post before pics between now and Mar 25th ONLY HERE!!

Hello All and welcome to this 15 week challenge!!! Please post your before pictures here between Now and March 25th!! A lot can change in 15 weeks; therefore, we all must work hard to succeed during this challenge!! I am very excited to see the ending results (after pictures) -- LET'S DO THIS!! Feel free to add me as a friend!!

Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet for this challenge -- Please add your "username"!!!!

How to post pictures:


Go to

Then upload your picture – leave the selected option of image as is – then click the drop-down box and select “message board”. Then you are going to copy and past the IMG url – do not forget to change both "IMG" to lowercase "img" before submitting!! Message me with any questions! Hugs!



  • Just wanted to say good luck to everyone! and how do I post my pic on this part? Is my profile picture ok?
  • I was trying to figure out how to get before pics on here too! If I find anything useful on the subject, I will post!
  • tigerlinly
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    i dont have access to the gooogle spreadsheet never learned how to use it so i deleted it mom already complains i spend to much time online anyways for me to try to learn how to use it every time i try to add pics other then through profile i get messed up as well so may have to do mine without or i have to leave the group
  • SLHartman
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    I wasn't able to access the google document, and I'm not totally 100% sure how to post pictures, but here goes nothing!


  • I could not access the document. My profile pic is recent
  • hira12jan
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    I have never really taken a challenge before...My weight is like 185 right now height 5'8. I have been struggling with weight after my babies were born..My goal weight is around 35 pounds :)
  • joy4824
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    So I actually started in October of last year and I was at my highest which was 239.4 so as of right now I am 222.4 and down 17 pounds. I hope to be (by the summer) down to 185 pounds that will get me close to my ultimate goal.
  • mooda428
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    Hello everyone, so I really can use this challange in my life right now. I weigh 232lbs. I would love to be 185lbs. I am not sure how to post a before picture can someone tell me how? Thanks in advance.
  • sarahbw22
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    ok, fixed it, lol.

    For anyone who needs help with the pictures, the directions above are great. The only thing I did different was change it from default to thumbnail and that did the trick for me.
  • sarahbw22
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  • sarahbw22
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    I am have a lot of trouble uploading my bfore pic. plz someone help

    This is what worked for me: HOW TO POST PICTURE

    Go to

    Then upload your picture – change image to thumbnail where it currently says default – then click the drop-down box to the left and select “message board”. Then you are going to copy and past the IMG url – do not forget to change both "IMG" to lowercase "img" before submitting!!
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    Before pics...Hope this works, instructions seemed simple to follow :-) Thanks for the tips


  • melodypender
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    hey guys if yu cant get to the google spreadsheet jus highlight the and copy it the go to the search bar and it will take yu right to it the spread sheetthats wat worked for me
  • pinksarahjane
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  • Embera
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    ok im not going to try to take a pic but im 235 now and id like to loose 10 pounds but moastly id just like to stay on track and track everything this month
  • melodypender
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  • mindygeske
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    I will be posting a picture later this week. I'm currently 234 and would love to be 199 by summer. Not sure if that's even doable. I've already lost close to 90 pounds since last year at this time.
  • WindmillTilter
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    These three were taken within a week of each other on Feb 16-23.
  • KrazyAsianNic
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    I Just joined the group. I will post pictures closer to march 25th.
  • Before - February 13th, 2013 - 165

    Current - March 4th, 2013 - 162.5