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  • SaraAlexandre
    SaraAlexandre Posts: 1,312 Member
    Ok, down to 11 members scoring 209. Let's see what happens. Thanks for being such a great team!
  • Cindyinpg
    Cindyinpg Posts: 3,902 Member
    edited December 2014
    I guess it's over for another round. You were all so inspiring and kept me and the others motivated. I hope you each made progress towards your personal goals. It was great to get to know all of you and I hope you'll all return for the next round.. Merry Christmas and see you all in February.
  • KameHameHaaaa
    KameHameHaaaa Posts: 837 Member
    Lost 12 lbs during this challenge!! Thank you so much for the motivation guys :)
  • michellewesley
    michellewesley Posts: 23 Member
    Merry christmas everyone, stay safe, it has been great being a part of this with you all, especially as I am from downunder in Australia. I wish each and everyone one of you happiness and good health for the new year ahead. See you all in 2015, take care everyone, and thank you so much Cindy for organising all of this and our team captain.
  • hajenkatt
    hajenkatt Posts: 331 Member
    I just want to say thanks and CONGRATS to the eleven of us who made it through to the end. Whether we hit our goals or not, to be in the final 11 out of 65 original team members is a FANTASTIC accomplishment. Can't wait to see you all in February!
  • Mrscheyfleming
    Mrscheyfleming Posts: 149 Member
    Awesome job everyone! Cant't wait until February :) Have a merry christmas!
  • redwoodkestrel
    redwoodkestrel Posts: 339 Member
    Getting excited! It's almost February... :smile:
  • ToughHippieChick
    ToughHippieChick Posts: 698 Member
    Do we stay here or does a new group start? Last round was my first time in TWD challenge so I'm not sure how we go about getting started... I am so looking forward to hitting it hard this time!!
  • Mrscheyfleming
    Mrscheyfleming Posts: 149 Member
    Yay, I can't wait to start this. Even though I am 14 weeks pregnant I will still do it :)
  • KameHameHaaaa
    KameHameHaaaa Posts: 837 Member
    I won't be back for the mid-season premiere team. >_< I re-injured my back and I can't do any strength training til the dr clears me. I've been struggling with cardio. Still doing good with my eating habits so I'm still losing weight which is awesome, but It's been a struggle just to get the cardio in everyday and being in pain all the time. :(

    Good luck you guys!