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  • runzalot81
    runzalot81 Posts: 782 Member
    Beeps, that dinner en blanc sounds pretty awesome!

    I start Stage 5 today. Or tomorrow.

    I get a 1/3 for the week :grumble:

    I did see everyone's comments on my tea party photos. Thank y'all so much! It was a good time :flowerforyou:

    I've been eating happily but haven't gained any weight according to my measurements this morning.

    I'm taking DS and Grampy to a water park today. :drinker: Dippin' Dots! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
  • Pudding1980
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    I'm also starting stage 5 tomorrow. Runz, are you planning on 3 or 4 sets? I'm going to do only 3 cause with it being summer vacation, I have to bring both my boys to the gym childcare and can't leave them there too long. With a warm up and stretch I need to be out around 90 minutes.

    I'm happy with how stage 4 went; can't post my numbers as I don't have them nearby so I'll do that later.

    This week will be all sorts of off track for food: off to a pub now to hopefully watch Germany win the final game, then tomorrow me and my men are going away to a resort for two nights. We return for my 34th birthday and that means a couple days of treats and celebrating. Hopefully I can get all my workouts in still; proud to say I haven't missed a lift session yet!

    Pmag, feel better soon!
  • runzalot81
    runzalot81 Posts: 782 Member
    Stage 5 A1. Gettin' it done!

    Pudding, today it's 3 sets. Got stuff to do, right?!!
  • jamaicanlady
    jamaicanlady Posts: 878 Member
    Last night I was so excited about my weigh in this morning. I stuck to my plan 90% of the time this week and didn't feel deprived or anything. I also finished Basic Training III. So you can imagine how I felt this morning when I woke up and I looked "different". Boobs looked huge, tummy looked round and puffy, love handles bigger than usual. Before I even bothered to weigh I ran to check my TOM calendar, and just like I feared, TOM is due tomorrow or the day after. Damn damn damn.

    I was tempted to forego my weigh in and pictures but eventually decided not to. So I'm up 0.6 lbs and all my inches are up too. What a way to end the phase :sad: . Not letting it get me down though since it's either TOM as I said, or maybe I'm even more sedentary than I thought. Will continue sticking with my plan this week and re-evaluate on Sunday.

    Report on my weekly plan:
    To meet my goals, my plan this week:
    1. 3 days of lifting.
    2. 2 days of HIIT cardio.
    3. 1650 cals on non-lifting days, 1880 cals on lifting days. This averages to TDEE-14%.
    4. 26% of cals should be from protein
    5. 6 cups of water daily
    6. 3 days consisting of 20 mins of stretching
    7. No eating after 8 pm.
    8. Eat 3 servings of vegetables daily.
    1. Check
    2. Check
    3. Check
    4. Check(ish). Made 25% but ok with that.
    5. Check
    6. Check
    7. 5 out of 7 days
    8. 6 out of 7 days
  • jamaicanlady
    jamaicanlady Posts: 878 Member
    redlips, I'm only 5'1 so yea. But aside from that, I have a high bf%. I calculate it around 29% but it could be more. Buying calipers soon so I can check.

    cowgirl, I agree with the gym owner. I'm finally *starting* to appreciate how my body is right now. Which is the reason I'm planning to wear a bikini this summer after not having worn one for the past 5 years. Still nervous thinking about it. But I told my bf I was going to do it and he won't allow me to back out now. BUT, I'm still going to work on improving my body. PROGRESS not PERFECTION, right?

    pmag, you are in my prayers. I really really hope your MD can figure out what's going on.
  • bepeejaye
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    Happy MOANday ladies...mmoooaaannnn!!!! :sick:

    So, Germany won, and the World Cup is over!! Bohooo!!! :sad: :sad: :sad:

    'Tis a stormy morning - my fav, but hoping to lift later today.
  • BarbellCowgirl
    BarbellCowgirl Posts: 1,271 Member
    jl, just take your measurements next week- maybe you will have a bit of post-TOM whoosh! Good job on your goals!

    Enjoy Stage 5, girls!

    I met all of my goals for last week. I was 500 below on my total calories, got 31% protein, I lifted 3 X, and logged every bite to the best of my ability.
    My goals for this week:
    1. Log every bite.
    2. Above 30% protein
    3. Less than 1900 cals/day
    4. Lift 3 X
    5. Drink 72 oz water daily
    6. Walk more!
  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,864 Member
    jamaicanlady - PROGRESS not PERFECTION is KEY to recognizing this is not a PHASE or a STAGE. This is FOR LIFE.

    I had a SUPER-GREAT WEEKEND.....and now I am back to my daily commitment to myself to just "keep it real".

    My goals have to stay simple and manageable:

    1. weekly calorie goals are NOT "optional". I have to hit 'em and release my "indulgence" mentality, COMPLETELY.
    2. stay off the scale! End-of-July will come, soon enough, and then I can stand on it and see what it "is". But, for now, it is NOT my friend.
    3. do NOT measure my belly-button waist. Again, end-of-july will come, soon enough, and I will see if my bloat has finally gone and I am FINALLY moving bodyfat off my body.
    4. DRINK WATER. If I am HUNGRY, just drink water first. Second, take a walk around the block....work can wait those 5- or 10- minutes while I work HARD to recognize that I am NOT gonna DIE of HUNGER.
    5. go do work-outs....this part is EASY. Not KILLER work-outs....just a work-out. Go do it. Be grateful it is done. And do it ALL over again tomorrow.

    I'll be walking evenings and I am back on the NO food after supper routine. NONE.

