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    "Better has no finish line" I just saw that and I like it! Not you, Better/Ashley:)

    Chloe, you got me intrigued with the Piyo again, did you buy the DVDs? Do you drink the Beachbody Kool-Aid:indifferent: ?

    What am I doing to get fit? I do Stronglifts 5x5 3x and running for 30 mins 3x, if I get two rest days I just double up the strength and cardio one day. Running is hard after lifting and I wonder if I am not doing enough recovery, but I am not pushing myself extremely on these workouts...
    As for weekend eating, I need a plan bc I found the scale and it did not have good news for me-vacation bloat, like you Shanaber, and PMS probably. But I have almost no plans this weekend!
    I plan to fast through breakfast each day (i.e. sleep :yawn: ) then reasonable healthy lunch, workout, and reasonable dinner and will try to stick to 3 drinks tonight and tomorrow.
    Might try a low-cal day Sunday...
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    Aloha Friday!

    Fall weather...what is that like? I spent the last 4 years in VA and loved the fall and cold. In HI...if it drops below 85 it is considered fall...and don't get me started on Xmas weather :(

    Yesterday went ok. I got my fingers into a few lickies and chewies (180 cals worth) so was about 100 cals over for the day but still woke up STAAAAAAVIIINNNGG this morning. It did feel good to do nothing last night (that can get dangerous LOL) but this morning physically I feel rested even though I didn't sleep well again, even with taking a melatonin.

    Today is the chili cook-off, good think I don't really like chili LOL...but there is supposed to be a desert table : ) Need to do my speed work tonight, repeat of Wednesdays workout. This weekend I have a long run and then a nutrition seminar on endurance fueling (pre/during/post). It seemed like I had been over eating a lot this week so tallied up me bananas and coming in at 7093 thus far...so that is 4,900 calories left through sunday night. Totally do-able...now to just do it!

    Fitness Friday: What am I not doing LOL...ok, maybe lifting. But this weekend is a long run and PT component stuffs.

    Weight has been staying down, so if I manage to save the weekend then I will weight in on Monday.
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    I would say I have probably tried most Beachbody programs....the only ones I have bought myself are the Chalean ones (Chalean Extreme, Turbofire and Piyo), I have done p90x and Insanity also, but they were given to me.

    I like Chalene Johnson so maybe I am drinking her koolaid :laugh: But, I do like PiYo alot, I don't follow the program strictly, 6 days a week of it could get boring. But, mixing it in with running has been great for me. It forces me to stretch and there is also alot of body weight training.
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    Wow, I have missed a lot!

    First, WHO in the world has 8 hours to watch TV?????? Unemployed people maybe?

    What am I doing to get fit??? Not much. :sad:
    I need a good 30-40 minute home workout. Ideas??? Suggestions???? I get bored easily.

    I LOVE FALL! It is still high 80s here...It won't cool down until later in Oct. We have mild winters, so I can't complain. Spring is the worst because of the wind.
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    Wow is right Kelly - I didn't have time to check-in today and seems like so much is going on!

    First off - Welcome to the group Fitnessqueen and Larsensue!
    Larsensue - you do have a busy schedule! Good idea to walk when your daughter has soccer practice. I used to do that too when my daughter was swimming. Finding another parent or two to walk with you is always nice too and makes the time go by faster.

    Fitness Friday - I ran today! 4 miles again and want to go for a long run on Sunday. Tomorrow I will fit in the gym for some cardio and lifting. For now I am still running every other day, strength training 2x and adding in a 3rd day at the gym on my own. If my foot holds up with the long run on Sunday I am going to try adding in another running day next week and see how that goes.
    Food planning is not happening right now - we came home from vacation to not much in the cupboards and no time to shop. I am going to make a batch of spaghetti sauce to have in the freezer and since it is still so hot we are going to BBQ chicken one night and maybe ribs or steaks the other. We are also out of wine (:huh: how did that happen?) so I haven't had to worry about that but I am sure that will get fixed soon :laugh:

    I do love the fall - when it decides to be fall here it can be quite nice... spring and winter too. I actually like it when it is cold and love wearing sweaters and layers. I love running when it is cold too and it is so fun to run when the leaves are changing. Enjoyed this when we were splitting time in Baltimore but we got to leave and come home to CA so we weren't stuck in the cold for months and months - that definitely helps.
    Kelly - where do you live again? Sounds like AZ or here (So Calif)...

    Chloe - are the workout DVDs fun? I just can't seem to get into them. I do stretch and do some body weight exercises primarily after I run though.
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    Ummmmm, no, even unemployed people don't watch 8 hours of tv a day....AMHIK.....

