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    Amy - As long as you work out a lot you should be fine :) Do you take out your exercise calories? Just wondering :)

    When I bumped it up to 1600/day I decided not to subtract workout cals.
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    Morning ladies!

    I had an overindulgent weekend.... bronze star for me. Starting to give into some cravings and use the "but I'm pregnant excuse" which needs to stop now. I really need to get my focus back to healthier eating as working out has been tough for me the past weeks. I've been going over on my carbs everyday. I eat a ton of fruit, so it's not all refined carbs, but bread, tortillas, rice etc have been the only things that have sounded good to me unfortunately. I'm not going to beat myself up over it, but really make an effort to get more clean eats in this week. Luckily I've only gained .5 lbs so far, but I know it's going to catch up to me if I keep eating the way that I am and not being active.

    Kc- I ended up moving my weigh in days from Monday to Wednesday and it seemed to work out much better.

    Beeps - When I had braces my mom still made me eat my veggies. No excuses. I credit her fully for my love of all fruits and veggies now :smile:

    Better - Your day sounds pretty awesome to me ha ha. You'll get there!

    That's all I can see for now.

    Goals for this week: (I'm trying to make my goals more realistic as I know that lifting 3x/week right now just isn't going to happen)

    -lift 2x
    -running or elliptical cardio session 1x
    -at least 30 minutes of walking any day I don't make it to the gym
    -clean up eating

    Have a great Monday!
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    Ram- I am going to give you my unsolicited advice on weight gain and pregnancy from my experience. I stressed constantly about my weight (which I totally regret). I craved carbs big time in the beginning, it helped with the nausea (I never actually got sick, just felt a little blah in the mornings). By the second trimester I was back to eating healthy and then the last month it was back to sweets (ice cream specifically). I made sure to stay active with at least walking almost everyday up until the end. I ended up gaining 50 pounds! And now less than 6 months later its all gone. And I am so mad at myself for spending nine months worrying about it and not just enjoying everything. So my advice to you is to stay as active as you can and give in to the cravings, this is the one time in your life your can justify them :happy:
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    Thanks for the advice Chloe - always nice to hear what others went through. I definitely am going to give in, I just would like to try and control some of them while I'm not working out :) Good for you for getting all the weight off, that's amazing! :drinker:
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    No star for me this week. I logged everything at least, but I was over by like 1700. I'm sick, my baby's sick, and I was just generally stressed, which lead to some overindulgences. The good news is my weight isn't really up. Maybe being up all night with a sick kid burns more calories....

    I'll have to catch up on everything later.
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    Ram, I agree with Chloe. I still logged most of my pregnancy, but I ate more than usual. I had ice cream almost every night (I'd get the Party Pail!). I ate chips and salsa. I wanted carbs too. I tried to run, walk, or swim a few days a week and gained 30 pounds. I lost it in 4 months. I think as long as you are sensible, you'll be fine! Enjoy! :smile:

    I still am feeling blah. I had a protein shake for lunch and honestly am not hungry. I'd love to get some exercise in tonight, but Eric has to do taxes, so I'll be on baby duty. And it's raining so no walking or running probably......
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    Hi, can I join the group late? I asked the same question a few months ago and then fell off the wagon basically instantaneously :). I'll introduce myself again since if you blinked you missed me! I live in Southern Arizona, have an almost three year old son and have been married 8 years. I am a part time environmental engineer and teach fitness (mainly cycle and yoga) as a side job. I love to work out but really have issues keeping my eating in check. I had an eating disorder in my 20s (I am 36 now) so I don't like to restrict myself too much because I'm always conscious of that coming back.

    My weekly goals are:
    -- Drink at least 64 oz of water a day
    -- Get at least 20% of my calories from protein (ultimately I'd like to up that to 30% but I need to start slow)
    -- Overall calories for the week are 15,000
    -- Limit my night time snack (after my son is asleep) to 200 calories. That time of the night is when I tend to overdo it.
    -- Eat like a normal person when my husband is out of town. He's a pilot and when he's out of town I tend to not make real dinners! I end up grabbing toddler snacks like goldfish or cereal for dinner. Not good for me or my son who is already a very picky eater.

    Nice to "meet" you all!

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    yoo hoooo!!!!!!!

    zgolub, that "yoo hooo" is for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please report in for *star* challenge and then I can put the chart up!
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    I have a new goal to be ready for.. going to LA in 2 weeks! Woohoo!! It will be a short trip, but it will be awesome!! My sister is going to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune!! So crazy, right!? I want to look good in case she makes it to the Bonus Round and I'm on camera :P haha! I've never been to California (or anywhere west of Michigan!) so I'm beyond excited right now!! Any advice on how to de-bloat??
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    Hi Teresa and welcome.

    Fun Shander!

    Thanks for the spreadsheet Beeps.

