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    I have everyone who has reported in for the Star Challenge. Missing Ramalem and Shander so get your reports in ladies!
    I made silver this week - I thought being home I would do better and didn't eat terrible but was way too high on carbs and fat!! Got a wonderful salad from Marie Callenders on Saturday and without dressing it had 31g of FAT! whoa! On the good side it had 51g of protein :) I am super motivated to eat much better this week... I have been walking (fast), doing cardio at the gym and getting in an extra lifting session here and there. Hoping I get a green light today to try running a little again, but I am trying to be patient and not push it.
    MT - Welcome to the group! Great goals!!
    Kadi - Great runs and so fast! I am jealous but I will get back out there!
    Ashley - Wow what a like a really busy weekend!
    Abigail - So glad you are feeling better! Good luck with your race, just take it easy and make sure you are hydrated so you banish any cramps!
    Beeps - Yea!! Knew you could get that platinum star!! and a 2 lbs loss!! way to go!
    Chloe - glad things are getting better!
    Amy - You can do this! Great job turning down the ice cream! I definitely should have done that but had it both Saturday and Sunday nights!

    I am still going for 9100 calories until I can run again.
    Other goals remain the same - Macros and workout - run if I can but if not walk and/or cardio at the gym and strength training at least 2x week!

    I will post the Star results later this afternoon. Have a great Monday and week everyone!
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    Look at all the "back-on-track"-ers in here, lol....I'll have to think of a "back-on-track" challenge....

    Got my lifting done. I'm nicely sore everywhere - I forgot that is THE feeling that I get with these long-ish work-outs. Sleepiness will follow by about 2:30 pm.

    My walking partner FINALLY texted and we're going to give it a go, again, tonight after work....she was unreliable there for awhile and I was going alone, but maybe she's gonna get with the program....
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    Hi! I'm new at this but everyone looks so awesome and it's inspiring that everyone makes goals and sticks with them. My two week goals are:
    1) start strength training (abs, butt, arms, legs)
    2) drink EIGHT glasses of water a day (like I'm suppose to, I just never seem to get around to it)
    3) quit late night snacking
    4) getting a full eight hours of sleep every night
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    Star Challenge results -


    It does look like we are getting back on track!

    I am going to be Platinum again this week and put this last, terrible week behind me! Things are already looking up, I had a great day and the doctor has released me to run - only a mile but it is a start!! Can't believe how much I miss it or that I would ever miss it at all! :huh:
    Welcome Jess1Jane - nice goals! Try just carrying some water with you in a cute refillable bottle then it will always be right there to have a sip!

    Keep up the great work ladies!
    Oh and I am pretty sure Shander is on vacation so she hasn't checked in...
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    Yeah on star challenge results! I'm goin' for platinum again....yesterday was a low-calorie day and so will today be.

    I think Wednesday will be more of a "maintenance" day, and then I want low-calorie for thurs/fri/sat/sun.

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    If I go for Sun-Sat, I have to go back and log Sunday, but the upcoming Sunday is my annual Bike n Brews event, we ride our bikes to a few breweries. I usually stick to a taster flight but I really have no idea about the actual calorie content, I imagine it varies a lot.

    Last night I did hills on the treadmill, it is really hot in Denver this week. The hills felt ok, I jogged really slow-4 (mph?) but the incline was 15 mins on 4, 15 mins on 6 and 15 mins on 8%.

    No workout tonight or tomorrow, but I will workout Thurs, Fri and Sat.

    Weigh in tomorrow, dread:frown:
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    Morning Ladies!

    I got back from vacation on Sunday and didn't have time to check-in with you guys yesterday as I was desperately trying to get caught up from being out for a week. There is too much to catch up on, but I did read through the thread! Sounds like everyone is getting "back on the wagon" this week, myself included. I took the week off from logging, so I'm back on it this week and also have some goals I hope I can attain this week. I haven't weighed myself in a little over 2 weeks and to be quite honest I'm a bit nervous to step on the scale. I'm going to bite the bullet and weigh in tomorrow AM so I'm not surprised at my Dr. appointment next week :laugh: I feel like my belly is HUGE but I'm only a little over halfway through this thing!

    My goals this week:

    4 workouts (2 lifts, 1 yoga, 1 walk)
    Keep up water intake
    Limit sweets at night
    Stay within 200 of my calorie goal

    Have a great rest of the week ladies!
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    UGH! I woke up last night for like 2 hours. Today i am soooo tired. I have so much to do today. I am on my third load of laundry. I just cleaned out my four year old's room so i can shampoo her carpets. I am drinking a meal replacement smoothie right now and it is GROSS! I don't mind the protein shake but this is thick and chalky. I'm going to try to finish half and then make eggs or something.

    I found this pin about the healthy habits of people who have lost weight.

    Right now, I feel desperate to shake some of this weight fast because I have never been this heavy before...I may have to leave this group and join the I Really Am This Heavy group! :laugh:

    My eating isn't that bad so I don't understand why I keep gaining.
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    Yummy eggs!

    Amy - I used to like running hills outside....never done the treadmill, though. Sounds like you did GREAT!

    ramalem - halfway through your pregnancy already?!?!?!? Awesome!

    kclynch - no, no, no re: "I really am this heavy!" group. Just "no".


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    Hi All!

    I think I have been a "member" of this group for almost a year and never posted...just sucked up your motivation :)

    I have been trying to lose the "last 10"...and now "last 15" after my move from VA to HI in April and would love to have some goals and be accountable b/c my cats really don't give a damn. I also have to remember to kind to myself b/c life happens.

