post before pics between now and Mar 25th ONLY HERE!!



  • stephanj
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    Google it! It's like Flickr . There might be other ways
  • hifromjamers1984
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    I'm going to post my weight as of today and I'll add pix later.

    185.5 is what I weighed in at this morning.
  • karen_thinmint
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    Can someone tell me how I post my pictures on here? Thanx guys

    I used TinyPic

    You can resize in there if needed too
  • CeCe_711
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    Hi challenge-goers! Here I am in all my glory! My main goal, aside from losing the weight is to tone my midsection. Holy abs....

    CW: 158

    Also, please ignore the unmade bed...if you do look at it you will see there is a cat who won't move her *kitten* so I can make up the bed! :0)



  • ezBrizy
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    Ok...wooo almost didn't post these

  • It's still, not letting me post pics =(
  • gs1941
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    Hey Everyone!

    Excited for this challenge. I look forward to all challenges and find it keeps me focused at all times!

    SW = 187.0
  • mlanggin88
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    Here we go.... This is me as of Saturday

  • shelley8176
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    I've added my name to the spreadsheet. I will upload pics here on the 25th. I'm hoping to lose 30lbs during this challange and to be honest, losing more would be awesome because I started this journey in January with a goal of losing 70lbs by June 29th.

    Anyway, feel free to add me, looking forward to meeting and exceeding our goals together =)
  • jmmcs
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    Challenge goal: 240~ish

    I'll post pics when I feel like it.
    C:\Documents and Settings\Mary.Johnson\My Documents\My Pictures\random\family.jpg

    You have to upload the picture on a site like photobucket or tinypic, then post the link with img tags.
  • miller32807
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    This is my before. In this pic, I was 201 lbs, but now I'm 199 lbs.

    SW: 210 lbs
    CW: 199 lbs
    challenge GW: 184 lbs (down 15 lbs in 15 weeks)
    ultimate GW: 130 lbs

    (p.s. I'll change my challenge end weight by the 25th if I'm already down a bit by the official start day)

  • clary3
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    CW: 192
    :glasses: Let's do this!!

  • moniew24
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    This is my before photos
    Starting weight:237
  • jmmcs
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    Bad pictures, but whatever


  • theonlychuck
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    ehhh... makes me sick. but that is why i am here! im just starting i started last week now that these pictures are being posted you bet your butt i wont look like this in 15 weeks!!!

  • bethieb
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    Can someone help me how do I post pictures? xxx
  • bethieb
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    Ok I think I have finally worked out how to add my photos. I am currently sitting at 139lbs. I carry all of my weight on my legs and bum and so I am least happy with them :( I also have a bit of a tummy as I only had my son 5 months ago. My goal for this 15 week challenge is to loose 19lbs and to try and tone up a bit more.



    Also if anyone wants to message me or needs a buddy to chat to, just for encouragement then work away, please message me. I too need lots of encouragement. Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing the results in 15 weeks. I am starting hard on Monday 18th March so 15 weeks from then is the 1st July. Bring on the summer!! xx
  • sfgiants122
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    Hi Everybody!

    Not so sure about posting pictures of me on the internet, much less before pictures! But great job to those that had the courage :) Here are my stats:

    Height: 5'10"

    SW: 233.5
    CW: 198.5
    GW: 170

    Haven't been 170 since I got my driver's license at 16, so I'll see what it looks like when I get there and maybe re-evaluate. Good luck everybody!

  • I guess this is as good a place to finally post my before pics as any.

    CW: 176 lbs
    challenge GW: 158 lbs
    ultimate GW: 140 lbs

  • Fresh from this morning (roughly 161lbs) my goal is to get to 145lbs by the end of this challenge, and then eventually to 135lbs.



    my lower stomach is a problem area...i don't have particularly wide hips and so I get these awful love handles that I can't wait to disappear!!