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    Thanks y'all! :smile:

    Here's the recipe, but I of course don't follow it: :bigsmile:


    I used 2 lbs of beef and 1 avacado (use one that's not too mushy). I also skipped the breadcrumbs and garlic but added some cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, s&p, and chopped cilantro, which is what I think really makes it. If I had to guess, I probably did a teaspon of cumin and chili, probably just 1/4t of garlic powder, and probably 1/4 cup chopped cilantro. They were really sticky when I made them, but I put them on a cookie sheet with wax paper and refigerated for about an hour and they dried out a little before going on the grill. They're really yummy and moist. And I make double batches and freeze them too.
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    I used 2 lbs of beef........

    Not beef....ground chicken. Oops.
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    Bronze for me again. I'm so irritated with myself. I just can't handle weekends. I help up so well Friday night and Saturday day...then Saturday night came and I was very into ice cream. :) And last night there was an incident with cupcakes.

    I'm giving myself an October challenge to MEET MY DAMN GOALS every day. Every day. Anyone want to join me?? We could friend each other and make a little challenge, not exactly sure what the details will be. I'm going to ask my friend list, too. I know I just have to do it for me, but hey whatever helps, right?

    You might be too hard on yourself! I think a weekly average should allow for ice cream and cupcakes if you want ice cream and cupcakes! I know I have weeks with a gold star that includes sweets. Don't be so strict that you set yourself up! October is hard, so many sweets around!
    And since we mentioned it, I have ice cream that is 160 cals for 1/2 cup (it's cookie dough regular ice cream not imitation or crap), and a cake cone (30 cals!) and that is a perfect after dinner snack.
    And then there's 3-2-1 cake, and it's a recipe where you take a box of angel food cake mix, pour it into a big ziploc with any other box of cake mix you like, then you can make your own little cake in a coffee cup: 3 taplespoons of mixed mix, 2 tablespoons of water and one minute in the microwave. I like to top a lemon cake with strawberries and whipped cream (from a can, so probably much worse than cool whip:tongue: ) and someone who is better at math than me determined this is between 100-120 cals depending on the type of cake mix you select.
    And if you have a day when you eat over maintenance, just plan to have a low day later in the week. If you eat at maintenance, so what? that day is a wash!
    Today, I didn't get hungry for lunch. I ate an apple and had some jerky when I got a little hungry but overall it evens out...
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    13 weeks to the new year, huh?? Then I am going to aim to lose 0.5 lbs per week....for a 6.5 lb loss. That will have me finishing up the year about 2 lbs less than where I started it. I am good with that!

    Today = day one. I am at about 1400 cals for the day. Too many....but still a deficit....
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    Ashley - so cute! So glad you had a good birthday and the festival sounds great!
    Kelly - are you in for the Star Challenge for October?
    Actually that is a question for everyone - let me know! I will post the results and the goals I have for everyone in case anyone wants to change.
    Beeps - I would never kick you out!
    Kate - I echo what Amy said!
    Amy - I love the little cake recipe! Does it work well in the microwave?
    I am not much on desserts at night, ice cream once in a great while - especially if there are berries to top it with, but I love cookies (homemade) in the afternoon. I will make and freeze them and take out one or two once in a while when I need something sweet. A piece of dark chocolate works well too :love:
    Abigail - so great getting your husband to run with you! I would love that but it is not going to happen
    I had an amazing weekend - the festival Friday was so good, it was out on the pier and beautiful out! The band we wanted to see was on last but we heard some other good groups we hadn't heard of before. We went to a tiny place for dinner that had some of the best ceviche I have had and local craft beer! I also tried a pumpkin ale and loved it! Could be very dangerous - kind of like pumpkin pie in a bottle but not sweet :) Saturday I slept late and then ran errands. Sunday I got up super early and went for a long run before my hair appointment! New stylist was amazing and my hair looks great! Oh and I went and bought some of the pumpkin ale but have restrained myself from having any (so far) but it is a challenge!