    Exercise goals Mon (20 Jul - Sunday 27 Jul)

    Strength training- 2x
    Run: 6-5-4 miles
    Hills: 3x

    Replace 2x breakfasts w/ smoothies
    Lunch: Salad 3X
    Min 20g protein per meal

    Calories for the week: 10,570
  • jess1jane
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    Well, I went to bed at a decent hour last night.... With the help of ZZZquil, but still. I didn't feel the need for a bedtime snack either! Haven't worked out yet today, or drank enough water. But I still have a little while before bed. I spent the whole day in town, which is unusual for me. The rest of the week should go better since it will be more of a normal schedule. Since I haven't been on here long and don't know any of you, just hi to everyone! Hope you all had a good start to the week:)
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    Ramalem - Hope you had a wonderful forget everything vacation!
    Kelly - as Beeps said you can do this! Come on you got it!!

    Welcome Chelneal - Pretty sure your cats do give a damn, they would probably prefer you were nice and fluffy so you would be comfortable to lay on! Well even if they aren't supportive we are! :flowerforyou: Great goals!

    Hi Jess1jane - hope you got a workout in!

    I got my one mile run in... actually I walked a mile, ran a mile and walked the last mile home!! Best news NO pain! It felt awesome to be running again pain free, even if I did go out quite a bit faster than I intended. I am going to do this same routine Thursday and Saturday and then hopefully up the run distance next week. I also had an awesome training session - I have muscles I didn't know were possible to have! and... I was under both yesterday and today! WhooHoo - Shaping up to be a wonderful week!!
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    I am doing well this week. I have run 3 miles Monday, Tuesday and this morning. I am doing very well with eating. Haven't cheated at all after preglogging. And I have been sleeping great all week. (Even with a 9 month old who popped a tooth!) The only habit I haven't been able to kick is my nightly wine. I am blaming that on work stress. Maybe when we are done with our audit I will focus on that. But, I figure I gotta let myself have a little treat :happy:
  • jess1jane
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    I DID get a workout in at 10pm last night. 40min on the bike and 10min with a workout app for abs. I was yawning the entire time and I was able to sleep great. Plus having a friendly scale reading this morning just pushed my good mood even higher:) It just motivates me more to continue the good work so that I always feel like this. Even though I didn't get enough water in today, it was still more than I usually do and I will try harder to make it a part of my day-to-day routine. Plus I love having a place like this where we all support each other in our successes and encourage each other during not so successful times.
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    Instead of walking (alone) last night, I decided to hop on my bike and just ride!!


    I don't think I have been on a bike, alone, and without kids, in, ohhhhhh, fourteen YEARS??!?!


    yes, my butt FROZE after only 40 minutes, but that is okay....it really was super-fun and the numbness cannot be helped (don't even try and advise....I have tried every single bike seat out there and right now, the cushioning on this seat is literally 4 inches....it's just some body response I have).
  • abigail1977
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    Wow, I am seeing a lot of positive posts this week, you ladies are all doing some awesome things. Beeps, glad your bike ride was good, I don't think I've been on one since I was a kid. I wonder how I would do now & if it would all come back to me. :) It is in the nineties today and there are threats of thunderstorms and I am supposed to have a trail race tonight. I am hoping that they wait until after as I have missed two already & they already had to cancel one for a storm. :( Keep up the great work everyone!
  • Beeps2011
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    The kids and I ride bikes quite a bit....not long rides.

    I hope there's no storm, abigail!!
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    Hi ladies! I have a few minutes so I thought I'd check in. I haven't been logging or working out more than once or twice a week, but I've been maintaining a weight that I'm comfortable with so I wasn't too worried about it. Then I tried on bathing suits yesterday. They looked TERRIBLE. I'm at what I think is a pretty respectible weight (125, and I'm 5'6"), but my post-baby body is just not attractive. I'm still nursing so I'm hesitant to lower the calories (I definitely notice a drop in production when I do), but I really need to start lifting again. So my new goal is to do some sort of arm/ab exercises every day (most likely some pushups and planks in my office) and to lift at least once a week. Then I'll work on adding a second lifting session.

    There's way too much to comment on, but I wanted to toss in my two cents on honeymoon spots. I highly recommend Aruba. I’ve also been to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and Jamaica, and Aruba was by far the best. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt and it was lovely, although there are plenty of nice resorts. My favorite thing about Aruba is you can definitely go off the resort. There are tons of amazing non-resort restaurants and fun things to do around the island. The resorts are great too, but it was nice to be able to explore a little bit and go for runs and stuff like that. When we left the resort on the other islands it was pretty depressing.
  • CMorning99
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    Thanks for the Hello Shanaber!

    And happy HUMP DAY to all the ladies out there :)

    So far doing well with keep on track...I have my 6 mile run done, 1 strength day done, and 1 hill day done and calories are spot on.

    Today is my 5 mile run and I am looking forwards to it with a bit of hesitation....I am in Hawaii and we lost the trade winds the last 2 days and so it has been a heat index of nearly 100 with 78% humidity. I ran my 6 miler indoors and I have never sweat so much in my life! There was no mopping it up...you just had to let it pour! I lost nearly a pound in water weight alone after the run and lets not even talk about my HR and pace in that weather....pathetic. I am not expecting any PR's on the half marathon in August. Yesterday in strength we did a lot of band work on the hip area....wow do I have some really weak hip flexors! I have bands at home and need to start working on those bad boys!....might even help with the saddle bags :)
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    ha ha - "hi" chelneal....so many chickadees pop in here and then don't stick around, so I'm totally cool with not engaging with every single one of 'em until they prove they iz gonna be a REGULAR POSTER.

    RisOnTheRun....how nice that you have the after-baby body that so many of the rest of us do...how nice (not!).

    Got my lifting in and done.

    And I have now proceeded to chow down on TOO MUCH FOOD.


    Last week - laser focus. This week - dwindling.