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    Jamaica: I weigh every day too. Seeing the numbers helps keep me focused during the day. Also I've ignored your justifications of your supposed "fatness". I have decided that your body is fabulous and you just don't see it yet. But you will :angry: :drinker: :flowerforyou:
    3/3 for last week. I hit my calories, lifted, and did my 3 runs. I am sick of running though :laugh: I'm going to be subbing yoga for running this week so MWF I do yoga and TuThSat I lift. I think I'll do two or three weeks of this schedule and then maybe go back to running. I did my first yoga work out tonight and I"m feeling great. I followed a Tara Stiles video which was oddly more challenging than I thought it would be. Have a great week ladies.
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    Jamaica: I weigh every day too. Seeing the numbers helps keep me focused during the day. Also I've ignored your justifications of your supposed "fatness". I have decided that your body is fabulous and you just don't see it yet. But you will :angry: :drinker: :flowerforyou:
    3/3 for last week. I hit my calories, lifted, and did my 3 runs. I am sick of running though :laugh: I'm going to be subbing yoga for running this week so MWF I do yoga and TuThSat I lift. I think I'll do two or three weeks of this schedule and then maybe go back to running. I did my first yoga work out tonight and I"m feeling great. I followed a Tara Stiles video which was oddly more challenging than I thought it would be. Have a great week ladies.
    Wow! I wish your decision would actually MAKE my body fabulous. But thank you, I appreciate that :flowerforyou:

    And it's funny you mention yoga. I never liked yoga, from my first introduction during P90X to these past couple weeks doing videos from youtube twice a week. Except for today. Today I found something called Yin Yoga where poses are held for like 5 minutes. I know, sounds awful but I actually found that I enjoyed it more than the others I've been doing. The thing is, holding a stretch for that long forces you to relax into it and actually get deeper than when you first hold the pose. And it was so calming too. Going to search for more videos like it and do it at least once a week. My other yoga day I'll do one of the "challenging" videos as you so rightly put it.
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    Hey welcome back sue

    Nice job all of you 3/3ers

    I need some new goals
    My pt is helping me modify some exercises and when I don't have to balance/ use my core my strength is back.
    I am 2/3 I did my 3 lifting sessions and I did some acupuncture / physical therapy. I did two "training runs" very slow walk alternating with running.

    Jo nice squats!

    Beepejaye I was rooting for Argentina- but at least our local women's team the Thorns won 7-1.

    Red and Jamaica- yoga is amazing I need to figure out a time to do it regularly
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    jo_marnes- GREAT PR! congrats - BOOM!

    jamaicanlady - goal #1 is my daily job #1 from hereon in! I want to drop 15 lbs by end of October....which is totally doable, but ONLY if I am extremely committed, have NO cheats, and basically just get comfy with a grumbly tummy. All of these things aren't my FAVOURITE things, but if I keep "eye on the prize" and keep a "take no prisoners" attitude, I'll be there. I know it!

    bepeejaye- CONGRATS on one year anniversary at mfp!! THAT is worth CELEBRATING, for sure! BOOM!

    Pmagnanifit - sounds like you are on your way! Glad to read your pt is helping you out with all this.

    Today I am going to throw in 2 sets of (assisted) pull-ups into my routine....not sure where I will sub them in, but it is "TRY IT OUT, TUESDAY" and i haven't done pull-ups in a LONG TIME!

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    There's some good stuff in this thread!

    Jo, you are rockin' my socks!

    Bepee, I'm gonna keep up with you this week and nail the protein to the wall.

    I see quite a few people hitting all three goals! This is my week. I'm coming along!

    Jamaica and Red, the batteries in my scale died in February and I still... don't care! YAY! It. is. so. liber-at-ing.

    Red, I should do some Yoga... I have P90X Yoga and it just makes me tired thinking about it LOL

    I am still so very sore from my first Stage 5 workout on Sunday. I rolled out of bed this morning and did a wee run. The first half mile I was a total cripple but the run ended up being quite fast and strong. I still feel cripple :drinker:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drinking smiley :drinker: He really looks like me :drinker:

    I need to take more pictures in Stage 5. I don't think I took any in Stage 4. My body isn't changing visibly but it's fun to see myself doing strong things :love:

    The other night, I was out with my DH for drinks (a rare treat) and he mustered up some courage to talk about my fitness. He doesn't understand why my body insists on retaining fat at the hips when I work out so much and eat so well. He wasn't criticizing me, he thinks I'm beautiful regardless, and he says he thinks I'm badass and that one else he knows works as hard as I do. So we got into talking about genetics and whatnot. It was a fun conversation. We're going to a B&B cottage tonight with a rose garden and a hot tub :love: :love: :love:
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    runzalot - glad you had a nice chat with your hubby....I don't talk about my "hips/thighs" with my husband. At. All. For whatever reason, the men in my line of vision can add weight and take it off with GREAT ease....while I struggle for every ounce removed. I figure that I better just keep a lid on it or I would EXPLODE with vitriol, lol.
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    bepeejaye - congrats! Great logging