    Who mentioned 13 weeks to the end of the year? I don't even want to think about 13 weeks to the end of the year :noway: how is that even possible? I need to get my Christmas shopping going!
    I would join Beeps in the 0.5 pound loss per week until the end of the year but it doesn't seem to be happening no matter what deficit I have... Maybe being able to run more now and more often (back to back run today after my long run yesterday) will help - need to get back to where I was in May before the injury! :grumble:
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    Star Challenge Results for September!
    I did well - made Platinum again but I am struggling with eating enough as I seem to have a regular deficit over 500 calories... just can't eat back what I burn running. On the other hand I am not losing anything so maybe my calorie burn isn't near what MFP has.
    I am going to lower my total again, and see if that helps.
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    Goals for October Star Challenge - Let me know if you are in or not and what your calorie goal is!
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    Yes, Shannaber, I would like to be back in the challenge for Oct. I hope to lose 5 pounds in Oct! Call me CRAZY but I have been slacking so much, I really think I can.

    I think I started the year at 134...I am currently at 139. I want to lose that 5 pounds and 5 more.

    This morning, I did HIIT like a girl and tonight I am running at the soccer park with my daughter. I have Chicken Tortilla soup in the crockpot. I will skip the yummy chips though. :-)
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    kclynch, you are singing my song....i am 154 lbs right now....i was FREAKIN.g out jan/14 when i was 150! I wanted to end 2014 at 140....

    Anyway, i want to make sure ALL of 2015 i am in the 140's, so, yes, i would like to get down to 147-148 by end of 2014.

    I am thinking 140, for me, is just a pipe dream! But, 145 is totally doable.

    Meanwhile, I did take my month-end measurements today....am down 1" on chest and 1" on hips....i will take it!
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    Ashley, what a great pic, you look fantastic!

    Shanaber, I started logging again yesterday so I will jump back into the star challenge for Oct, goal remains the same

    Let's do this ladies!
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    I am in, sticking to 1600 per day for October, and eating back cardio cals.

    And Shanaber, I only use the microwave for 3-2-1 cake and it works fine but they vary a lot so I start checking at 30 secs, it seems done if it pulls away from the side of the cup. I also do it with coconut milk and pineapple for a tropical taste, mmmm...

    My husband is auditioning for Last Comic Standing tonight. It's an early round and only 3 minutes but I am nervous for him!

    My knee feels hurt but not sure what to do-rest? work it? avoid certain activities? It doesn't hurt just being, walking or standing, it seems like it only hurts when the lower leg and upper leg are not aligned, if that makes sense, like if the calf is twisted from the thigh, even if I am laying down. Squats seems ok if I went all the way down-*kitten* to grass as they say...
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    Hi Ladies!

    Man, I'm gone for 4 days and this thread moved like lightning! I wish I had time to follow up with everyone individually, buuuuut work is crazy today.

    Amy/Ashley - adorable pics. You guys both look great, and Ashley that bump is way cute!

    I'm hoping to get back into the star challenge in the New Year... and that's only 13 weeks away!? Are you freaking kidding me? Time is going by way way WAY too fast.

    My October goals are just to stay as active as possible, whether that be walking, yoga, swimming etc. I can feel myself getting more tired easily, so I'm just going to go with the flow until I can no longer go :laugh: I'm still feeling really good for the most part, just not sleeping well and trying to deal with swollen feet/ankles that have caused me to need to go up a size and a half in shoes. :smile:

    Here is my most recent "bump" pic. I took this at 31 weeks (yes I know, I'm huge) and I will be 33 weeks on Thursday, so I imagine I look a bit bigger now ha ha.


    Have a great day ladies!

    Edited to say: Sorry for the big pic
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    Ram you are adorable!!!!!!

    Amy Good luck to your hubby!

    Beeps. I swear, once I reach the 120's, I AM NEVER LEAVING them again! Keep in mind I am only 5'0 so I am OVERWEIGHT at 129. I got a lot of junk in my truck so I feel good in the mid 120s....I think. It's been awhile. Like mid 2013. CRAZY.
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    Amy - good luckto your husband....sounds like a lot of fun!

    ramalem - cute photo! You look great!

