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    I am so sore and very unmotivated today... My trainer told me last night no running today and now I know why. My glutes are so sore it hurts to sit and getting up and down...Oh My! :frown: and that doesn't account for how my abs and obliques feel! I thought I would go to the gym and that isn't happening so I will try to take the dog for a walk when/if it cools down a bit as it is still 93 out. Word is it is supposed to cool off starting tomorrow though!

    Amy - maybe you should have your ears checked to make sure there isn't an infection that could be causing both the vertigo and dizziness. I wouldn't want to fly if I thought there could be something going on in my ears! I have a really low HR and sometimes when I run or workout and then pause, my HR drops and I get super dizzy but it happens only in that kind of situation and is gone pretty quickly.

    Your trip sounds awesome but I think by the time you get to Tahiti you will be ready to just relax on the beach!
    We had our daughter late (after 8 years of trying) but took her traveling with us everywhere. We are planning though to travel more now and once we retire.

    Can't wait to see your pictures! Can you plug your camera into your PC and copy them off?

    Abigail - your circuit workout sounds fun. Are you training for any races now?
    Beeps - I have been waiting to get my haircut for a specific stylist. They called today to tell me they had to reschedule and the next appt isn't until the end of October :grumble: They are going to try to get me in though this Saturday late in the day. I go to Santa Monica so it is a long drive - but worth it so far.
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    I am in a slump.....My pants are tight. I really need to get it together. I am going to say to take me out of the star challenge for now. I think I need to focus on what the calories are that I am putting in my body, rather than how many. Looking back at my diary I just have not been eating very "clean" even though I hate that word when referring to eating :wink: :wink:

    I am going to really do some meal planning this weekend. Mike is going to Florida for a wedding so that gives me plenty of time to refocus and get myself together. I will keep my workouts as I have planned. But, my main focus is going to be my diet. I do best when I eat "paleo like" not super strict but use that paleo rules as a general guideline because that also naturally keeps me lower carb and that is when I feel best. Right now I feel like I have a basketball belly :cry:
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    Hey ladies. Quick checkin. My week has been pretty good. Ran Monday, did my class Tuesday and walked a lot at the zoo yesterday. I am up 1.5 pounds this week which I will take since I had no gain last week. So I had a very "my body is so different right now" moment at class Tuesday. I was trying to do modified side plank raises (which are easy for me when I'm not prego) and they were SO HARD! Like I could barely get off the floor. Class was great though. The first one in our next 8 week series and she mixed it up a bit. My butt and arms are still sore. So I'm in for the class till 30 weeks at least! We'll see if I shoot for 30-38. :noway:

    Food has been pretty good as well. I've been cooking lots of fall inspired dishes: chicken, zucchini peanut soup and last night was grilled pork loin (brown sugar, chili rub) and pumpkin gnochi. YUM!

    Gotta run. Have a great day all!
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    I am felling so excited and great this morning! After being so down and out of it yesterday (5! inactivity alerts on my monitor!) I ended up taking the pup out for 'just a nice walk' since it was still warm out. Once we got out though I realized it was lovely out and we just kept going and mixed in a bit of running. I went out on the trail and we ended up going 5 miles! My DH was a bit upset that we were gone so long but I really think he was juts hungry :laugh: I whipped up some breakfast for dinner of eggs with ham in tortillas that was pretty tasty. This morning I got up early again and went out for a 4 mile run before my first meeting! I really feel great and am so happy I was able to do Tues run, Wed run/walk and Thurs run with no foot issues! I am actually optimistic now about being able to finish the half in October!! Tonight - strength training!

    Chloe - hang in there! You will get there and focusing on what you know works for you is the best way to go. I will take you off the Star Challenge but let me know if you want back in at any point.

    Better - I can't imagine doing side planks being pregnant! wow - you go girl! Your dinner sounds wonderful... I am totally not an inspired cook and I am pretty sure my DH wouldn't eat pumpkin gnochi but it sounds delicious to me! Pretty sure I just need someone to come cook for me :bigsmile:

    Have a great day everyone!
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    I forgot about this thing:

    Monday - Check In (how are you doing? Had any successes or struggles this week-end?)

    Tuesday - Goals (do you have any goals you want to share with us?)

    Wednesday - Wishes (what do you wish? It can be weight related or not, can be realistic or not)

    Thursday - Truth (got anything you need to ‘fess up to or get off your chest?)

    Friday - Fitness (what are you doing to get fit? How are you preparing for weekend eating?)