    Runzalot - I don't talk much with my hubby about fitness stuff - well, that's not strictly true. I talk, he half pretends to listen. I'm glad your hubby shows an interest. My hubby is NOT into fitness at all. He plays soccer once a week (40 mins) and because I moaned for MONTHS, he now runs about 6k twice per week. He only does it because I'll make his life miserable if he stops hahaha :wink: But I'm not saying it to be mean. He has a bad family history health wise and needs to look after himself. It's a bit annoying though how he managed to lose over 20lbs because I changed MY diet and stopped cooking rubbish food.... he didn't even try :grumble:
    He's not overweight at all, but literally has no muscle lol... I can bench twice what he can and my bench is pretty feeble. I'm trying to get him to the gym but so far zero success.

    Today is scheduled a rest day but I might get to combat tonight - might not fit in a workout Friday so can swap around. Yesterday was a horrid day on the scales.... but the same happened 4 weeks ago and accompanied by the pimples and terrible night's sleep, I am trying to blame impending TOM instead of the homemade fudge I have been consuming at an alarming rate :embarassed:
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    I lifted, I ate
  • bepeejaye
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    Thank you all! Thank you!! It feels great!!

    Runz..about keeping up with the protein, .let's do this! we got this!!
    I love the drinking smiley too!! To me, he resembles a big "wohooo!!!" :drinker:

    Now coming off my Zumba high...aaahhhh...life is good!!
  • dnamouse
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    I made coconut yoghurt... from scratch (third time lucky - first two attempts are best not to be mentioned).

    And I just mixed chocolate protein powder in with it.

    Oh my...
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Dna can I get the recipe?

    Beeps you got this

    Runza it sounds like a nice evening with your hubby

    Jo my DH is like yours in terms of exercise
  • dnamouse
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    Pmag, it's not exact, so play around with it lol

    1 can coconut milk or cream
    approx 1 tbsp tapioca flour (arrowroot) or something similar that will help with thickening
    approx 20 billion probiotic thingys (that equated to about 2-3 capsules for me, you open them and use the powder inside.

    (yeah, I am so technical with these things :tongue: :laugh: )

    Heat up milk/cream to just before boiling. Mix in flour.
    Allow to cool a little, transfer to a clean container and then stir in probiotic.

    I have an EasiYo container (basically a great big thermos), so I put boiling water in that and put in the container with the yoghurt mix and let it do it's thing overnight (8-10 hours). In general terms, you just need a place to keep it warm overnight. A friend has wrapped hers in a towel and left it by the kid's heater overnight and apparently that worked a treat as well. I've also seen a glass container used and it left in an oven on the 'keep warm' setting.

    Put in fridge in the morning until cool. And then eat!

    Obviously, cream will be a thicker yoghurt than milk. It's all a bit of trial and error really.
  • DouMc
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    Welcome back Sue. I hope you had a good holiday. Have you gotten your shoulder checked out? I hope its nothing serious.

    Jo, your squat PB is amazing!! I am looking forward to doing back squats again and seeing what I can lift but at the end of stage 1 it was very little.

    bepee, congrats on 365 days logging! what amazing commitment!

    I weigh in almost every day too. Not sure why I bother since the scale hasn't been moving since November. But yesterday I weighted myself and I am down 2 lbs!! I weighed in again this morning and I am still down (the last time I lost a pound the next day the scale went back up and stayed there) so I'm pretty excited about that.

    Red, how is the yoga going for you? I am sick of running too and having been doing it since stage 2, now I am just going for long walks on my non lifting days. I have been considering doing yoga but I can't find any free videos on the internet that aren't really annoying to listen to. Does anyone have any suggestions? ...oh never mind, I just found the Tara Stiles one that you mentioned before!

    Jo, your description of talking to your other half about exercise stuff made me laugh. Thats exactly what it is like for me. I talk and he nods and say something along the lines of 'yes dear' while I'm jumping up and down with excitement shouting 'BUT I ALMOST DEADLIFTED MY BODYWEIGHT!!!' He just doesn't get it. He does tell me he's proud of me but he is not too interested in the details. Doesn't stop me from dissecting every gym session at him when I get home though! :smile:

    dna, the yoghurt sounds delicious!
  • marieann82
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    Jamaica- Awesome work sticking to your goals. Keep it up!

    Beeps- When is "diner en blanc"? Cannot wait to hear about the secret location.

    Bepee- Awesome commitment to MFP and logging. Very inspiring!

