too.
  • laraeverhage
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    I think squats three times a week might be too much for my poor legs. Does anyone else just have a general ache in their legs all day, every day? I don't feel sore, I feel achy. Argh.
  • SezxyStef
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    Hey Ladies first weight workout of October...

    Wendler week 4 deload week..this is interesting to say the least.

    .OHP warmup @ 32.5, 42.5@5 then 50@3,
    working weight 32.5, 42.5@5 then 50x12 (stopped cause I had chinups to do)
    Chinups 2,2,1,1,1...almost got 3 on the first set....getting there...

    didn't do the 2nd acc of Dips cause I didn't feel like it honestly....

    Yesterday went for a walk, rest day on wed and Wii just Dance on Tuesday so it's been a productive week...DL day tomorrow Yah....

    Odd working out on weekends for with SL never had too except the odd Saturday when Friday got booked with fun

    @lara yah my legs would be tender most days but I did my squats 3x a week...even now after I squat they are tender.
  • katro111
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    Squats - 5x85, 5x105, 5x125, 5x147.5, 3x170, 8x125

    Bench - 5x47.5, 5x57.5, 5x70, 5x80, 5x95, 10x70

    Bent over rows - 5x45, 5x57.5, 5x67.5, 5x80, 5x92.5, 10x67.5

    Was feeling pretty awesome so I added a few reps to my upper body lifts.
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
    Workout A / Day 19

    I am still just so in love with this program. :)

    Squats - 6x5 @ 50 lbs.
    - I definitely feel the tightness in my hips and glutes. Will borrow one of the stretches someone else mentioned here and do those before jumping under the bar. Really just concentrating on good form and getting as low as possible.
    - I don't want to be afraid of the bar when I'm doing heavier weights and can't stand up or re-rack, so did a few practice fails just for fun today. Loud, but really good to know how it feels and what to do.

    Bench Press - 5x5 @ 70 lbs.
    - Struggled with the last few reps of the last two sets, but for the most part this felt really solid. All progression on BP will be 2.5 lbs. from now on. Going up 5 lbs. just isn't feasible anymore.

    Rows - 5x5 @ 80 lbs.
    - Deloaded from 95 lbs. because even though I finished all 5x5, I wasn't completing the full range of motion. Back down to 80 lbs. and I was able to touch my chest every rep and really think about the follow through in my arms -- pulling them back through the shoulders. Not sure if this was just the weight or the barbell I was using (smaller with permanent plates), but either way, good decision to lower the weight. Will probably switch progression from 5 lbs. to 2.5 lbs. here too.

    Also went rock climbing (indoor) for the first time in ages this afternoon. So good to be back, but I was definitely pre-exhausted! Will need to shift a few things around to make sure I can do both the lifting and the climbing, but it's definitely back in the rotation. Am hoping to climb 2-3x / week -- not only do I just love it, but it will take care of any arm-related accessories I was considering.

    Now to eat all the chicken and drink all the water, and then have a rice crispy treat.

    All in all, a great day.
  • threnjen
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    Crabada I love your detailed reports!

    Today SL Bench/Rows day. I'm only on my 4th day so I'm a super newbie still.

    Squat - on Oct 1st I did 55lb and I did 55 again today to try to focus on form. I still can't seem to get as low as I want and need to and am hesitant to add weight while my form is still suffering. I can do great squats against the mirror without the bar on my back but I screw it up every time I get under the weights! I think I'm going to stick with the 55lb yet again next time.

    Bench - 55lb on bench press and didn't feel scared I was going to drop it on my face, so that's good

    Rows - I think I was scheduled to do 60, but I did 65 out of a perverse laziness, because I wanted to use the 10lb plates. They just work a lot better for propping up the bar. Doing rows and DL is so awkward because I can't get the bar to stop rolling around on my stack of plates to lift it up a bit. My form was.... not great. I am going to do 65 again next time.

    After this I wanted to do some accessory work but my arms were noodles after the rows. I did a short series of walking lunges while holding some 25lb dumbells, then did some shrugs, then I had to call it a day.

    As a newbie to this program I am constantly surprised how TIRED it makes me. It doesn't SOUND like that much work! and HUNGRY too.... EAT ALL THE THINGS
  • psych101
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    Saturday here so lifted this morning

    Squat 5x5 @ 150lbs
    Bench 4x5 1x4 @ 80 lbs - roll of shame, not bothered
    Row 5x5@ 80 lbs
  • spirit095
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    Squats: warm up + 5@60,75,90,105, 3@120, 8@85
    Bench: 5@45,45,45, 55, 3@60, 8@55
    Row: 5@45,45,55,65, 3@75, 8@65

    I think I'm going to repeat the weights from this week. The 3 reps at 120 were ok, but I feel like I need to get a bit stronger before moving up again.

    Have a good weekend ladies!
  • SezxyStef
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    Wendler week 4 DL and deload...

    75,95 @ 5 and 115@3 for warmup,
    Working weights @ 75, 95 x5 and 115@13..

    no acc today feeling lazy....and did a lot already. IE my typical Saturday of groceries, cleaning, laundry, cooking etc...had 14k steps by 3pm just waiting on dinner now...might be a good night for a nice hot coffee with some irish cream and a's cold and rainy here today.
  • canadianlbs
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    might be a good night for a nice hot coffee with some irish cream and a's cold and rainy here today.

    that sounds wonderful. coffee and knitting under a blankie on the couch over here. and butter chicken for dinner. with chapatis i'm procrastinating about rolling out and cooking, right now.

    went to the october session of the local 'women who lift' thing today under the impression that it was going to be pullups take 2. imagine my horror when it was too late to back out, and i found out it was all about core. imagine my thankfulness too, that i've been doing planks all this week so i didn't totally fail. but parts of what we did weren't good for my shoulder at all.

    didn't really do a full workout afterwards. i rode to the workshop, which is a handful of miles, and rode back. and i did go to the gym and make a slightly futile attempt to do it, but got interrupted by starving hungries and just packed it in.

    squats: 3x5@45, 2x7@70, 3x7@70, 2x7@65. don't really know what i'm doing with this and i think i need to stop playing silly buggers. occurred to me long afterwards that i slightly dread higher weights, so all this jacking around with additional reps AND additional sets is like me placating the add-5-lb gods. like 'i can't be asked to do that, i just squatted xty-x reps!' plus, i guess some vague notion about getting my form settled first. but 70lb wasn't feeling like nothing today, and i was just hungry enough to get all childish and stupid and stubborn and refuse to deload until the last two.

    bench press: didn't really do the rest of the workout. i did do 2 sets of 5 at 45, and it just didn't feel right on the left shoulder in some way i could not figure out so i stopped. skipped rows too, and came home.

    i was just so hungry . . . .:sad: i think i may skip the next workout, take 3 solid days off, and try again.