    Saturday - Success (what have you accomplished; focus on the positive of the week, NSV=non scale victories)

    Sunday - Sharing (tell us a little about yourself....update your personal life)

    Any truths you all want to share?
    Truth: The dr. scale weighed me 3.5 pounds higher than my home scale today. F the dr. scale. :tongue:
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    Ashley - I was thinking about that this morning too! I saw the doctor on Monday and mine was almost 4 pounds higher than at home so I feel the same as you! What's up with the doctors' scales? I actually had one of the techs in the office tell me once that the scales get out of balance pretty quickly and have to be re-calibrated and they don't do that very often! That is my excuse anyway!

    My truth - other than above is that my glutes hurt so bad still it hurts to sit - so why am I sitting so long I get inactivity alerts? Because it hurts more to get up!
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    I figure I had also eaten breakfast, drank 2 cups of coffe, 24 ounces of water, and was wearing clothes and shoes. Although my nurse today did take off about a pounds for shoes and clothes. But at home I weigh first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, in my undies. But thanks Shanaber for the extra evidence that dr scales are bunk! :happy:

    This day is dragging.............
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    Truth Thursday - I actually did not eat that much at Feastival. :)

    I bet the soup course had the most calories b/c it was cream-based.

    I slept well because I did not overindulge.

    SMRT, eh?
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    Amy - I definitely want to see pics. Sorry about your dizziness. One of the worst feelings in the world.

    Chloe - I also loath the word "clean" when coupled with eating, but the reality is when I do eat that way, I look and feel SO much better. I also do better when I do a modified South Beach Diet... even though I also hate the word diet.

    Better - I did planks today at the gym and man... it's getting to the point where I won't be doing those much anymore. My belly is starting to touch the ground :laugh: Pumpkin gnocchi sounds bomb! I'm going to make some pumpkin pancakes this weekend.

    Shanaber - Your enthusiasm is seriously making me want to go work out more! So excited for you that you're getting your running game back! Congrats! :drinker: Hope things have cooled down for you a bit today.

    Beeps - Hi!

    That's all I can see/remember.

    My week is going pretty good. I've managed to get three workouts in, and plan on swimming tomorrow and walking on Sunday. I've got a lot of painting to do this weekend, so I'm sure between that and football (Go Hawks) I'll keep plenty busy.

    My Thursday truth is I haven't weighed myself (or looked at the number on the Dr's scale) for almost 10 weeks... and it makes me really happy!
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    send that recipe for chicken zucchini peanut soup! I got some zucchinis. I think I will shred and freeze them soon or they won't be any good...

    I had to weigh in for a nurse who came to my house (for insurance). I was 3 lbs heavier with just my clothes (than my bathroom scale just moments before).

    I should work on eating more vegetables. I have been bringing in frozen meals for lunch all week and it wouldn't take much effort to do better!

    Truth? hmm... I haven't worked out this week:blushing:

    I am going to the gym tonight, though!

    Shan, I don't have a PC, I have a mac, and I cannot figure out how to get my pics off of it! I plug the camera in, "export" the ones I want, it prompts me to do this. But then when I go to upload one to tonypic, I cannot find it! it's so annoying! I can copy the image to my desktop and find it there, but usually when I am at home I forget all about it...
    The mac was a generous gift (5 years ago) but I think I will get a laptop/PC when I replace it...
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    Woo hoo! New thread! I have a brand new nephew! He's absolutely adorable! His name is Noah :) I got to see him yesterday and I'll get to today too since Fridays are half days for me!!

    I've been having a hard time losing anything! I'm getting very frustrated.. I might try that garcinia cambogia stuff that I see. I don't want to lose much, but I have this pesky 5-8 lbs that just wont budge at all!!! It's getting me really down! I'm trying to eat better, but I'm sabotaging myself because I'll be down that I haven't lost anything and figure "might as well"... really a bad pattern! I'm trying very hard to break it though, and I need to be at my best in 2 months, finally set the dates for the photo shoot! At least I have a point to focus on!

    Fitness Friday - I started having "days" at the gym.. leg day, chest & back day, arms & abs day... So far I have felt more sore than I have when I do a little of everything... so I'll try it for a few weeks and see if I can make any difference!

    Amy - I had the same thing happen at the dr, I was 3lbs lighter at home!!

    Ram - Yum! you make me want pumpkin pancakes!! How many weeks are you now?? You sound like you're doing great!

    Beeps - Awesome for not going crazy at the festival! Always feel good when you know you didn't over indulge!

