Me vs. The Binge - July Challenge



  • Me: 1
    TB: 1

    I've been trying to bounce back from about two weeks of binging, so this is a big step for me!
  • lamlamsmakeover
    lamlamsmakeover Posts: 6,574 Member
    July 2

    ME: 2*
    BINGE: 0
  • TheWeightOfFood
    TheWeightOfFood Posts: 58 Member
    TB - 2
    Me - 0

    Called a councillor today.
  • WannabeStressFree
    WannabeStressFree Posts: 340 Member
    me : 2
    binge: 0

    I'm so happy I haven't binged for awhile, but keeping count helps me a lot. I've been feeling blue the last few weeks and I'm afraid I'll succumb again to bingeing. I've been doing well in my balanced diet and I really really don't want to give in again, not ever!!!
    thank you all for your support. Like I said I've been feeling anxious and I'm exercising to combat it, but I might need extra support. I'm always here for anyone, feel free to friend me, thanks o much
  • Welshgem84
    Welshgem84 Posts: 45 Member
    Me: 2
    Binge: 0

    This is particularly satisfying for me as someone tired to break into my flat and I scared them off but I was left overwhelmed and in need of comfort and usually this is where I binge but I managed to keep it together for like the first time EVER!! Just the rest of the month to go now!! lol!!
  • cottonz
    cottonz Posts: 33 Member
    Suzy - 2
    The Binge - 0

    Feeling more positive than I have for some time :-)
  • crepes_
    crepes_ Posts: 583 Member
    July 2

    Me: 2
    TB: 0

    Feeling good. I want to take a page out of ACyclingMind's book and call a counselor.
  • cweyfree06
    cweyfree06 Posts: 10
    The binge:1
  • GFreg
    GFreg Posts: 404
    July 2014

    Greg: 1
    The Binge: 1

    Days that I did not log it all: 1
  • maicap22
    maicap22 Posts: 433 Member
    Me - 3
    The Binge - 0
  • greekygirl
    greekygirl Posts: 448 Member
    Greeky - 1
    Binge - 0

    Good to see you back on thread Greeky!!

    Thanks, Molly! It's good to be back and I'm committing to finishing the month this time! :smile:

    I am off work until Tuesday (yay!) which will help me have some good days since work is where I eat crap uncontrollably.

    Greeky - 2
    Binge - 0
  • Behavior_Modification
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    July 2014

    Diane: 1
    Binge: 1
  • Pudding1980
    Pudding1980 Posts: 1,264 Member
    Me: 3
    Binge: 0
  • Binge: 2
    Rachel: 0
  • Welshgem84
    Welshgem84 Posts: 45 Member
    me: 3
    binge: 0

    Although weekends are my downfall so I shall see what this is Monday!!
  • cottonz
    cottonz Posts: 33 Member
    Me - 2
    The binge - 1

    Had a minor tumble from the wagon after a horrible evening. My usual trigger of my wee boy being ill .....
  • maicap22
    maicap22 Posts: 433 Member
    Me - 4
    The Binge - 0
  • IsMollyReallyHungry
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    July 2014:

    Mollie - 2
    The Binge - 1

    Days I did NOT log it all - 0

  • paszekmonika
    paszekmonika Posts: 60 Member
    Like this challenge... Im doing well so far so

    Monika: 4

    TB: 0

    However I'm struggling:/
  • michellemybelll
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