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  • trmndsblndtte
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    Hi! I'm Katie from Kansas City! I was excited to see this group exists.

    I ran my first mile (slowly and oh so painfully) in January 2012. I did three 5ks that summer and 2 half marathons in the fall. I'm doing my 4th half marathon on Saturday (June 1st) and signed up to do my first full marathon (KC Marathon) in October.

    I still have about 30 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight (I've already lost about 85-90.)
  • Destanie_Robyn
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    Hi all,
    I'm Destanie and I ran track and field in high school my events were 100 and 300 hurdles, long jump and triple jump. My senior year I discovered cross county and have been running long distances ever since! the furthest distance to date ran was my first marathon I ran back in 2010.. now this year I am training to complete another in December!
  • errorika
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    Hello everyone!
    I'm Erika, and I recently discovered that I don't hate running like I thought I did for many, many years. As it turns out, I only hate running on a treadmill or other people telling me to run. I'm training for my first marathon on September 8, and it's been an incredibly rewarding experience so far. I'm using Hal Higdon's 30 week program, and I'm loving that almost every time I do a long run, I'm running further than I have ever run before!

    I'm not a fast runner by any means, I'm sure some of you might not even consider what I do running, but I've fallen in love with it and have no intentions of stopping after I've accomplished my goal! Plus, I have been training with my dog, and he's an absolute terror if he doesn't run at least 15 miles a week. I'm still incredibly nervous about running the race, what my time will be, will I have to walk, but no matter the outcome I've found something that I love to do!
  • smitchum
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    Looking for runner friends to motivate and be motivated by :D friend me!
  • pjp1125
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    I'm phil! Haven't run a marathon in almost 10 years, but I did run 4 in 54 weeks in 2002-2003! NYC, LI, NYC, and Richmond ( 13 days after NYC) not sure if I'll ever run one again, but if I do, it will be an ultra. Go big or go home! My best time was 3:30 in Richmond.

    Just started running again, and boy am I slow!
  • nicruns
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    I'm training for my second marathon.... while working away so that people won't look surprised at this hobby of mine!
    (long distance running + triathlon have helped keep me in a size 10/12 instead of a bigger size--> as my weight would likely suggest!)
    But time to stop eating like a trucker & make some heathier choices.
  • Alderaic
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    Hey Guys,

    I've been running for a while, I did my first half a year ago and three more since,
    Completing the spartan race trifecta at the moment, and then I'm jumping into a 16 week program starting on July 29th and finishing at the Phili marathon for my first full distance.

    I'm here for to get some advice and info when needed, but so far, so good :)
    My goals are to get faster (1:48 PR for the half) as I want to run under 3:30 (assuming everything goes well)
    I'm 33, so that should not be too out of reach but it wont be easy either.
  • Still_Fluffy
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    Dave, 33, 5 time marathoner (Fargo 4 times and Chicago once)

    I started running to lose weight. When I ran my first marathon, I set a world record (though I didn't know it at the time) for being the heavest pearson to complete a marthon ( I weighted 330 pounds) and finished in 5:37. I have since dropped 70 pounds and 40 minutes off my time. I hope to run the New York, Walt Disney, Twin Cities, Grandma's (Duluth), and LA Marathon. Boston is a dream too, but I need to get alot faster.
  • HornedFrogPride
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    Hi, Jeremy, 44, 12-time marathoner, asthmatic, and just learned I have a cholesterol problem. Trying to decide whether to train for a fall marathon or a 50K ultra (would be my first). Love to run, addicted to running. Great to see a marathoner group here! Running a 5K Saturday in the Cornhusker State Games (defending my silver medal in my age group from last year-but this year I want gold of course:)
  • justal313
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    Last year I started losing weight and signed up for a warrior dash in that september as a measure of my fitness. That July I ran my first race, a 10k that ended by coming out of the giant inflatable patriots helmet and running across the 50 yard line in Gilette Stadium.

    I was totally hooked on running at that point even if I probably only ran 50% of that race and walked a big chunk of it.

    I run 4 sometimes 5 days a week now, I've completed a BUNCH of 5ks a few 10Ks and last weekend I ran my first half marathon and I will be running my first marathon next july.

