May 1st challenge!! Here we go!!



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    Sean and I wanted to develop a group that would not only be motivational but create accountability. So in setting up teams that really does keep a person more active because the entire team is counting on your performance. Accountability and performance is awesome but we also wanted to do something that would be fun. That's where the Sopranos came into play! I am so happy that so many people have enjoyed the challenge, it certainly has kept all of us active and there was a considerable weight loss in our group as well! That's what this group is all about!! Lets have an even more amazing May!!
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    I forgot to mention my goals and starting weight earlier. Last month I started out at 189.8 lbs and ended at the exact same spot. I am aiming to lose 1 lb a week right now so I would like to be at 185 by the end of the month. I am happy with slow progress because in the past I have done the quick loss diets and found that everyone of them the weight was put back on quickly plus some.

    50 crunches complete!!!
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    Cindy here from Team Sacrimoni

    Second round! I'm doing the challenge to add more fun to my workouts, help motivate sometimes with sarcasm, and make more MFP friends! And of course to get fit and reach my goal weight.

    I'm a mom of 2 grown ladies and 1 summer boy age 11. I have 3 gorgeous grand babies and a wonderful hubby! I work in real estate doing all the paperwork to close deals for agents - as the owner says I run the office. Lol

    I workout a lot. Kinda addicted now!

    50 bonus crunches done!
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    Hi! I'm here for a second month. I'm a mother of a 10 year old son, college student, and oversee 30 classrooms for disabilities services for a Head Start program

    I'm here because I love the challenges and the support I get in this group. My goal for the month is to complete all the challenge and get more healthier.
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    Hi! My name is Heather! :) I am 26 and I live in Colorado away from all my family and friends for the first time. I am here because my awesome friend on here Meagan told me about the challenge. I have quite a ways to go before I reach my goal, but this challenge has helped keep me motivated this past month so I figured one more month can't hurt. My goals for May are to increase how much I cook healthy and not rely on something quick! I want to lose another 5 pounds, and hopefully go down another dress size. I am down about 2 sizes since January and I just want to keep moving forward no matter how long it takes me! Hope to make more friends to keep me motivated so feel free to add me even if you arent on my team (Team Sacrimoni )!

    Also, Just finished a great spin workout plus my 50 crunches to be on an awesome start for the month of May!
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    My name is Margit . I'm from Kodiak, AK, but now live in Lewiston, ME. I'm 45 for about 21/2 more hours and then I'll be 46! :smile:

    I've been on MFP for a little while now and find it a great tool to achieve success if used properly. I've lost almost 100 and am striving to hit Onederland, soon! 19 more lbs to go! Whoot!

    I'm married and have 11 year old twins. A boy and a girl. I work pt. time in the gift shop for my local hospital. I used to work full time but since had to give it up due to my Arthritis. With my spare time, I try to get to the gym as often as I can.

    That's about it in a nutshell.

    Go team Sacrimoni!!!!! I lost 8.5 last month kicking *kitten* with this team!

    Bring on May!

    MFP love,

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    I did my intro yesterday evening and had done 50 crunches. I wasn't sure if you counted the crunches since they were done yesterday, so I did 50 more today! :)
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    My name is Marjo and I am from Louisiana. My sister told me about the challenge. She completed the April change and suggested I try the May challenge. My goal this month is to make it through the challenge and not get kicked off.
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    Hi, I'm Anita this is my second round for this group. Had a lot of fun last month. I live on a Iowa farm. I work outside of the home, working for an optometrist. I love my job. We have 2 grown daughters. I am 53 yrs old and tomorrow I will celebrate 33 yrs of marriage with my best friend. I am here to receive motivation and to give as much as I can to the challenges. Add me as a friend if you like.
  • Hi, I'm Stephanie. I'm from Indianapolis and am 33 years old. I will be getting married in a couple of months, and have quite a few more pounds to shed. But bigger than that, I need to get into better shape and hopefully come off of my blood pressure medication!! I'm looking to lose as much weight as possible this month, and would also love for my team (Leotardo!) to win :-)
  • Oh - and I just did my crunches!
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    50 crunches down!! Yay!
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    Team Dante!
    Okay - it's now May 1st - so - I'm officially checking in - did 50 crunches today!
    Did 50 minutes of Body Combat(type of cardio kickboxing if not familiar) - but having to keep it lower impact due to my recovering knee. I burned about 550 calories on that, did my situps, pushups and will be walking dog for 30 minutes.