    Better - You sound like you're doing great working out during your pregnancy too! I love the picture if I haven't said that before!!

    Shan - I'm glad there might be a reason for the big swing from the dr scale!!

    That's all I can see for now! I'm going to try to be good this weekend... hopefully I can manage that!!
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    Fitness Friday: I ran Monday, class Tuesday, walked a bunch Wednesday, and walked some last night. I will walk more this weekend as usual and also hope to lift and/or do some yoga too.

    I think I can remember the soup recipe from memory:

    Cut 1lb of chicken into cubes and toss in 1T hot sauce. Saute chicken, 1 cup diced onion, and 2 zucchinis sliced and quartered in a couple T of butter. (The recipe came from Bon Apetit magazine so I think it called for 5T of butter, but I think 2-3T works). Add 1T flour and cook for a minute. Whisk 1/3c-1/2c penaut butter (depending on how peanut buttery you like it) to 4 cups chicken broth. Add broth/PB mix, 1T tomato paste, and 1 cup drained diced tomatoes to pot. I can't remember if it calls for half and half, but I don't remember adding any milk this last time I made it. I also like to add a little apple cider vinegar (maybe 1/4 cup) at the end and I usually thicken it with a little water/flour mixture, then boil till it thickens. I top each bowl with fresh lime juice and chopped peanuts.

    I guess I better get productive and do some work. We don't have much planned this weekend potentially. A friend who is sort of an on again off again friend just got dumped so wants to come over and drink since she doesn't have her son (single Mom). She's not supposed to come over till like 9:00 so I am less than thrilled by the possibility of those plans since I can't drink and I like to go to bed at 10:30. I'm hoping she'll flake which is highly likely. Tomorrow we may get together with some other friends for takeout at our house and probably have a fire and roast marshmallows with the kids. Church on Sunday; we haven't been in months. Have a great weekend ladies!
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    Wow, new thread! Thanks for rolling us over Beeps, enjoy your "feastival" I will be having one of my own this whole weekend. I am going to my annual "ladies' weekend" up at my parents' cottage on the lake. My sister is flying up from Tucson today to join us yay all the sisters together! Also there are three other friends and some moms that join us as well. I am so excited, but there will be lots of drinking in eating, however we do plan to do a long run while up there. :

    Shanaber - yes, I am training for a run. I have a 5K on Oct 4th and then an 11-mile mountain/trail race on Nov. 8th- yikes!

    ramalem - glad your week is going well & yes, continue to ignore that scale!

    amy - hope you made it to the gym last night

    shander - congrats on the new nephew, I have one named Noah as well, really like that name

    better - that sounds like a great recipe, thanks for sharing

    I never logged in yesterday so missed Thursday's confession time, but here it is. I spent the day at a local fair yesterday & filled up on fair food which I love. I started the day with fried dough, mid-day was apple crisp with vanilla ice cream & I had a big thing of french fries in the afternoon. I did not feel so great last night, but I sure did enjoy it. :) It's only once a year so I usually throw down. Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Abi- Have fun on your girls weekend! Mike is going to Florida for a wedding this weekend so I am having a girls get together at my house tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to it!

    Ashley- you are doing great with keeping up with workouts during this pregnancy!

    I HATE all scales lately!

    I am going to meal plan like crazy this weekend and I will have no junk food (crackers my weakness) come Monday, trash goes out Sunday night, so any leftovers from girls night will go out. I'm not feeling super motivated in the working out department. But, I am motivated to "clean" up my diet. Any workout ideas that I could do at home that only take 30 min? All the equipment I have is dumbells up to 25 lbs and a treadmill. I am in a total slump!
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    Any workout ideas that I could do at home that only take 30 min? All the equipment I have is dumbells up to 25 lbs and a treadmill. I am in a total slump!

    I like the interval training to get something done quick with no equipment. I posted one I do often on the last thread.

    I have used workouts from these websites too in the past for interval training:



    I like HIIT for quick workouts for a good burn, but a real total body workout. It's cardio, but I'm always sore after I do HIIT. Good luck!
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    Happy Friday!

    Fitness Friday: I've swam twice this week, did yoga one day and then incline walking/stair climber yesterday. I am planning a long walk on Sunday too!

    Shander - I'm 31 weeks... so close, yet so far away!

    Better - Way to kill it with those workouts!

    Abi - Have an awesome girls weekend! They are really the best.

    Chloe - The only thing I've successfully been able to do at home is Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.... but I know people have mixed feelings on her.
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    Aloha Friday!

    Wow, I was only gone for 2 days ladies...fast movers :)

    I took two days off to get chores done and relax a bit. I did more relaxing than chores though LOL. I did go to my Wednesday run even though I thought about backing out b/c it was crazy hot! But it cooled down by 5:30 and it was nice out....the run, not so much. We ran up into a valley and for some reason I felt so weak and by mile 3 (ish) I as huffing and puffing so hard the coach turned us around. Came in short (again) on time...I was supposed to do my speed work yesterday but I was just so tired again...and I had cramps. I am starting to run out of time on all fronts for both events. I need to start digging deep.

    So today I set my alarm for a morning run and it didn't happen...I just don't feel well in the morning...It takes me so long to wake up, lose the brain fog, be able to move/function...I would have to get up 30 min early just to be awake enough to have a decent work-out. I didn't have my shakes this week either...*sigh* Scale is holding steady though...12 lbs over my goal...

    As of this moment I am sitting at 7,040 calories in and 1,200 exercise....that is 5K calories left for today and the weekend. No cheating this weekend :( I have a long hard run at 0600 Saturday morning and then it is flying for the rest of the time. I am going to pick up a good gourmet sandwich and cut it up and snack on that hopefully for the whole flight (HNL-Chicago). I am really going to try not to snack out of boredom...no buying candy for the flight!

    I am thinking I wont track next week...but we will see on what the food situation looks like at the conference. There is ample running space but I just need to make it a priority. Speaking of priorities...I submitted my package again for the FY Marine Corp SNCO academy...I need to make strength a priority so I don't look the wussy AF girl part.
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    I like HIIT for quick workouts for a good burn, but a real total body workout. It's cardio, but I'm always sore after I do HIIT. Good luck!

    I know it's totally irrational but I thought the way bodyrock.tv treated zuzka was terrible so I don't watch!

    I am going to make that soup, it sounds great! My in-laws are famous for their love of butter and bacon. One baked french toast dish contained 3 sticks of butter. yowzers...

    Fitness Friday: I did workout last night. I lifted 5x5 style and then hit the treadmill for 30 mins, alternating between 4.5mph and 6mph. I am trying to get up to 30 mins at 6 mph but it's taking time. Last night I did not slow down below 4.5 which is good for me!

    We did beer and chinese takeout for dinner, though.

    Riotfest tonight and the next three days, wish me luck!
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    I had a super busy day at work today with my head down on the computer all day. The good thing is it was an off day for me from running and working out and I really needed it, I was so exhausted last night. Now I am just mentally worn out.
    Fitness Friday - well today was nothing, but I ran back to back days and that was pretty awesome! I also completed tough workouts at the gym with the trainer that left me shaky, sore and wiped. Tomorrow I am running long - going for 8 miles! Hopefully the scale will reflect all of this work soon! Also I am finally getting my macros back in line and my calories have been well under with a good deficit.
    Beeps - hope you had fun at 'feastival'! How is your lifting going?
    Ram - it has cooled down and I really do love how running and working out make me feel - I guess there is something to those endorphins :happy: 31 weeks - not too long now! Enjoy being pregnant - I know I loved it!
    Ashley - I seriously need to come live at your house or you can come cook for me :) I may try the soup and not tell my DH what is in it...ha!
    Amy - I don't know anything about Macs so I can't help you there. My daughter is really good with it though and I will check with her. I can't workout like that on a treadmill and impressed that you can get that type of workout in - great job!!
    Abi - Not having any sisters I am a little jealous of your girls weekend but I do get out with my friends for a running or wine tasting weekend once in a while. When we go for the half marathon in October we will be doing both :drinker: Have a great time!
    Chloe - you can do this! Have fun with your friends and eat 'healthyish' - you will feel better and they should too! What activity do you really love doing if you could do anything - had the time, equipment, space, etc.?
    Chel - it is so hard to run when you don't feel well/right! Have a great trip. Maybe take some fruit like grapes or trail mix to snack on instead of candy?
    Shander - Congratulations on your nephew! I also love the name Noah! Also meant to tell you that I saw your sister on Wheel! She is so cute!

    I am still hoping to get my hair cut tomorrow evening but the salon has not called me back - next appointment isn't until the end of October :( I am having brunch with friends tomorrow at a local pancake house - I am planning to have eggs :) Sunday night I am going to a concert in LA with a friend - really looking forward to it!
    Have an awesome weekend everyone!
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    Today is 1000 day streak of checking in here at mfp, for me. BOOM!