post before pics between now and Mar 25th ONLY HERE!!



  • jessmaus
    jessmaus Posts: 28 Member

    143 lbs

    Any ideas of a realistic goal weight for the end? I was thinking 130lbs?
  • kalieah
    kalieah Posts: 143 Member
    can i post my before pics later? thanks:)!
  • Jharpermary
    Jharpermary Posts: 1 Member
    HW: 217
    GW: 125

    Height 4' 11''

    My goal during this challenge is not get down to 140 pounds


  • Charbyte
    Charbyte Posts: 18 Member
    good gawd.

  • EvaKr
    EvaKr Posts: 79 Member
    Here are my before pics.
    I'm 5"8 and current weight is 102 kg (225 pounds).
    I would like to get down to 90 kg (198 pounds) at least.
    My goal weight is 75 kg (165 pounds).

  • yorkieII
    yorkieII Posts: 93 Member
    started MFP at 217. at 156 now. goal at end of challenge 145. ultimate goal 128.
    good luck to everyone on their weightloss journey!
  • ljtyler7
    ljtyler7 Posts: 30 Member
    Here goes- I am currently 5' 6" and 171.2 lbs and hoping to lose 15 lbs during this challenge.

    Looking forward to this challenge!

  • BoboGritt
    BoboGritt Posts: 72 Member
    Starting Weight For Spring Into Summer Challenge is 306.2. My Goal wait at Challenge End is 250. Good Luck to everyone!


  • Makers72
    Makers72 Posts: 65
    Cant get any good pics (ill try again later)

    But basically I am at 306 and want to get to 235.
  • msmimi
    msmimi Posts: 381 Member
    Sorry so big. 14xnkg6.jpg
  • AngelavdH
    AngelavdH Posts: 37
    Ok, here comes mine as well!

    Starting weight (today): 174,2 lbs - 79,3 kg
    Goal weight: 162,0 lbs - 73,5 kg

  • 3476uci.jpg

    Current Weight: 167lbs
    Challenge Goal: 147lbs (-20lbs)
    Long Term Goal: 130-140lbs

    I'm 5'4".
  • callmeLuna
    callmeLuna Posts: 42 Member
    I'm excited to be a part of this challenge and love the MFP community! Keep up the great work! We can do this!

    The moment of I am.

    Starting Weight - 225 (1/31/13)
    Current Weight - 208 (3/24/13)
    Challenge Goal - 185

  • mumofsix
    mumofsix Posts: 28 Member
    I don't have a before pic yet
    Starting challenge weight -240lb
    Challenge weight loss goal- 210lb
  • cfbjj1124
    cfbjj1124 Posts: 20
    We'll see if this works! I'm the one on the right end in white! My goal is to lose 65lbs during this challenge! I am super focused to get this going!!!
  • curds
    curds Posts: 201 Member

    My current weight is 70 kgs and my goal weight is 60 kgs , I'm hoping to get down to that before or on ;) the 21/08/13 the day my flight leaves to fly back to my home country ;).

    lol, but if I can get into the 50s even better I will be pigging out when I get back home so bye bye whatever abs I might have gotten ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • oneilltara60
    oneilltara60 Posts: 9 Member
    Will post up measurements and before pictures tomorrow!!
  • srinas
    srinas Posts: 2
    I can't post pictures but i will put my starting weight. It is 169lbs. I will weigh in on Thursday and post my weightloss. My goal weight is between 135-140.
  • masdec7
    masdec7 Posts: 166 Member
    Here is my current "before" picture at 237 lbs.
  • mlcharb
    mlcharb Posts: 69 Member
    No before pics but my stats are:

    SW (from last week) : 185.5
    GW for challenge: 160
    Goal to lose for challenge: 25.5