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  • Just_Ceci
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    I graduated c25k almost 2 years ago and I still don't run a 5k in 30 minutes. Getting there soon, though! Just keep adding time and you will get there too!
  • drdwngfan
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    I have graduated from C25k, 4 times now. Ran my last 5k in about 45 min. Slow and steady seem to be what works for me. I will pick up the pace and mileage as my weight continues to drop. I am currently in Week 3 of Bridge to 10k (B210k) training. More of the same intervals just a little longer.
  • IndigoSue13
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    I DID IT!!! I ran my first 5K this morning. My unofficial time according to Runtastic was 40:08. I'll have to look up my official time - I think they'll be posting that somewhere.

    I had to walk one small portion -- just at the beginning of mile 3, there was a very steep hill. Everyone was walking it (except, I'm sure, for the more experienced runners, but they were way ahead of the rest of us). I jogged halfway up, but had to walk the rest. It was probably just a minute or so.

    I'm super happy and proud of myself. I never thought I'd be able to do something like this. Now I'm going to find another 5K to run next month! I'll be working on hills and trying to improve my time until then. :)

    (I posted this in Daily Check In, too, but figured it's also a graduation announcement, so I'm posting it here, too.)
  • VintageMatch
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    Graduated today!!! I started this program like 3 times and I've finally finished! I went from being a person who would only go to the gym with a friend and it didn't take much to talk me out of going. To being cranky if I miss a day at the gym, and I go by myself without a thought. Feeling amazing!!
  • DianaLovesCoffee
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    I graduated this weekend! Running 30 minutes straight. I'm not up to a full 5k yet however. So my plan is to add 5 minutes to my run each week until I reach the full 5k. I can do 2 miles in 28 minutes so I think just 3 more weeks to get me to the 5K and it should be around 42 minutes. Speed will come later. I just want to complete for now.
  • Just_Ceci
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  • TheNamelessOnesWife
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    Did my first 5k today. 35 minutes, not too bad. I was exhausted and pathetic by the end, but as this year gets warmer and running doesn't involve freezing cold I'm looking forward to how much I can improve. Since I was a genius and started C25k as soon as winter started.
  • Japkoo
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    I graduated today!! Took me a few weeks longer as the first 22 min run I repeated until I could do it straight. The last few 30 min runs have been great! Going to keep up the training. Looking forward to my first "registered" 5K on May 9th!!
  • lngrunert
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    I graduated! I still can't run a full 5K in 30 minutes, but running for 30 minutes straight even at my speed is something I never thought I'd be able to do. I'm going to keep running on my own to build up stamina and hopefully speed as well. Looking forward to my first real 5K in mid-May.
  • smilelaughlove17
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    tageekly wrote: »
    Started 10/28/11 and officially graduated 12/21/11, a week earlier than the program recommended... i'm so happy!:happy: let's celebrate! :):drinker:

    :drinker: Cheers to you! Congrats! I'm a week away (although with the holiday it'll probably be a little longer) from graduating.

  • smilelaughlove17
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    I did it! I just finished c25k. I did 3 miles but it took more than 30 minutes, which I'm OK with I have 7 weeks until my 5k.
  • flabassmcgee
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    This is a month late and an excerpt from another post, but here's my story:

    Right here!

    I, too, had always wanted to be a runner. I started and stopped the C25K app numerous times.

    In December, I decided enough was enough. I needed to do it and stick to it.

    It wasn't easy... But it certainly wasn't impossible. I used the C25K group here in MFP to get some tips. Halfway through, I signed up for The Color Run 5K to motivate me to really do this.

    If I felt like giving out, I knew to adjust my pace. I focused on my breathing and my form. I made sure my running shoes were fit and caused me little to no damage (I was bigger, so it caused more pressure to my knees at times). It felt less and less like dying and more like an accomplishment. I ran outside instead of the treadmill because I wanted to learn how to balance and the treadmill was always scary for me because of that. My endurance built up dramatically.

    I will admit that my consistency wavered a bit in the middle. There was a week that I didn't run at all. But I got back out there as the 5K got closer. I was impatient and started trying to run the full 35 minutes. I didn't make it the first couple of tries and bounced back to the app again.

    The night before the race, I really attempted to go for it at the treadmill at the gym. I did it and nearly burst into tears. I graduated the C25K! ME! The girl who huffed and puffed every 1 minute run I broke into that first day.