    I may have been able to get the weight off but I'm sure eventually I would have tired of going to the gym all the time. I have totally fallen in love with running and I hope to do it with my grandchildren when I eventually have some (my daughter is 2)

    Running has totally changed my life, I am so sorry for making fun of my friends who are runners back in the day :)
  • RunnrMike
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    Hi, I'm a 44 yr old runner who's completed 4 marathons, the last one was the 2011 Rock-n-Roll race in St. Louis. Since then, I had surgery to repair a torn meniscus and am now almost back to normal. I've been strength training my legs and slowly ramping up my mileage. While I swore off running any more full marathons after my last one, I'm now starting to get that 'itch' to do it again. Between a high protein diet and strength training, I'm hoping I can stay healthy while running 20-30 miles/week. Would be thrilled to have new friends from this group!
  • HappyRunner34
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    HI there:

    I am open to connecting with (friending) fellow runners of any age/ability who are looking to compare notes, trade stories, share lesson's learned and be realistically (daily is not necessary) responsive! I am a positive outlook kind of guy with tons of races coming up. Have a few 10Ks and a Half in the bag already with a Half, 30K, trail races and two full marathons coming my way in 2014. I have found that there is no better source of learning than runners sharing with each other; way better than books, web sites or paid trainers. (although I do read a lot too!) I keep a small FL so that I can be responsive too. So if you want to connect, flip me a quick FR with a note and let's run our *kitten* off!
  • wingsteach
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    Hi everyone! I'm Vanessa and I've been gradually getting back into running after taking about 10 years off. I ran the Chicago Marathon about 10 years ago, and pretty much stopped running altogether after that. I tend to get "obsessed" with a particular fitness activity - running, walking, fitness video programs, dance classes, whatever. Then, I overdo it, get bored, and find something else to do. But, I have found that out of everything I have tried, I truly love to run. I've been back walking and jogging for about a year now, and have registered for my 2nd ever marathon in September of this year. So....I need to get my weekly mileage up, and train properly. I'm a full-time teacher and mom, so I think my biggest struggle is finding the TIME, but I'm really excited to find this group!
  • MelisaBegins
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    Hey everybody! What a fun group!

    I'm Melisa and I too am an adult-onset runner. In high school, I did one season of Cross Country (barely) and one season of Track (I tried the long jump, sort of). My brother was the captain of both sports and I quickly learned it was his thing, not mine.

    Fast-forward to my late 20's and, as a total non-runner, decided what the heck: let's run a marathon. My theory is that blissful ignorance + years of being protected in a cocoon of inactivity got me through that first one. Ha ha. I went on to run 4 more marathons; a 50K ultra trail run; and a full IronMan for my 30th birthday.

    2001 - Seattle Marathon (4:45)
    2002 - San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon (4:30 ish)
    2003 - Nike Women's Marathon - San Francisco (4:25)
    2004 - Grand Columbian Iron Distance Triathlon (16 hours, 16 minutes - actually placed 2nd in age division - ha!)
    2005 - Baker Lake 50K Ultra Trail Run (many hours)
    2006 - Austin Marathon (4:06 PR)
    2010 - Portland Marathon (5+ hours of pure, soaking-wet hell)

    After that fateful day in Portland in 2010, I figured I was probably done with running and decided to do a lot of couch-sitting instead. Also, food-eating and wine-drinking.

    And then all of a sudden I was at my highest weight ever and I KNOW IT WAS SHOCKING TO ME, TOO.

    So, in January of this year (the year of my 40th birthday) I decided to pick my (much heavier self) up by my boot straps and get serious about my health.

    I've got tentative plans to get back on the marathon horse in December. It's a race called "Last Chance" on New Year's Eve, and I think that's rather fitting.

    Let's do this thing!
  • MelisRunning
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    I'm Mel and I live in Mississippi.

    I began running 2 1/2 years ago on Labor Day with my younger sister. She talked me into doing the C25K program with her at Mississippi State University. Great program. One of the toughest things I have ever done and if it had not been a promise to my sister, I probably would have never completed the program.

    Funny thing happened during that program, I got hooked on running and have been running ever since!

    I have discovered that I really, really like running the longer distances. MFH (My Favorite Husband) is the exact opposite. He likes doing an occasional 5K so we will begin running together and then he will head on home while I complete my run. I enjoy his company but I also enjoy the solitude of a long run.

    I am presently training for a 50K. I was training for a 50 Miler that was to take place on March 1st, but ended up w/a Femoral Stress Fracture instead. Boo. I have recovered from that and am scaling back my Ultra plans to a 50K instead. I guess I need to work my way up on these Ultra's, huh?

    Love, love, love the marathon distance. HM is a nice warm up but after that it is pure grit and determination. I like that.

    So, I have a cute little 10K in May, a HM in April all as a precursor to the July 50K. Then I will slow down until a Marathon in November on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

    Nice to meet all of you!!! Happy running!!!
  • Linli_Anne
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    I'm Linli and I'm from the prairies of central Canada.

