post before pics between now and Mar 25th ONLY HERE!!



  • Here are my stats:

    SW: 210
    CW: 198
    Challege GW: 175
    UGW: 150


  • mwgner
    mwgner Posts: 115
    MFP SW: 208.9

    CW : 192.4

    GW: 180 - For this challenge

    UGW: 150



  • GleeDee00
    GleeDee00 Posts: 18
    I'm not comfortable with pictures yet, but here are my stats:

    CW: 177

    Challenge Goal: lose between 15-30 lbs.

    Challenge GW: 147-162 by June 8th
  • hootietami
    hootietami Posts: 5 Member
    A little embarrassed by these pictures, but everyone else is posting so I can too!

    Currently weigh 208, would like to lose 20 pounds during challenge.


  • s3n2o2.jpg


    Currently 167 lbs hoping to be 137 by the end of this challenge.
  • Noonoo757
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    Hello everyone!! I just finished the NY challenge with some of you so here are my pics from that. I missed my goal by 1 pound i wanted to get to 185 but got 186. My next goal for this challenge will be 171.

  • samanthab19
    samanthab19 Posts: 118 Member
    I'm hoping to lose 20 pounds in ten weeks. Good luck to everyone in this challenge!!!
    Here's my before:

    Feel free to add me :smile:
  • bronx1101
    bronx1101 Posts: 48
    Okay, let me try this again! lol

    Height 5ft 7.5in
    SW: 156
    CW: 152
    GW: 135
    UGW: 130
  • lynnw24
    lynnw24 Posts: 116 Member
    Before 3/20/13
    SW: 296.6
    GW: 276

    I just finished the NYNY challenge so I'm using the after pictures from that. They were taken today!

    Good luck everyone!!
  • PandraBear
    PandraBear Posts: 49 Member

    I started MFP about 3 weeks after I decided to take charge of this situation. Around July 24th I was at 280 lbs. I am about 5' 10" and am aiming for 170 overall. In this challenge I hope to get close to 185/190. My profile picture is me late July, the above is me today. I have already gotten rid of almost 70 lbs/ 3 sizes, and hope to keep it going.
    Good luck to everyone with their goals.
  • youjustgetbetter
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    My current weight is 140 and I would like to get to 125.


  • NyteMirage
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    For those that want to do the "before and after" pictures or put your front and side view together. I use an app on my phone called "KD Collage". It's an android app. It's the first app I've actually bought. There is a free version too, but there are different templates and stuff you can use to do multiple pictures on one and stuff. It's really neat. You can change the border around the pictures to different textures. It has a lot of cool features! Check it out. I'm not sure what my friend uses. She has an iPhone and she has a different app she uses.
  • tyedyechick0930
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    Hey Y'all! My name is Charity. Here are my horrible before pics that have put me on the band wagon for weight loss.


    CW: 275.6
    GW: 250
    (For this Challenge)
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135
  • marcelka77
    marcelka77 Posts: 472 Member
    i have just finished my first challenge .... I started on 1/1 and lost 33 lbs
    i would like to lose at least 20 lbs more for summer and get down to size uk 10-12 (now i wear UK size 14)

  • michiganmanda
    michiganmanda Posts: 43 Member
    Here are my before pics & my stats:

    Height: 5'10"
    SW: 230lbs @ July 2011
    CW (3/21/13 with pics): 187
    Challenge GW: 175
    UGW: 165

  • sherlau83
    sherlau83 Posts: 30 Member

    I think this will post my before picture. If not, how do I do it? My current weight is 233 as of the 16th of March.
  • nc805397
    nc805397 Posts: 223 Member
    The last photo is the most recent! :D I just posted these photos a few days ago to get me motivated to lose the last 20 pounds!!

    Current I am 185.6 lbs and hope to be 160 by the end of this!


  • Tinkerbell1010
    Tinkerbell1010 Posts: 134 Member
    hi all and thanks for organizing this . I started my journey in June of 2012 at 179.9 lbs at today's weigh in I am 146.6 . During this challenge I would like to meet my goal weight of 135 lbs and reevaluate at that time and perhaps lose 5-10 more lbs. Good luck to everyone and hopefully my pictures will post :) Picture on the left taken June 2012 , Right picture taken Feburary 2013 and please excuse my appearance, I had just returned from a run... cant believe I actually run now ... this journey has been amazing :)

  • Dulcefresh
    Dulcefresh Posts: 55 Member

    Im excited to do this challenge.... my name is Kandi. I started my journey a couple months ago at 280... today I weighed in at 253.4 . By the end of this challenge I would love to be in atleast the 240s. Im taking it slow . Im pretty consistent on losing weight each week so I hope atleast 240 if less I would be real happy...
  • nicarey19
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    Here goes my try to upload a pic....

    I weigh every Monday but I am guessing around 192-193. I will officially weigh in on the 25th.