    Race day was one of the most exciting days of my life. Though it's supposed to be all for fun and not timed, I ran the whole thing. I ran slowly and there were times I wanted to give up, but I kept going. When I saw the finish line, I don't know what came over me... But I had a burst of new energy and ran as fast as my legs would take me. I collapsed after I collected my medal with the biggest, goofiest grin.

    My goal was to do it in 35 minutes. I did it in 39 minutes and 45 seconds.

    I run 2-3 times a week now. If it's 2, I'll do some other kind of cardio to make up for it and to challenge My endurance in new ways.

    You can run as slow as you want, just keep going!




    That last one is about the most embarrassing picture ever taken of me, but I'm willing to share it cuz of that look of consternation and determination. Sorry for the faces I make when I'm running!
  • Autumnfilly2005
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    I graduated today! I actually ran 33:15 minutes instead of 30, because when I looked at my running app I was very close to having 2 miles of running, so I kept going to reach the 2 mile mark. I was super happy when I did it. I felt like shouting and dancing on the sidewalk. It was a real rush of joy to complete this program.

    I signed up for a 5k in June, and while I can run 30+ minutes straight, I'm not yet doing 3 miles. My goal now to to continue on with a 10k program, and extend my running time until I can cover the 3 miles distance. I have 4 weeks to my 5k. I don't have a time goal for the race (besides less than 60 minutes), I just want to cover the entire race at a run.

    One thing I've been doing is that I always follow 3 mile routes while I'm running. So I will follow the c25k (now c210k!) for the given time, and then walk the remaining distance. At least I know I can walk that far with no issues, it's only a matter of extending my running time.

    One thing I'm worried about is the temperature. I live in southern California. Oddly enough my problem is not the heat, it's the lack of it. We've had an unusually cold (for us) and damp May. While I've been enjoying running in the drizzle, and we desperately need the rain, I worry that I haven't acclimated to the heat. When it's cold, I run much faster and have much more energy than when it's hot. My pace on the last hot day we had was about 19min/mile, while my cold day runs average about 17 min/mile. Again, I'm not worried about how fast I go, but I worry that a heat wave will hit right before the day of the race, and my endurance will be shot.

    Maybe I need to find a hot running studio lol!
  • KRPolo
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    After starting and stopping c25k twice, the third time was a charm and I graduated today!! I can't believe tat eight weeks ago I could hardly keep running for a minute, and today, I ran the 30 minutes and then kept going through the cool down time for almost a 5k in 35 minutes. This program rocks! It's been over twenty years since I ran cross country in high school, and I finally feel like a runner again! On to the 10k program and looking for a local 5k to run in very soon.
  • samra338
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    I graduated today! I am very slow and wanted to run three miles today, so, I kept going through my cool down and continued. Well, I did it in 46:45. My first official 5k is in a couple of days, hoping for less than 45 minutes.
  • KRPolo
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    Congratulations @samra338! Best of luck with your 5k. You should download the 10k app and keep it up! I am loving the intervals in weeks 9 so far.
  • eyethree
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    I officially graduated today. I plan on starting B210K on Tuesday. My first 5k is Aug 1st. So excited to be where I'm at now! Never would've gotten here without this C25K app.
  • kbaker001
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    I graduated!!
    Now I'm doing my first 5K on Saturday! Never thought I could run 5k before starting C25K.
  • JSC145
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    Well, folks... I GRADUATED today!! It wasn't pretty and because of the insane humidity, I don't think I've ever sweat that much before. But I was determined to finish today... AND when I saw that at the end of 35 min, I was at 2.7miles, I kept going and hit 3 miles.... no joke, journey's don't stop believin' starting playing at the end there and I got a little choked up... but that's OK because the sweat dripping down my face hid the tears.
  • mishycat74
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    After starting off well in Jan/Feb then having to take breaks/repeat weeks due to weather problems, work commitments and illness I finally graduated on 26th June running (very slowly) about 2 miles in 30 minutes. I attempted my first 5k Race for Life on 5th July and completed it in 39.10 :) . The first 2.5k felt absolutely fine but then I had to walk for about 0.5k just after hitting the 3k mark as I just couldn't catch my breath and had awful calf pain :'( . I think this was because I started off too fast trying to keep up with my friend whom I was running with, but I am proud that I didn't give up and managed to restart running and complete the race. Now I'm determined to keep training and actually manage to run the whole 5k B) .