    Travel day. See ya tomorrow!
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    A nice walk with my son, today. Will lift M/W/F this week.

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    Also, I get NO star for last week....I didn't log anything....I worked out a lot, but ate a lot, too. Travel is like that.

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    WhooHoo - ran 7.5 miles today! It was so freaking hot though by the time we got home - well over 85 and the high to day was well over 105! I haven't really been hungry much at all today but the heat does that to me. I did drink a ton of water though.

    And I made Platinum for the week!

    Have a great Monday morning everyone!
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    Silver for me. Hoping for platinum this time around.

    Great run in the heat, Shan!!!

    Weekly goals...
    1) no eating after dinner
    2) no kid or husband snacks
    3) eat like a "normal" person
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    Sorry I've been MIA! Lots going on right now!!! I had to back log a bit for the Star challenge, I didn't have service (or a phone charger) camping this weekend! I believe I got a gold though!! Maybe a silver? I forget... Let's say silver to be safe!

    Everyone should watch tv tonight... my sister's episode of Wheel of Fortune will be on tonight!!! Woohoo!!! For those of you who end up watching it, her name is Kristen and she stands all the way to the right (furthest from Pat Sayjack)

    I wish I could catch up with everyone now, but I have to run! I will say, welcome to all the new people!! And I miss you all! Have a great Monday!!
  • Good Morning Ladies... Just doing a quick check in to say hello and offer any help/advice to anyone in need... Sticking well to my 2 week goals so far (fingers crossed). The weight is melting off and I'm proud to say I'm making forward progress by monitoring my food intake more carefully and significantly cutting out alcohol.. How was everyone's weekend?
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    Monday - Check In (how are you doing? Had any successes or struggles this week-end?)

    Hey all. I am going pretty good. We had a nice relaxing yet busy weekend. I ended up leaving early Friday as my daughter had a fever, so we didn't get that nice long walk in. We did do a shorter walk. Saturday we also did the usual walking: coffee shop and farmers market, and also walked to and around a festival. Sunday was more walking to jazz in the park and I did 30 minutes of yoga. So I was active for sure! My eating was okay. Not enough protein or vegetables, but what else is new?

    Quick check in with those responses I see:

    Shander, I will totally look for you sister! We usually have WOF on in the background. Fun! Oh, and spekaing of TV....who has time for 8 hours?! I feel guilty for watching an average of maybe 1.5-2 hours most weeknights. I feel a little better now. :blushing:

    Fluffy, "eat like a normal person".....love it!

    Shanber, so glad you got your running mojo back and are feeling good and pain free.

    Beeps, glad you had a nice trip. Sounds like you stayed nice and active which is a good balance for extra food.

    That's all I see on this page. But a little I remember reading about workouts. First off, I am not a fan of videos. I know a lot of people love them, but I seem to dread them for some reason. I think they're a great way to work out, I just don't like them. I have not done that many recently. I did 30 day shred for 30 days straight, only missing one day. I came to dread it. I did 6 week 6 pack about 3x a week for 6 weeks. I got great results and may consider doing it again, but still didn't ever look forward to it. I have yoga DVDs I don't mind, but don't have any I LOVE. I guess I prefer to do my own thing. :smile:

    Kelly, for a quick effective workout, I would recomend some interval training. I think I have shared a sample workout a trainer friend in real life of mine gave me to do. It is killer and you can get it done quickly. I have a HIIT app (free) on my phone that you can program for rest and work cycles. I haven't done it in a long time, but I think I would do 30 seconds work and 30 second rest. You can do however many rounds you want, but I would shoot for 5 rounds for a 25 minute workout:
    1. Jump squats
    2. Push ups
    3. Alternating power lunges
    4. Burpees
    5. Mountain climbers
    Go all out for 30 seconds because then you get to rest. Your hear rate will rise and fall (hence the interval training), but will consistently rise throughout the sets. You will be sore. I would burn around 220-250 calories in 25 minutes, so a good burn too. Good luck!

    I have a gym bag packed for a lunch workout. Not sure if I'm running outsdie (no stroller yay!) or lifting. Weather is supposed to top out in high 70s low 80s this week. Love it! Have a great day!
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    I got a platinum star! I sure didn't expect and wonder if I am forgetting to log something but I guess the Monday and Tuesday which were low and no-drinking, plus the run I got in Sat and Sun helped.