    I can't believe what a difference 24 hours makes. I feel so much better than yesterday. Ended up having a low calorie day yesterday as I just wasn't really hungry till around dinnertime. I also got home a little early so put day care pick up on Eric so I could get in a quick workout. I did level 2 of 6 Week 6 Pack and it made me feel better. That and all the water and good food and my icky weekend bloat is nearly gone. I'm on track for some more really good days. Not sure I'll be getting a workout in today, but I'm off Wednesday so will probably do some stroller running. I'm doing a circuits class Thursday instead of my normal pilates-strength class so I'm looking forward to something different.

    Hope you all have a great day!

    Have a great Tuesday ladies!
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    shander, the best debloat I have EVER experienced was when I had that brutal fever/chills spell about 3 weeks ago....I just had no appetite and my belly was SO SUPER FLAT. Obviously, not recommended that you get "sick", but I do think liquid cleanses (i.e. little to no food) do have their place!!

    Better - you sound AWESOME!! I need some of your good cheer to rub off on me!!
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    My goals for this week are:
    - keep eating well and getting in all the protein
    - run 5 days and run early before it gets hot (although is is supposed to cool off again)
    - run 9-10 miles on Saturday (that half marathon is coming up too soon!)
    - strength train 3x

    I used to get up and run early before it got too warm out and before work got crazy busy. Now work is REALLY slow and I am a bit bored and that leads to me doing even less... I find excuses not to get out the door early for a run or not at all, even though I know that once I get out there I will feel better all day long and sleep better too.

    I still haven't lost anything since changing the macros and upping the calories but I haven't gained either so I will just keep at it :)
    Beeps - I am there with you on trying to just get 5 lbs off - then I will worry about the next 5! I am pretty sure they are glued on with super glue tho!

    Shander - that sounds great to get to go to the Wheel of Fortune! I hope your sister wins!! I definitely think you should try to get to the beach (Santa Monica isn't far from Hollywood) even if just for an hour or two. Another great place is the Grove - it is a shopping, eating, entertainment complex. It is a fun to shop or window shop (many of the places are very pricey) or just walk around and people watch!

    KC - I am just under 5'2"

    Welcome Teresa!

    I am going out to dinner and a concert in LA on Wednesday with a friend - hoping not to overindulge too much and stay 'near' my calories.

    Have a wonderful week everyone!
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    Yesterday=FAIL. 300 calories over AND a million carbs AND no workout. Honestly, I was bummed that I regained the pound I worked so HARD to lose and I needed to go to the store but never made it - hence, the bad food choices.

    Today is a new day. I WILL go to the store so I have food . Today i want to do P90X upper body and T-25 ab intervals. I even set aside a time to drop everything and workout.

    Shannon- FUN! I always tell my husband he needs to go on that show.

    Ashley-way to recover! Sounds like an excellent Monday.

    Shanaber-Great goals!
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    Ram, I'm with CHLOE.
    The extra 10lbs of baby weight that are hanging on 6 months later are a slight nuisance, but definitely not worth all the worry. Pregnancy is a special time and while healthy eating should be a focus, an occasional (or more than occasional) indulgence to soothe those cravings is fine. Enjoy the time, don't stress so much. Just indulge within reason and make sure you get in lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains...and of course your Pre-natal vitamin.

    Get out and move, stay strong and active, enjoy spring!
  • zgolub
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    Kc- don't let one pound get you down.

    Keep at it, you will soon see even better results. Great plan to make sure you have healthy food to make healthy snack choices. You sound really pumped for this week...it inspires me too!

    I am working a ton (60 hours) of a night shift job this week. So, hard to plan many workouts. I'll plan on 2 jogs, and 3 20 minute callisthenic sessions at home. and of course, plan to log in calories and not go over the weekly allotment.

    Hope to also find some time/energy to see my 6 month old cutie pie as much as I can. Peek-a-boo sit ups will be utilized :)
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    Ram, quick question, are you breastfeeding? If so, do you add 500 cal into your daily allowance?
    Sorry if this was discussed already, I'm late to join in.
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    For transparency:

    I have increased my calories....I really am hitting "maintenance" more days than "deficit" and I want my mfp logging to reflect that!

    I won't change my "April challenge" calories ('cause that's a no-no!), but you likely will see a lot more "SILVERS" or BRONZES because of my own mfp logging.

    Today, I lift!
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    Today, I rest!

    I have worked out every day since last Wednesday, pretty impressive for me. I am getting stronger, I can do several pushups now. My pullups don't seem to be improving, however...

    Last night I went for a jog and logged it because I meant to have a low-cal day but I just kept eating.

    Welcome back, Theresa, sounds like good goals!

    I weighed this morning and was just down .5 from last week, which is ok, but last week was up 2 lbs from the prior week...
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    zgolub- I think your breastfeeding question may be directed to me instead of Ram. I have my goal set at 1750 and I do not log exercise or breastfeeding cals. When I first had the baby I did 2000 and then dropped it by 50 every time my weight loss stalled.

    I have been doing ok this week. I did have a glass of wine Monday and Tuesday and I will most likely have another tonight. It has been a rough week at work. But, my eating has been pretty good. I did plan on having a healthy dinner of leftovers last night but when I got home it was gone. My little sister ate it, she babysits on Tuesdays. So my dinner wasn't as good as planned. But, I have worked out everyday this week. So that's a win:happy: