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  • Thanks for replying. I am doing much better. I'm sticking with it and giving it a fair shot. I really enjoyed my up day today. I ate as much as I could but I was too full to do anymore. I'm not use to eating that I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings:-)
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    What are thoughts on keeping the up days the amount the calculator says? I'm trying it but I'm scared it's too much!

    I am trying to stay with the allotted 2000 cals. I am finding it a struggle to eat quite that much consistently. In fact I went over twice at the very beginning - over eating because you are scared you will never get food again - but after that I am eating more veg which is filling and my stomach is shrinking so I am too full.

    When you think about it, if this WOE is scientifically supported, why do we trust the down day very low cal intake, which is in conventional thought bad for you, but don't trust the up day normal range of calories?

    PS - Ive been avoiding the alcohol calories that would put me over:laugh:
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    I just thought I'd let you know that I stuck with it.

    Week 1 - 10lb loss
    Week 2 - 4lb loss

    Im happy with that.

    A few struggles to stay within my cals on DDS otherwise as STONE in a fortnight with pudding and cream every Up day. YAH this works for me.

    Well done!

    Fair warning - This will possibly slow a little more - I was able to sustain 2 pounds a week for months and months though.

    Yes I realise it will slow down, but what a great kick start to get and keep you motivated.
  • Your absolutely right. I am trying my best to follow what the given calories were and we will see this weekend how that worked. I'm seeing changes tho....something is working;)
  • Hi:) my name is Lisa and I have been doing this diet on and off for a few weeks now...I have lost 10 pounds so far:) Not sure how to put a weight tracker on my post? If anyone knows please enlighten I will be 45 next month and I have been perimenopausal since I was 38:( I am hoping it's coming to an end but, I have gained weight in the process and need to shed about 35 pounds:( Just wondering if there are any ladies in my position and how much they have lost with this program.
    Thanks and Blessings in Advance!!
  • Hi Lisa. Glad you are having great luck with the JUDDD way of life. I have been on this for just 3 weeks. I've lost 2 lbs but see inches lost. I'm new but love it! I had a hysterectomy at the age of 29 and been in menopause for years. I'm 37 this year. I have a slower time losing but the weight does stay off. My highest was 216. I'm currently 158. Many others are having wonderful results! Wishing you the best! Jen
  • Wow Jen!! That's awesome! I am trying to get my weight down... It's slow going but, it's still creeping down and not up so that's ok with me:) all the women in my family started going through perimenopause late 30's. Not sure why but, that's how it's played out. Sorry if your looking at my avatar I changed my username and pic. Thanks for adding me as a friend and for the support!
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    I have been doing intermittent fasting and wanted something a but more organized to follow.
    I think this will fit my natural ups and downs in appetite since starting IF.

    I look forward to meeting you all.
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    HI everyone!

    I'm starting today on the juddd! very excited as i read so many great results including better positive mood levels.

    I tried low carb and no matter how I tried, didnt lose, actually gained, so I am switching WOE now before any more damage is done.

    good luck to all you alternate day people!
  • Hi guys,

    I have been losing weight for my wedding last year with MFP, but I gained half of that weight back on now - and I don't like it. I find it really hard to get back into the counting-everything at the moment so I thought I am giving these alternating programs a go. I am also giving up alcohol, chocolates and cakes for lent, so I won't be going overboard on the normal days. :bigsmile: I have around 30-35kg in total to lose, and my first goal is 10kg - ideally by July.

    I never done any JUDD/fasting/5:2/4:3 so far, but find the idea very intriguing. Do I need to buy a book and follow any rules apart from eating around 500/600 cals on low days and normal on the other days? Do you have any tips/tricks or maybe just your experience to share? I am planning to have Mon/Wed and the occasional Fri as low day, as I find it easier to control my intake on working days than over the weekend.

    Today is my first low day - though I am already on 460cals after my lunch (and including my coffee in the afternoon) - not sure what to do with dinner tonight. Just cooked veggies probably. How are your low days looking? Does anyone mind sharing a typical low day? :flowerforyou:

    Thank you all for reading/replying/your time!

    Disclaimer: I am hoping to be more active on here again, though I can only acess the forums during work, so my main interaction would be on the normal homepage - so please feel free to add me as friend! :happy:
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    Hi I am so happy to have found an alternate day fasting group! I have the book the every other day diet, fast days 500 and feast days whatever I want. I forgot the day I started but it's been a couple weeks and though I have only lost a couple pounds I have lost a lot of inches :) today is fast day for me. Good luck to every one :)
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    Welcome everyone. Hope ADF is going well for you.
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    I happen to see this on the forums yesterday and decided to research it. I've had a very hard time losing the last two years even though I feel I eat fairly healthy and work out a bunch. I'm going on 50 so probably the main culprit is aging and pre-menopausal. I do have days where I am just not hungry and eat more just because I can so I thought this might be beneficial to me. I'm starting a Down Day today. Planned my food and see how it goes. The only problem I'm seeing so far is my coffee, I use FV creamer and did it automatically without even thinking about it today. So I'm about 100 calories with just the creamer. Since its my first day I'm going to just ignore it and feel it will still be win to stay within my 500 of eating calories.

    I am pretty active on my news feed so feel free to friend me!
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    I'm pretty psyched about this UD/DD... I'm also intrigued by Matt Stone's Eat More to Weigh Less but don't know much about it..

    Anyway, I've tried like hell to lose weight over the last 2 years and most of the time, nothing happens.

    So I'm trying JUDD.

    My question is .. my BMR is 1627 calories a day (down from 2100 calories resting metabolic rate when I started 'dieting' 2 years ago).

    To do JUdd, it says you eat 20-25% of your calories. Does that mean I should be eating 325 to 406 calories a day?

    I thought it was 500 or less which is what I did so far.

    I guess I need to cut back more.

    Like Jchrisman (HI JCHRISMAN!) I love coffee with half and half and will have to cut that out on Down Days. I can drink lemon tea.

    THanks for any feedback.

    Hoping this works for us all.

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    go to the juddd web site calculator, it tells you exactly how many calories if you plug your weight hieght etc. into the calculator.

    its 500 every other day for the first two weeks and eating what ever you want without intentionaly overeating on the opposite days.

    Good luck, happy losing!
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    Hello Everyone!
    I've seen different information on intermitent fasting recently, and then I saw Dr. Varady's book was recently released and after reading the reviews I just had to pick it up. I am amazed at the research and the addtional health benefits, besides weightloss. I've been alternating days for roughly a week now along with my hubby and so far so good.

    I've lost a little, but coupled with excercise my overall physique is changing for the better. In the book it states to weigh every day and then take the average of the 2 days, but this is frustrating as the weight flucuates between up and down days, and weight can fluctuate about 2lbs on any given day anyways. I was hoping to see more progress on the scale, but I may be eating a bit too much on up days. I imagine many people do initially, until they get accustomed to the down days, which are getting better for me.

    I had already started T25 workouts in the mornings and also do Zumba. I've continued to do my workouts without much issue - the fact the I generally workout first thing in the morning helps as I normally don't eat anyway.

    Hoping to see some movement on the scale in the next few weeks!
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    Welcome and good luck. It works if you stay with it.
  • After trying almost every diet this is the only one I can actually do and it works.
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    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I read an article recently about IF, found it intriguing, did more research, then decided to give EOD/JUDDDD a try. I’m on my fourth DD today, almost one week in. I’m finding the DDs are already getting easier. On the last two DDs, I’ve stopped getting the shakes and actually feel like I have energy. Also, a huge surprise for me is my sugar cravings, even on UDs, have almost disappeared.

    My only concern is whether this type of diet will ruin my metabolism. I’ve “grown up” on the theory of having to eat every few hours to keep the metabolism revved. During the first couple of days, I lost almost 5 pounds. But then after my third DD, I had gained back almost 4 pounds. I’m not going crazy on my UDs. I realize a lot of the initial weight was water weight, but it’s still frustrating. Has anyone else had crazy day-to-day fluctuations? How often does everyone else weigh in?

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    I know many that have these weight fluctuations. Take a look at what you are eating. Too much salt? Too many carbs? I prefer to eat a lot of protein. Regardless just keep after it.

    As long as you average at least 1200 calories daily, all should be good. One of the beauties of this diet is you body stays confused as to what you are doing (it takes your body 3 days to enter starvation mode) so no worries about your metabolism slowing.

    As far as weighing, some do daily, some do weekly. I suppose it's your preference.