    Monday: Check in- I am doing pretty good, weekend was fun. I went to Happy Hour Friday and then to a comedy show, left my car downtown and jogged back to it Saturday, it was just over 3 miles. Sunday I went for a run and had a smoothie and then we went to the bro-in-laws for Broncos and he smoked some chicken.
    I overdid it a little bit this weekend but not too awful.
    Last night I started a new show, The Killing, it's pretty intriguing and I might have to binge watch to see how it ends because the suspense is killing me:blushing:

    Shander7, I will look for your sister,were you in the studio audience? Maybe we will see you too?

    My week is quiet, I have no evening plans at all... Riot Fest this weekend. Any strategies for these all-day concert/festivals? Eating/drinking?
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    Congrats, Amy, on the platinum star!

    Better - i am not a dvd-workout person, either....somewhere i think i have a yoga dvd....

    shander - i didn't watch, so fill me in on how your sister did, please!

    Hi everybody else.

    My weight popped back up....thanks a lot san diego....so, for sure i will be at LEAST five pounds too many for the wedding event this weekend.


    Anyway, still have 2014 work to do. Blech.

    I will lift everyday mon-thurs this week. Maybe a short walk on friday before we hop on a plane to get to nephew's wedding.
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Riot Fest this weekend. Any strategies for these all-day concert/festivals? Eating/drinking?

    Hmmm.....I wish I could help. It seems every year at Bonnaroo, I get more debaucherous..... :blushing: I'd say stick to low alcohol beer. We snuck vodka in last year and I made some very stiff vodka lemonades too early in the day. And hydrate. I always do okay with this. Not that it curbs the booze much. Most festivals I've been to lately have hydration stations where you can fill up your own bottles. And dance to burn some cals! Have fun!! :drinker:
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    Good morning Ladies!

    It is Monday and I am not feeling the office job LOL. I learned last night I can never be an alcoholic! I had 3 glasses of wine and I feel horrible. I had a sour stomach all night and woke up this morning feeling toxic and my kidneys hurt. The weekend was a semi bust. Saturday was my long run and so I ate a bit more than usual on that day and Sunday was going OK until we got busy in the evening and ended up ordering Chinese and drinking wine as we worked LOL. I need to find a new water belt too for my runs I think...after the run I was spotting b/c it sits right over my IUD and I think the bouncing irritated it.

    For the star challenge:
    Goal 12,000...actual 12,976....exercise 2,220

    Not too bad I guess...at least it is in the right direction, just slow.

    This week It will be the standard goals I think. I am flying out Sat night again for VA...I really hate those long flights (16 hrs). I will at least get all my runs in including Saturday....just will have to be careful while traveling. I have the red-eye so hopefully that will make me cranky enough not to eat..

    I am going for epic on smoothies this week b/c I have to clean out the fridge!

    Smoothies 5x (gasp!)
    Salad 2X
    Long run 3X
    Sprints 2X
    Pushups 3X
    Strength 1X

    Calories 12,000
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    Thanks, Ashley. I will try that.

    I haven't logged since Friday, oops! I did fine this weekend, but I am to lazy to log. I saw a tiny loss this week, which I'll take because I did not put in a lot of effort last week.

    Chel- I use to drink...daily...but stopped after baby 2 for no reason. Now 1-2 drink 1-2 nights is all I can handle. Every once in awhile my Hubby and I will go out and I am USELESS the next day.

    Amy- Great job on your platinum.

    Here's to a NEW week!
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    Hi All - very busy Monday!
    Monday: Check in - I had a great weekend! Success was getting the long run in on Sunday and feeling great (but exhausted yesterday). I made it to the gym on Saturday too and got in 30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of lifting but not really what I wanted to do as I was time constrained.
    My only real challenge was my macros were way off on Friday and Saturday but much better on Sunday.

    Amy - congrats on the Platinum! Looks like you did really well over the weekend :smile: The last festival I went to we ate nothing and only drank water (you could bring an empty water bottle and fill it for free). The lines were so lung for the food trucks it wasn't worth it and you would miss the bands and they weren't close where you could hear them. We ended up leaving and getting something to eat instead.
    Shander - I will watch for your sister tonight!
    Beeps - I am pretty sure that bit of extra weight will come off quickly this week with normal eating and workouts!
    Ashley - that workout looks to be killer but I may just have to try it to see if I can get through it once :laugh:
    Chel - I have never drank much but I do like to have a glass or two of wine... I have been cutting back though and limiting it to the weekends now as it was becoming too much of a habit and it can be expensive! Also I have a pack I like from iFitness(Fitletic). I like that it doesn't bounce much at all and they have lots of different configurations. I use it primarily for long runs and races.

    Will post Star results this evening!
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    Star Challenge results - Great job everyone!