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    I was just about 1500 over for the week, so as usual no star for me. But, I have to say I am feeling like that was a success. Starting the week out Monday with Mike's birthday, which made me way over for that day. In addition to the holiday weekend, I would've thought I did way worse.

    I did get in all my workouts last week as well. I got in a short two mile run yesterday and did Piyo this morning. I am planning on going to spin tonight. A coworker was supposed to go with, but its not going to workout with her daycare. Its been awhile since I've gone to the gym, which I always feel a little anxious going back, but I know once I get back into it I will be fine. For now it will just be Tuesdays. But, I am going to try to add in one more day next month.
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    No star for me, and just a quick check in. I am off to the Poconos in the morning so I won't be logging or checking in here. Should be fun.
    Good labor day weekend! I overdid on the drinking a couple of nights, not sure if I will weigh tomorrow or just wait til next week.
    I found a dress for the wedding, it is a simple, one-shoulder sleeveless column dress and it is true purple. I think it will be suitable:)
    I got in two runs and the one yesterday was a pretty good pace. I am working on getting faster so that's my goal. My workouts until Nov. 1 are basically alternating between Couch to 5k (but working on speed) and Stronglifts 5x5.
    Have a great week, everyone!
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    Hi ladies! Quick check-in for me today... I had the last 5 days off and wish I could report that I feel refreshed and relaxed, but instead am tired and sore. I spent most of the weekend doing house projects and working on the nursery. I know I got a lot done, but it sure doesn't feel like it! My workouts took a backseat last week as I was trying to get as much done as I could. This week I am planning on doing yoga tonight (my back is telling me I can no longer skip a week), a gym/lifting session tomorrow and some swimming on Friday. I'm also going to try and get some long walks in. I'm noticing I'm starting to slow down a little, but am also noticing that skipping workouts makes me more cranky, sleep worse and have more back pain... that's enough incentive for me to keep going as long as I can!

    Beeps - crazy what not having a job can do for your fitness. Great work!

    Better - way to keep up on the workouts! I totally agree with you on the strength training. I feel so much better when I do it, and certainly notice when I don't. Also, YAY for the reno. Excited to see how it turns out.

    Hi Shander, Chloe, Amy and everyone else!

    Have a great week ladies!
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    What makes a cranky girl? A giant bug bite on her *kitten*! This is a new form of torture!

    I have no idea how last week went...I was off most of the time and so I didn't track calories but I don't feel like I ate a lot. I did get in all my runs and did my half marathon on Saturday. It was pathetically slow b/c they ran out of water around mile 8 and it was so hot and humid...with all my training going on, I made the command decision to walk and not hurt myself or get sick. I did consume a whole Totino's pizza when I got home though :)

    This week, b/c that is all that matters right! I set up some programs for my treadmill to focus on speed for my upcoming PT test (kinda fartlek based with 1 min (I am being very optimistic here at a 8:30 pace) and then 1 min rest...and each week I knock off 10 seconds of rest. I planned to do it Tues, Thurs, Friday mornings...but alas, I laid there from 5:15 to 6:15 and didn't get up...I HATE HATE exercise at that hour! That means a double header this afternoon...I really would rather work out for 2 hrs in the afternoon than get up early LOL. I skipped yesterdays run too...but spent all morning weed whacking the slopped terraces in our backyard and then raked leaves.

    So this weeks goals:
    3x morning smoothie
    3x salads
    3x speed-work
    3x push up/sit ups
    1x strength
    2x long runs

    Calories under 12,000
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    Seems overall went a good week for all/most!

    I did my lifting today.....at different gym....and it had waaayyyyyy more DB' and BB's and mirrors and everything! Loved that! Nice change for a few weeks.

    I will step on the scale tomorrow. Ten more weeks in my self-challenge!
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    Star Challenge Results below!

    I am dropping Amy and Jess from the challenge for September unless I hear from them that they want to stay in. I pretty much left everyone else in even though I didn't hear positively from anyone that they wanted to stay in other than Beeps. I also added Chelneal since she gave a goal to stay under :bigsmile:

    Here is what I have for everyone. Let me know if you don't want in or if your goals have changed.
    Beeps, I have a note to up your calorie goal after this week.
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    Thanks for the support, ladies. Today I had measurements taken for a work challenge that we are doing. I used one of those handheld devices to have my fat % checked. I don't know how how accurate it is, but I thought it was HIGH. I feel really motivated now.

    Ashley- Right now, I'm just doing Jillian because, honestly, I am so weak. I use 5-12 pounds, depending. I'm also going to start doing a pilates style booty workout.

    Shan- sounds like a great plan. Glad you are doing well.

    Amy- Where can I found out more about strong lifts? I've heard you mention it before.