    Redlipstick- Today is day 6 of whole30. So far I am doing very well. I went through a slight "Kill all the things" stage on day 2 but since then I've been really chill. I would love some crockpot recipes! Thanks!

    Samantha- So glad your mammogram came back with good results. I just went in for my first because I felt a lump. It really isn't that bad--not as bad as I have heard. They ended up doing an ultrasound and now I need to go back for a biopsy. I am trying not to worry until I have something to worry about--but waiting until Monday is a drag.

    Two more workouts in phase 2. I will have to take a 48 hour break from working out after my biopsy but I will start Phase 3 when I have been cleared. Good luck, ladies. Keep lifting heavy things...
  • Beeps2011
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    marieann, diner en blanc is TOMORROW!

    Soooooooooo, tomorrow I won't lift and tomorrow will be ALL ABOUT preserving the white-ness of my outfit, lol! No spillage! Likely will only eat protein bars to make sure no stains!

    Monday and Tuesday were perfect! Low-calorie! Weight-training! And walking in the evenings!

    So, going for the 3-peat, TODAY.


    Go lift heavy things, gals!!!!
  • BarbellCowgirl
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    Marieann, I hope you get good results. Keep trying not to stress!

    DouMc, I hope the weight stays off! I hate the scale, but I still step on it way too often.

    Runz, enjoy your date!

    Jo, so you squatted more than your body weight? That's amazing! My squats are my worst lift.

    I'm trying to decide whether to lift today or tomorrow. I think tomorrow works better in terms of scheduling. I should probably do some HIIT today.
  • jamaicanlady
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    beeps, yes you will lose those 15lbs! I'm there with you! (Although for me it's about 10 I think) And I love your "try it out Tuesday" idea. I'm going to incorporate that into one of my workout days. There are exercises I've never tried but would love to.

    runz, don't care about the scale?? Blasphemy I tell ya! LOL! MAJOR props to you. As you mention it, think I will try some P90X Yoga today. Let's see if I can survive 20 mins of it.

    jo, my BF sounds like your husband. He plays soccer once a week and that's it. I convinced him to buy one of those all-in-one gym thingys because he has no interest in going to the gym at all. But he doesn't even use it! Ah well. I'm hoping when we live together I can get him to do more.

    marieann, sending good vibes your way!

    And for you ladies who think your husbands are not listening, that's what I thought about my BF too. He looks bored when I talk about nutrition and macros and squatting with proper form and all that other stuff. And he hates how I weigh everything. But surprise surprise. Last night he told me that when he was at work yesterday, some of the ladies were talking about losing weight. One lady was lamenting that she had been working out for 3 weeks now and hadn't lost even one lb. So he told her that I TOLD HIM that losing weight/fat is 80% your diet and 20% exercise. He also goes on to tell them how I weigh my food and keep a log of it all. In relaying the story to me, he actually sounded pretty proud of me!!! Amazing. I'm still in shock because to see his face when I'm weighing my food, you'd think the food scale was his sworn enemy.
  • jamaicanlady
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    Anyway, the past 3 days (Sun-Tue) have seen me on a carb overload. And I don't mean brown rice and sweet potato. I'm talking about cookies, potato chips and doritos. Why does pre-menstrual cravings (PMC) happen? Anyway, TOM arrived last night and I no longer feel like I need chips or I'm going to cry. I think I'm going to start preparing for PMC by baking clean protein-filled cookies right before. Despite having a bad start to the week, I'm not writing it off like I usually do. Going to fight to make up for it the remaining days I have.
  • Semarshman
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    HI Everyone,
    Just a quick question. I am almost finished phase 1, and am just reading about phase 2. So I understand there are the lifting routines and the HIIT routines. Are we supposed to do a lifitng routine and a HIIT routine at every workout? Do we split them up? Do HIIT in the morning and Lift in the afternoon? Or do one on Monday and one on Tuesday?

  • Beeps2011
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    BBCowgirl....I don't even do squats anymore! As soon as I discovered that my lack of progress has more to do with my body-mechanics (i.e. short torso and long limbs) AND that this lift didn't do ANYTHING for my butt, I decided to put "squat time" into moves that actually benefitted MY BODY. I remain jealous of all the HUGE squatters out there....I won't be one of 'em....

    jamaican...wow, if your bf IS listening, then you have to be DOUBLY sure that what you are saying is ACCURATE/COMPLETE, lol!! Yikes!

    I am OFF carbs....totally off....and, while it is ALWAYS a struggle that first day or two....after that, I find it is totally smooth sailing and the cravings for sugar (and salt) go all the way to the basement, for me. One more day...maybe 2....and I'll be GOLDEN.

    Semarshman - I think if you read through stage 2 it specifies where you do the HIIT. (Having said that, I did HIIT on my "off-lifting" days because I had NO energy to do it on lifting days....but I do NOT think that is what the NROL4W program calls for)