    I'm Donna - 42 yr old TX lass, Christian Mom to two great boys, wife to a blessed man(ha,ha) who is very supportive, and I'm on a journey to lose 132 lbs total because I'm much too young to have the aches and pains that I have experienced, and I don't want to develop anything that requires medication(like high blood pressure, heart disease in general, or diabetes). I also want to do a mini-triathlon in the Summer of 2014...but that's a long term goal! Please feel free to say anything you want without explanation about my diary - that's why it's public. I appreciate the "WTG" comments alot..but if you look and see I've eaten too low...eaten crap and offered no explanation...feel free to call me out if time permits. Bottom line...I am you don't have to be overly kind about it. ;D (unless I tell you I'm crying....then you better back off - ha,ha!)

    I've lost 38 total since last September...but only got serious in January. Since January - I've lost 26 of those 38 lbs. I am aiming for losing 9 lbs this month...but from 5-9 will be acceptable. Had a minor knee injury about three weeks ago that sidelined me from cardio'ing like I love. However, that will not stop me from exercising. I'm doing MUCH better. I'm going to be smart ...and still burn alot of calories each week and will be working in some weights too.

    Did my 50 crunches!
    Current weight 227.8
    Goal Weight - 220...or LOWER!

    Thanks - and here's to a great month for
    The Family!
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    Hi, I am Pam from WI. I find this challenge gives me some extra motivation. I have at least 35 pounds to loose but my goal is to be healthy. Eat as well as I can and exercise every day.
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    Hello Everyone!

    MudflatMabel here, I'm a returning member of Team Dante hailing from the great northwest - San Juan Island, to be exact. I've been in a relationship with the sweetest guy in the world for over sixteen years. I'm 54 years young.

    I am disabled with osteoarthritis which limits the workouts I am able to do (I need both knees replaced). Most of my workouts are in the water (Water Walking and Aqua Zumba) and I also am able to do the strength training machines at the gym. It really is nice to have the challenges posted early, so I know what they are and I am able to do lots of them in the water (like squats, kicks, lunges, and other weight bearing exercises). Most of my walking needs assistance of some sort.

    My heaviest weight was 300 pounds, and my starting weight for this month is 239.4. I have lost close to 45 pounds since mid December, when I got my FitBit and joined MFP. I have been following the Flat Belly Diet (minus the Sassy Water - just plain water) and have been real happy with the results. I am never hungry and get to eat chocolate!

    My goal for the month of May is to lose 15 pounds, and see 225 on the scale again! I am also going on vacation to Southern California to see old friends from my high school days, so that is my incentive.

    I'm looking forward to a great month and meeting new people on MFP.

    Good luck everyone!

    I did get my 50 sit-ups in!
  • My name is Katie. I used to be in insane shape, I played volleyball in college and have played sports my whole life. After I graduated I had a hard time adjusting to working out by myself and working out for just myself, not for a sport or for my team. I gained a significant amount of weight, and am bound and determined that I am going to lose it!
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    This is my 2nd month in this challenge. I live with my 2 best friends in the world, my dogs I am 52 yrs old. I started making changes in March 2012. I weighed 284 then. I am down to 208.5 - 14 months later. My goal is to lose weight and get in better shape. My ultimate goal is 150 lbs.

    I did 50 crunches today.
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    Self introduction

    I like to exercise when it is doing "activities" but hate going to the gym or being on a treadmill etc. so I struggle during winters here in MN since most activities are outside. I am hoping that in May I can do a lot better (even though it is snowing today, May 1) and I have my golden birthday on May 31st to motivate me, as well as a trip in Sept. I love hiking and tennis and golf!

    I also did 100 CRUNCHES today!! bonus for my team yay!
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    I am here because I need some accountability in daily challenges. I did the April challenge and loved it. My goal is to get better about exercising :)
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    Hi! I'm Jody from Wellington, New Zealand. I'm a 36 year old mother of two small kids, aged 3 and 1. Things are a bit nutty for me, to be sure!

    I'm here because I really want to meet some people that have similar goals. Also hoping that the fear of wackage (hmm, is that a word??) keeps me in line.

    Excited for this months challenge!! Let's go!