    Ram- listen to your body. As you slow down, maybe just go for a walk. Keeping up with something is important.
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    Chelneal- Did you just make up a speed workout for the treadmill? Or is it a program on the treadmill already? I am going to need to do something to make that stupid thing appealing and I am thinking working on speed might be a good idea. Its just too dark in the morning now, so I can only do that on the weekends. I can try to get out with the stroller in the evening, but that's not as much fun :wink:
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    Shanaber: Thanks for keeping me accountable! I sure need it since I switched back to summer uniforms and I ahmmm...ahhhh...can't button the top button of my pants :(

    Chloe: I have an EPIC treadmill with iFIT and I can go to the website and create my own programs or download programs (they have Jillian Michaels ones, or runs around the world)...then I can just schedule them and they will push to my treadmill on that day +/- a few days b/c I have an accountability problem LOL. I dislike the treadmill too...I used it a lot when I was in VA and it was freezing outside or 110 degrees...I have a TV/DVD player, I can hook up my iPOD an play music videos (which is my fav)...but now I am in HI...I am outside most of the time :) But I do like it for speed work...that whole accountability thing LOL
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    Thanks for the charting, shanaber! I appreciate your efforts!

    Kclynch, those handheld bodyfat % machines are not accurate in the least!

    Chloe - ohno!! The deadmill!
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    I hate the treadmill and if that was the only way I could run... well... I wouldn't! I would rather cycle than run on the treadmill if I have to be in the gym..
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    I know I hate it too. I would like to keep up with at least 2 runs during the week throughout winter. I will do one weekend long run outside. And then one on the dreadmill during the week. Its just tough with the baby to get out in the winter.

    Chalneal- That's neat, mine is not that high tech :ohwell:

    Spinning went well last night. So I am definitely going to keep up with that through the winter. At least once, maybe twice a week.
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    Thanks for keeping this going shanaber! Could you change my goal to 10000? Thanks!! :)
  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to the group--I am reading a lot about goals (in the 10k range) and stars--what does all this mean?

    Also, can I still set a goal, or am I too far past the starting point?
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    Welcome, Body!

    Ok, at work we have two challenges. One is for weight loss, one is fitness (looking at body fat and what not). I did fitness. I got asked if I signed up for the wrong one. :angry: I should add, that mostly bigger people are going for straight weight loss. I feel even more MOTIVATED now!
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    Shander - I made your update!

    Chloe - I have to admit I am very fortunate in So California that I can run outdoors pretty much year-round. I even run in the rain! My only limitation is my work schedule and my puppy and that is more in the summer when it gets too hot, too early.

    Chelneal - I know the feeling with the buttons but I have gotten beyond that thankfully! Keep at it and you will get there!

    Welcome Bodysculpted - we have a challenge in this group each month called the Star Challenge. You set a weekly calorie goal that you want to stay under (along with any other goals like working out, eating a certain way, etc..). By measuring it weekly you are able to go over some days and still level out for your weekly total. If you look back on this page you will see the table of levels: if you don't go over you make platinum, 1-500 over is gold, etc.. If you would like to be included let me know your calorie goal and I will add you in. The week runs from Monday-Sunday and I like to see results Sunday night or Monday morning so I can get the results posted.
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    Le Sigh....

    Yesterday went well calorie wise. I wasn't really hungry all day...I wonder if I have always been that way. I mentioned before that I came off of BC and while I never really noticed any side effects but now that I am 2 months "hormone free" my appetite seems to be less beasty....less cravings. I made it to body sculpt but unfortunately during our shuttle runs I jarred/pulled my hip flexor. For the remainder of the class I couldn't left my leg or support my lower core (pushups/planks/etc)...it didn't hurt all that much, but it just collapsed when I did try. I came home and iced the crap out of it and took a motrin. It felt better when I woke up but as I moved more it started hurting :(...and I have a run tonight! Arrggghh!

    So today nothing exciting going on...calories are expected right now to be spot on...exercise, well we will see how my hip holds up. I keep hoping it will magically feel awesome by 5pm LOL.

    I found all my bodpod sheets from 2012...they are interesting:

    8/12: 28.3% @ 141.3
    11/12: 26.9% @ 139.6
    3/13: 25.4% @ 137.5
    5/13: 24.3%@ 135
    9/13: 25.3%@137
    11/13: 26.3%@136.6 ( think this one was a fluke...I had some serious DOMs on this one and water weight really affects this test)
    1/14: 25.1%@ 137.5
    Now...???@144.6 wahhhhh!
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    12 km walk today. Tomorrow, I lift! BOOM!
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    Cardio at the gym today - spent hours procrastinating and putting it off but felt so great afterwards, of course the 45 mins lifting helped with the endorphins too :) Felt so great!! Tomorrow I have a run planned followed by training and a concert tomorrow night. Hopefully work will remain quiet and not intrude! We head to Seattle on Friday for 5 days! Can't wait to see my daughter and the new house!
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    Beeps or Amy - how do we continue this to a new thread?