  • BarbellCowgirl
    BarbellCowgirl Posts: 1,271 Member
    Beeps, I like your focus on doing what you can.

    I forgot another goal: asleep by 11 pm nightly.
  • jdgro
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    Okay this is interesting. I just finished week 5 of stage 1. I have one more "B" workout then AMRAP for each, then a rest week before starting stage 2. I decided I am taking the rest week for sure because it coincides with some travel we have planned.

    So anyway, I am up 3-4# since starting five weeks ago! though I have a Tanita scale snd according to it my bodyfst % is the same. My clothes all fit the same and I think I mostly look the same though a bit firmer, slightly bigger thighs, and more toned/shaped shoulders (though not bigger, just different.)

    Pretty interesting. I hit a low (and very unhealthy for me) weight in January and I am now 10# above that.

    I am curious where my weight will ultimately land as I continue this program. The more I strength train, though, the more I feel like it really just is a random number and I need better metrics to measure my progress, I think for me, how my clothes fit and how I look in a bikini are my best gauges.
  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,864 Member

    I am curious where my weight will ultimately land as I continue this program. The more I strength train, though, the more I feel like it really just is a random number and I need better metrics to measure my progress, I think for me, how my clothes fit and how I look in a bikini are my best gauges.

    Yes....for sure!! The scale-weight will end up being meaningless relative to how you look in the mirror, how you feel in your clothes, etc.

  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,864 Member
    Got my lifting in-and-done. Am feeling like this is going to be a GOOD week! Love that!
  • suelegal
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    Hi all,

    I'm just back from vacation and have not lifted anything in 2 weeks. My knee is 100% better, but sadly my shoulder is not. I'll go back to the gym and do lower body but not anything that requires my shoulders, to I will basically be using machines and doing step ups and unweighted lunges etc. I am pretty discouraged, truthfully. And my food choices lately have just been awful. I have put on weight - not much, 4 pounds but it's not good weight. Thankfully I don't notice that my clothes are fitting differently, but I do feel bloaty and just not happy with my attitude.

    But I have a renewed focus - I'm going to eat better, and leave the junk and sweets by the wayside. If I really NEED sweet, I'll eat a quest bar, since that will also give me protein, but I plan on getting my protein from whole food sources.

    My goals are:

    1. Make and go to ortho for my shoulder (or osteo if necessary)
    2. Eat healthier options
    3. Hit macros
    4. Honest logging
  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,864 Member
    Hi sue!
  • suelegal
    suelegal Posts: 1,282 Member
    Hi Beeps! I feel like I've been gone for ages instead of just a couple of weeks!
  • samntha14
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    Welcome back Sue. Has it really only been 2 weeks?
    I didn't get in three lifts this week :( Surprisingly I was only over by 500, I thought it was going to be worse but still didn't make calorie goal.
    Today I went bowling with the kids for my exercise instead of sitting on my butt, like I did ALL WEEKEND. I htink just taking it day by day. Starting Basic 3!
  • dnamouse
    dnamouse Posts: 612 Member
    Morning all :smile:

    Back to 5am wake ups for swimming again this morning :yawn: It's cold, raining and I want to go back to bed, but I will push through! One more week of school holidays - we picked the kids up from the farm on Sunday.

    I'm a 3/3 for last week. Amazing what a week of really only having to worry about myself (and occasionally my husband lol) can do. Trying to determine a work & exercise schedule for when school starts back, and it may be doing my head in, but I'll work it out eventually.

    I've hidden the scale and will weigh in at the end of the month, but I can already feel better within myself. Although my daughter came home with these most delicious cream biscuits the other day... they are salty on the outside with a slightly sweet icing centre... my weakness is salty food and they are divine. Must avoid eating more than one at a time :ohwell:

    I will be back later to read a bit more and have a chat hopefully. Maybe my lifting session will wake me up :wink:
  • jo_marnes
    jo_marnes Posts: 1,601 Member
    Hey Sue - the good news is that you've been doing this for long enough to recognise what is making you feel crappy and you know what to do about it. You'll turn it around easy :-)

    Lifted yesterday - PB with squats 2 x 6 reps @ 138lbs.

    Combat first thing today ahead of a very busy day..... I foresee a good night's sleep ahead!
  • jamaicanlady
    jamaicanlady Posts: 878 Member
    cowgirl, I'm really hoping for that whoosh <fingers crossed>. And good job on meeting all your goals last week. Keep at it.

    beeps, here here. How are you doing with goal #1? Sounds like you've been having some "optional" weeks.

    And there is no way I could delay weighing, I don't know how you ladies do it. I weigh every morning. I guess I just love numbers and seeing trends.

    Welcome back Sue! Don't be discouraged. Do what you can until your shoulder is ok again.

    Congrats jo, that PR is AWESOME.
  • bepeejaye
    bepeejaye Posts: 775 Member
    Sue - Welcome back!
    Barbell - Good job!!

    Lifting was okay today though I did not get to play with the DD Oly bar...bohoo!!!
    Even though I ate some "visible" carbs this past weekend, I was still under my caloric goal - oh and I imbibed! Yum! :drinker:
    I also did meet my protein macro goals, and then some, and cycled this past Thursday.

    That said, I am checking in at 3/3!!!! I believe I deserve it!! Why, one may ask?
    BECAUSE TODAY IS DAY 365 FOR ME ON MFP AND LOGGING!! Sorry for the caps all! I am just ecstatic!! I think this calls for heel-shopping...yumm!!! What is ahead, one may ask? Well, i will just continue with what am doing :drinker: :drinker:

    Lift on ladies!!!