    So does BetterBalance.....cute baby bumps all!

    kclynch - past doesn't matter....the future is where it is at! You got this!

    shanaber - thanks for keeping the star challenge going. October is gonna be "P" every week, for me!

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    I've got everybody covered for the Star Challenge, even those who haven't responded :laugh:
    Let's do this! "P" for everyone every week in October on the Star Challenge - we.have.got.this!!

    Ram - you are so adorable! Be sure to elevate your feet to help with the swelling!

    Amy - my golden cure is ice but I think the whole RICE solution is good - Rest Ice Compress and Elevate is good. When I tore my meniscus they told me to ice twice a day and especially after any kind of activity. I am still icing my foot and my knee and adding in the other foot just because :happy: My foot is happy now as is my knee so for me it works! (I fill small dixie cups filled 3/4 full and freeze - tear halfway down and you have an ice applicator :smile: )
    Also wishing your husband success with his audition!

    Beeps and KC - I am going to get back to 130 by the end of the year and then back to my goal weight of 125! 5 lbs to 130 and another 5 to 125 - I can do this! and then stay there!
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    Sorry for the late checkin. Its been a crazy week. Last week was very good for me eating. Workouts were so-so. This week so far has been good with eating, although I have been having my nightly wine. Mike is interviewing for a new job and my anxiety has been through the roof. Plus Sunday I had a terrifying choking experience with Jackson that still has me wound up. Thankfully Jack is ok, I went into survival momma mode I guess, not really knowing what I was doing. Needless to say I am signed up for a baby safety class in a couple weeks.

    Ram-great preggo belly!

    Everyone sounds super motivated! I love it! I am with you all. After having that good week last week my scale is moving in the right directions. Since we are putting goals out there....right now I am 148. My "norm is 145 (this is where I feel good and normally sit comfortably), but my goal is always 140. So I am going to say by the end of October I would like to be at 145 and I would like to see 143 by the end of the year. Then I think we may start baby making again after the holidays....oh boy! (or hopefully girl :wink: )
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    The show was fun last night, it was really preliminary and won't know for awhile if anyone advances to the next round but I'd say his chances are as good as any, better than some:wink:

    Chloe, I hope the job works out for your husband (also Mike, like mine)!

    I ran around the lake last night, knee felt fine. It was cool and overcast, felt perfect for running.

    Any color of star would be ok with me for October, November will be my clutch time and then Aruba, and then, we'll see...
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    really cute, Ram:)
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    shanaber - RICE is RIGHT. I am glad you are in the "last 10 lbs" club, with me. :smile:

    Chloe - I remember when my oldest son was 7 months old and choked on a saltine cracker!!! It was TERRIFYING. I ended up grabbing him by his ankles and hanging him upside down over the sink as I whacked on his back like a banshee. That was 26.5 years ago and I STILL remember it. Scary shyte.

    Amy - glad your husband performed well! Aruba....sounds SUBLIME!

    I am glad to see October arrive. I really feel like this will be a great month for me. I have my eating back under control and I have weight-trained 3 days in a row, already, this week! Tomorrow is a rest day, maybe a walk day, and Friday I have a board meeting, so I won't be exercising on Friday. Saturday = boring ol' cardio. BOOM!
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    Hi Ladies!

    I am back from my 1 week of fall in lovely VA...hot and humid back here in HI :( I didn't track at all while I was traveling and working 12 hr days...I sure do know I ate a lot of JUNK! And no time for running :( I might get on the scale soon LOL

    I have been tracking again since Monday so I am going to go for my usual calorie count this week (but not going to be hard on myself on Sunday when I do my first 25K!) Very busy day at work (143 emails) and tons of to-do's from my conference. Sad day in the office though as a co-worker committed suicide yesterday...still processing that....Military can be stressful but I hope that we are all family enough to feel safe to lean on...sometimes I guess the decision is made and we can't stop it.

    Short run tonight as we taper...then a carbo load at an Italian restaurant (don't really have the calories and not even hungry...)