    I only found my love for running a little less than 2 years ago, right around when I joined MFP and someone mentioned the C25K program. I never truly understood what a runner's high was until my first time running for 30 minutes without stopping. I never looked back.

    I ran my first half marathon in October 2013 and felt like I could conquer the world. I knew that this was something I was going to stick with.

    I love the solitude (most of the time) of my long runs. I don't have to answer to anyone but myself. It balances me to get out there. It's probably one of the few things that I actually do just for me, and I have learned that as a result it ends up benefitting everyone in my life. Even my kids will tell me "Mommy, you are getting grumpy. Do you need to go for a run?".

    After my HM last fall, I knew that I wanted to tackle the marathon. The big one here is on Father's day every year, I researched training plans and on January 1st I started logging those miles.

    I have a HM race in early May, that fits right in with my training and am inching closer to the full. I completed my first of three 20 mile training runs 2 week-ends ago and I finished just as strong as I had started, and could have easily carried on for another 6.2.

    I'm looking forward to learning from all of you and soaking up all the wisdom and knowledge as I inch closer to race day.

    May your runs be long, and the wind at your back!
  • NorthCountryDreamer
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    My name is Wayne. I am 50 and just started using MFP in January. I have run over 30 marathons and just as many trail races and many times more short distance races. My extra weight has, in the past, made me a middle of the pack runner. My wife, Jen ran Boston last year. Besides the whole bombing thing, I was totally inspired to FINALLY lose the extra weight and run fast again. I used to run 3:20 marathons. I want to run Boston myself. That was a dream for decades before Jen actually qualified. NOW is the time for the extra pounds to come off. I started at 219lbs and I want to stop at 179lbs. At that weight I might actually run faster than I did in my 20's. I am 6' so 179 lbs is not a radical weight goal.

    After running Boston, I have my sites set on running my first 50 miler. I have run a number of 50ks and have wanted to go further but the extra weight makes it really difficult. I will confess that I "sort of" collect friends on MFP. I am looking for like-minded marathoners, ultra runners or trail runners that cross train. I do Yoga (privately) and I lift weights, chop wood and run, run, run. The missing piece in all of this is my weight.

    It was a dietitian that recommend that I log food on MFP. I didn't really understand the social media aspect. I have gained so much insight from others on MFP. I am willing to share what I have learned as well even though I am somewhere in the middle of my fitness journey like so many others using MFP. Between MFP and my dietitian I have come a long way toward my goal weight. My speed has improved dramatically as well.
  • bobbijodmb
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    My name is Bobbi Jo. I started running in November 2013. I couldn't run a mile. I ran my first half marathon in april 2014 and my 2nd 28 days later. I am doing 3 halfs this fall and my goal is to do the Pittsburgh Full Marathon this year. Excited about this group to learn lots!
  • Onugent01
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    Hi I'm Olga and I'm in Ireland. I started running 18 months ago from a position of zero fitness! In the first 12 months I ran in three 5k races improving my time along the way. So far this year I've ran a 10k and a half marathon race and I've signed up to do a full marathon in late October. I'm scared of the distances involved and starting to panic a bit as the months close in. I'm following a training plan from a running magazine, I'm currently up to 14 miles for my long run but I'm struggling to believe that I can do even longer distances. Has anyone any good advice for me? Much appreciated, thanks ????
  • EdTheGinge
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    Hi I'm Olga and I'm in Ireland. I started running 18 months ago from a position of zero fitness! In the first 12 months I ran in three 5k races improving my time along the way. So far this year I've ran a 10k and a half marathon race and I've signed up to do a full marathon in late October. I'm scared of the distances involved and starting to panic a bit as the months close in. I'm following a training plan from a running magazine, I'm currently up to 14 miles for my long run but I'm struggling to believe that I can do even longer distances. Has anyone any good advice for me? Much appreciated, thanks ????

    See you in Dublin, not long now.

    When I did my first marathon last year (Late October) the furthest I'd ran was about 15miles and I arranged a long run of about 18.5mile and I hit the wall and couldn't finish but I managed a 20miler a couple of weeks later, however when it came to race day it was surprisingly comfortable as you just lose yourself in the crowd, other athletes and by that stage you just run and trust your training. I don't follow a training plan, right or wrong I just run when I want, for as long as I want because you have to enjoy it and not end up resenting it.

    Since March I haven't gone over 10miles but I'm not panicing quite yet. So what's my advice? Keep doing what you're doing, trust your plan, make sure you're feeding your runs properly and most of all during the longer runs stay hydrated, that's where I went wrong oh and don't forget the jelly babies :laugh: