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  • runzalot81
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    I took videos of some of my lifts this morning. My favorite is when I nearly dropped 25 lbs on my face :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I was all f*** this!

    On the other hand, it was cool to see some muscles poking through that I can't seem to capture in photos. :drinker:
  • samntha14
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    Ruz, loved the emogi story. And watching muscles at work is always awesome.

    My exercise today consisted of playing laser tag at my cousin's birthday party. We were sweating like crazy afterwards, so I definitely did something. Those vests are freaking heavy.

    Frist day of vaca, I took a two hour nap and now have a sore throat. Didn't get sick all year. WTH?
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Sam take care of yourself- summer colds are not fun.
    Runza I liked your story too.

    I had some physical therapy this am. Now I have lots of new exercises to do. Mostly back stretches like cobra pose, but some ab stuff called marching feet- and of course there's leg lifts.

    I will be very busy tomorrow with my daughters bday party. Her best gift is actually coming Monday- it a snowboard/surfboard that can be used on any surface. I'm excited to see her try it.
  • jo_marnes
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    My exercise today consisted of playing laser tag at my cousin's birthday party. We were sweating like crazy afterwards, so I definitely did something. Those vests are freaking heavy.

    That *kitten* is hard work! I did that with my kids too at my son's last birthday - it was me and my Dad vs a whole bunch of 9-10 year olds. The vests here weren't heavy but it was fast paced! Me n Dad kicked their *kitten*, lol

    I was up last night for a birth. Got in bed about 2.30am, up at 7.30am for combat, then did decorating at home until 7pm. I should sleep well tonight! Lifted yesterday, managed to match my DL PB over 2 sets of 6 rather than 1 set. Also increased on my rows. Hurrah!
  • samntha14
    samntha14 Posts: 2,084 Member
    Way to go Jo, you busy lady you.

    PM, hope the therapy is going well and that gift sounds awesome. It would be perfect for one of the crazies in my house.

    Did I mention that my husband made up his own holiday, shoulderversary, to celebrate the fifth year since his accident and subsequent shoulder reconstruction. Guys are weird.
  • runzalot81
    runzalot81 Posts: 782 Member
    Sam, does he want cake?

    Jo, your "kicked their *kitten*" totally cracked me up! :laugh:
  • jdgro
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    Been awhile since I've logged in here. Hi everyone!

    Just finished suggested week break between stages. Finished stage 1 and am moving on to stage 2. I have butterflies all over again about trying some new moves. I know it is good to never let myself get too "ho hum" comfortable about my workouts. This is a good stretch but it is a stretch nonetheless. I am a little freaked out over this move in stage 2 that is like a squat and shoulder press using momentum from coming up from the squat. I tried it last night with a broom and could barely stay upright. HTH am I going to do this with an actual 45# bar? But I guess I gotta start somewhere. I will go in and do my best.

    I am trying to squeeze into the gym early this morning before hordes of young guys (seems to be who keeps crowding up my gym this summer.) It'll be 9 by the time I get there and I hope I'm still early enough. Noon on weekdays is turning out to be the worst for the groups of young guys. They aren't too bad, just really monopolize the squat rack. Wish my gym would invest in a second squat rack.

    Had a great vacation last week. It timed really perfectly (and unintentionally; just worked out this way) to coincide with my week off. We were in Portland, Oregon, and the weather was glorious and beautiful for five of our six days, so we did a ton of walking. We literally walked (with a lot of up/down hills, some pretty steep, and also lots of stairs) for hours. The first full day there we walked at a pretty fast speed with lots of hills for (no joke!) six hours. Every day of our trip we did at least 2-3 hours of walking. Even on the rainy day we walked for about an hour and a half.

    Just out of curiosity I peeked at the hotel gym and they had a pretty good free weights setup. They had dumbells and barbells at various weights and actually some pretty heavy weights. But, I wanted to take my break so that's what I did:-)
  • jamaicanlady
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    Ali, I did the two weeks off too and it broke my plateau. I hope it works for you.

    Dou, did you find any exercises for wrist strength?

    jo, the quads in those pics ARE at parallel (to the floor). I don't understand what you mean.

    sam, I'm with you. I go *kitten* to grass too. It just feels better to me that way. Mind you, I haven't squatted heavy recently. My heaviest is 80 lbs now, but I made a promise to myself that when I start squatting heavy again, I will not increase my weights until I can go all the way down.

