post before pics between now and Mar 25th ONLY HERE!!



  • sunflowerhippi
    sunflowerhippi Posts: 1,086 Member
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'7"
    Build: Extreme Pear

    January Weight: 191.2
    March Weight: 182.2 (-9lbs)
    SPRING GOAL: 165, 17.2lbs to reach my goal weight!

    January BF%: 30.5%
    March BF%: 26.7% (-3.8%)
    SPRING GOAL: 20%, 6.7% goal

    Bust: 40 - 38 (-2")
    Waist: 30.5 -29 (-1.5")
    Belly Button: 36.75 - 34 (-2.75")
    Hips: 47.5 - 45 (-2.5")
    Thigh: 28 - 27 (-1")
    Arm: 13.5 - 12.75 (-.75")

    Jan-March Total Inches: -9.5"

    SPRING GOAL: 38-27-32-42-25-11 :)

    Thats about 11" more


    Red top: January
    Pink Top: March
  • nebslp
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    I'll try to figure out how to post "before" pics this week. First I have to work up the courage to take them!
    Current weight: 226.8 - Goal weight for challenge: 203.0. Ultimate goal: 142
  • Cara85K
    Cara85K Posts: 122
    I will have to post a picture later.

    Current Weight-238
    Goal weight for challenge: 208
    That will be 30 lbs!
    Ultimate Goal Weight is around 170
  • wbandel
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    Just got done with the New Year New You challenge and I'm ready to hop on board this one. :) I'm posting my before picture a bit early because I figure the next week won't fluctuate that much. I'm including my pre MFP pic too as inspiration for myself to keep focused. I'm hoping to get to my goal weight with this challenge. Good luck everyone!

    Height: 5'11"
    SW: 247
    CW: 181
    GW: 165
    UGW: 160

  • ok this is really embaressing lol but i need to do this to motivate myself to keep going!

    Starting weight on start of diet on tuesday 23rd feb 2013: 213 pounds (pik below)
    That is the pik that was a big eye opener to me coz i hate it! lol


    As of 18th march, current weight 200 pounds, so i have lost 13 pounds so far and will keep going!!

    goal weight is 150 pounds..i can do it!!! Good luck everyone :)
  • hungrypotato
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    Starting pics at 199.6


  • michiganmanda
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    I'll get some pics on here tomorrow. I tried tonight but had a hard time convincing my fiance to take pics of me in a bikini when the reasoning I gave him was "to post online"...

    ... they're coming!

    Here are my stats:
    SW: 230
    CW: 187.8
    Challenge goal: 175
    UG: 160
  • shelsab
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    Okay wow. I am going to post my before pics. This is the first time anyone's seen me in a bikini! I hope to someday soon wear this bathing suit on the beaches of Hawaii very proud!! This is my motivation to keep moving even when it is hard. This body used to be at my highest 220 lbs from college and choosing to over eat the wrong foods. I am currently at 148 and 5'2.5" hoping to lose 15 lbs on this challenge. Feel free to add me as a friend! Lets do this!!

  • namkeng
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    Hi Everyone

    I'm aiming to lose 14 pounds for this challenge. These are my photos from the 10 week challenge. Let the journey continue...:happy:
  • CoolieOolie
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    Hi guys! I'm really happy to have found this challenge, I think I could use something like this to keep me motivated! :)
    I'm 5'1ft and currently weigh 122lbs.. I aim to lose about 12lbs during this challenge but I mainly just want to control my eating and exercise more :)
  • AhlaWahda
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    I'm looking to lose another 6-7 lbs before summer.

    SW: 160 lbs (72.9 kg)
    CW: 125.7 lbs (57.0 kg)
    GW: 120 lbs (54.0 kg)

  • Adaelion
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    My starting weight was 324 back on January 24th
    my current weight is 303.8
    I want to be 230 by the time this challenge finishes however whatever amount of weight I lose I will be happy with
    this is my before picture taken today... don't mind the Strawberry Shortcake dolls their my fiance's dolls
  • Here are my before pictures.
    My Stats are: CW: 135.8
    GW: 120.0

  • di1428
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    original weight was 235 (april 2012..i had lost 45lbs but now over last few months gained
    11 but this past week lost 3 of the 11)

    CW: 197.5
    GW for this challenge: 180.

    picture of me at christmas which i was about the same weight as i am now give or take 5 lbs

  • rosiereally2
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    I'll try to add a photo next wek.

    Challenge Start Weight: 202.4
    Challenge Goal Weight: 182.4
  • bronx1101
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    This is my first try at posting a picture, so I hope it works!

    Height 5ft 7.5in
    SW: 156
    CW: 153

  • Honeytips
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    Back with my starting weight and pic now that the NYNY challenge is over

    Height 5'6"
    SW: 154lbs
    CW: 139.7lbs
    GW: 130lbs
    The below measurements were taken on Friday (I've lost 0.2lbs since):
    Current Body fat percentage: 20.81%
    Current lean body mass: 110.8lbs
    Current fat mass: 29.1

    For this challenge I'm focussing more on toning my body and would like my fat mass to drop to about 20lbs

    Best of luck everyone!!!!
  • sun_ny
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    Hi, I have been logging on MFP since January:
    SW: 64.4KG
    CW: 57.2KG
    GW: 50.0KG (so far)

    Here are my progress pics by month so far- pics taken December, January, Feb, & March.

    Starting the summer challenge to keep me motivated and to hopefully reach my goal this summer!

    Best of luck to everyone and if anyone wants to add me, please feel free, the more the merrier, :)

  • Not really comfortable with pictures of me so I'll just post stats. :)
    Height: 5'9"
    SW: 162.9 lbs
    CW: 160.2 lbs
    GW: 145-150 lbs
    UGW: 130 lbs
    For this challenge, I want to just firm, tone and get rid of the fat on my body in all places.
  • NyteMirage
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    Here is my before pic!

    Weight: 182.6 lbs
    Goal for this challenge? 165 lbs