    Oh, and about the "compliments", I'd take it! My BF is not the verbal type and rarely pays me compliments so if some random stranger off the street does it, I don't mind. How pathetic is that? :laugh:

    runz, I take pictures of my "muscles" too but they NEVER show up in the pics :sad:

    pmag, that sounds like a really cool gift. She's going to love it!

    jdgro, 45# is really heavy for that move. Do you have any lighter bars you can use? I'm not sure of the move you're talking about (Push Press maybe?), but I know pressing 45 lbs overhead is not an easy task. I guess it depends on how many reps you have to do.
  • jamaicanlady
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    So I got totally derailed by the cake and ice cream this week. Gained 0.8 lbs! Noooo!!! I have to make sure my eating is on point this week. And I need to move more, I'm WAY too sedentary. This was the plan:
    1. 3 days of lifting.
    2. 2 days of HIIT cardio.
    3. 1650 cals on non-lifting days, 1880 cals on lifting days. This averages to TDEE-14%.
    4. 26% of cals should be from protein
    5. 6 cups of water daily
    6. 3 days consisting of 20 mins of stretching
    7. No eating after 8 pm.
    8. Eat 3 servings of vegetables daily.
    1. Check
    2. Check
    3. No! :sad:
    4. No! 23%
    5. Check
    6. Check
    7. 5 out of 7
    8. 6 out of 7

    I'm adjusting #3 this week. I'm aiming to drop cals a little bit. So 1600 on non-lifting days and 1800 on lifting days which averages to TDEE-17%. My new bathing suits arrive this week and I MUST fit in them (I bought them a size smaller than I am).
  • runzalot81
    runzalot81 Posts: 782 Member
    I'm 2/3.
  • DouMc
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    Runz, I forgot to mention earlier that I love your photos! Especially the one of you in the apron.

    JL, I can't find the website that i looked up wrist strengthening exercises on but here is another one that says basically the same thing http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/md55.htm.
  • DouMc
    DouMc Posts: 1,689 Member
    also, i am only 1/3 this week. Only lifted twice and have gone over on calories but got lots of protein.
  • dnamouse
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    3/3 last week :happy:

    And I was a good girl and put my goals into my phone so they are there staring me in the face when I check my lists :wink:

    This week is the first week of trialling early morning workouts again. Up at 5.30am this morning to do a 5B session followed by a Fitness Blender HIIT - if you would like a quick sweat session, look up their pyramids of pain LOL

    Walking group starts back up this afternoon, kids are happy about that and so am I.

    I need to re-read through the book about Stage 6 and decide whether or not to do it or move onto Stage 7...

    Also, starting to think about where to head after I've completed everything in NROL4W. Supercharged or For life? Or something else lol Hit me up with ideas to research :smile:
  • jdgro
    jdgro Posts: 30 Member
    JamaicanLady, funny you should mention 45# being heavy for the squat-press move....lol. I got all mentally geared up, picked it up and was like, um, no, this is not happening. But I was able to so 2 sets of 10 with a 20# barbell.

    Great workout today. It's going to be a little adjustment learning some new moves but I guess that keeps things interesting.
  • redlipsticklyfe
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    3/3 the last two weeks. An ex friend gave me hemp protein powder and I was super excited because you get 60 grams of protein for just under 300 calories. It tastes like all the bad decisions you made in your past but I dealt with it because it was high protein low calorie. So I'm standing in Safeway contemplating what my next protein powder is going to be and I pick up my old faithful wishing it had the same level of protein as the regret protein does. I read the nutrition facts just wishing to see something different and there it is....60 grams of protein. 310 calories. I suffered for nothing. All those times I thought I wasn't getting enough protein....wrong. I feel so silly you guys.
  • runzalot81
    runzalot81 Posts: 782 Member
    It tastes like all the bad decisions you made in your past
    You win best post of the day :laugh:

    I've been bloated today. Don't know why :huh: Then, I thought it would be a great idea to take progress pics :noway: In a bikini bottom that has never, ever been flattering on me :grumble: I should drop those photos and the bikini bottoms in the trash. I'm so sick of torturing myself. In fact, I even hate the pictures on the front of the lifting books. Perfect, airbrushed models. ****emall :mad:
  • Pmagnanifit
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    I am 1/3 and I ate pizza cake and champagne today. The cake was worth it!!!

    Tomorrow is a new week
  • Pmagnanifit
    Pmagnanifit Posts: 665 Member
    Once you get used to the move you use your legs to help with the overhead press. You need to control it once it's in the air but it's a kick*** move.
  • Beeps2011
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    Oh my, what a weekend!

    I just skimmed through, ladies....hope you all had good weekends!

    I'm aiming for 5 days at the gym, this week (shorter sessions) and as many walks as I can squeeze in. I have upped my calories by 100 per day....I think I dropped a bit low and was really struggling with binge-behaviour. My sweet spot is about 500 calorie-deficit (3,500 weekly - literally 1 lb)....more than that and I can't hang on....less than that and it's a "why bother?"

  • sheilaq14
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    Thrilled to see that a few of you just started on Stage 2. I just started it this morning with workout A. It went fine, though I found the elevated static lunge pretty tough. I feel like my stride was not long enough. I am using dumbells for the squat move because the oly bar is too heavy. This is my first post in the group, so great to see others working on the same crazy moves.