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    Ashley & Amy - what did you start at for the weights on 5x5? Should I start with just the bar or more? Let me know :)

    Amy - What kind of supplement is it? What is it supposed to do?
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    Shan, I would start with as heavy as you can lift. For some exercises, that could be the bar (45lbs). For me, my lower body is relatively strong, so I started out squatting around 100 I think. (I used to be able to squat a bit more than my weight by the end). I could bench 85 at one point, but started around 50-60 maybe? Deadlifts were usually around 100-135 towards the end. The goal is to lift as much as you can since you're only doing 5 reps and then resting. I would start with the bar and if it's easy, add a 5 or 10 pound plate to each side till you see where you are fatigued by the end of 5 reps, but still maintaining proper form. Have your fiance spot you till you're comfortable just in case. :)

    Surfingbodi - This group is not private....yet. :) A handful of us have been communicating pretty regularly for about 3-4 years or so now and we're considering transitioning to a private group next month and the Not That Heavy Girls will continue on. Right now we have almost 10,000 members that can pop in at any time, and we were thinking of creating a more exclusive group of those of us that have been around for all these years.

    I'll put an invite out to everyone next week and set up the group. Shanaber, I think I can set up more than one administrator, so I'll make you one too. Amy, do you want to be one as well? I think you're the one that started this whole group anyways! No biggie, but it may be good to have more than one administrator.

    No workout for me yesterday. I scrounged and was able to prepare a relatively healthy dinner but then made no bake cookies. I only ate two, but have about 30 more in my fridge. :noway: I'm hoping we have time for some stroller run/walking tomorrow, but between music class and the cable guy coming, we may not. I will probably end up lifting or treadmilling during nap time and maybe get a lunch workout in Thursday.
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    I can't wait to get back into lifting! I think I'm going to go back to strong lifts when I can, I really liked that program, and it was really awesome to see your progression (not to mention kinda feeling like a bad *kitten*!) I will however be starting with the bar across the board I think, but hey you gotta start somewhere, right?

    Better - way to go on the healthy dinner. I made one too, but of course gorged on ice cream per usual ha ha.

    Headed to yoga tonight, which will likely be my only exercise for the week. :\ Almost hump day!
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    21-day "clutch" is an awesome title...i will investigate if i can print it off.

    I can tell i am getting bored because i am looking for that "shot in the arm". If i can print it, and it is free weights (not machines), and it is full body, i will give it a try!

    Got my lifting in-and-done today....and then did 150 minutes of outdoor fast-walking. Sooooo, that is it for the uber-workouts this week.

    Back to the job hunt tomorrow.....although i am still going to lift wed + fri, for sure.
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    TruVision is a sort of energy support and appetite suppressant, I think. Will let you know what I think.
    With 5x5 I was still only lifting the 45 lb bar last night! Pretty sad. I could probably squat more but my back felt a little tweaked during the warm up, so I didn't. Even before, I think I got to where I could bench 60 and squat 80.
    For Clutch, Beeps, I could send it to you, if you have problems printing it.
    IT has a cable machine exercise but otherwise is free weight. A lot of bodyweight stuff though. Also, it seems like there a some questionable science there-for one, she has a ton of stretching before each workout, and I heard we shouldn't do static stretching on "cold muscle" but here it says that stretching improves strength because it improves range of motion.
    Also, she wants you to work out in full sweats to "speed up metabolism and rid the body of toxins" :p
    I will plan to do my plyo running tonight, even if I do look silly skipping and grapevining around the lake...
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    Amy- I am confused by the clutch program....do you do strength and cardio everyday? Maybe I'm just not looking at it right.
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    Hi all - Looks like everyone is having a great week so far!
    I forgot I had to go in for testing today for my health insurance for work and that I had to fast :o I ran a quick 4 miles and then realized I couldn't eat (where's the 'grumpy' emoticon when you need it?). Got to the lab and my weight was up, my BP was high and I was starving - probably why my BP was so high. I can't wait for this weekend to be over and I can get back to my regular schedule and hopefully see the scale move in the right direction. Don't know what I was thinking signing up for 2 half marathons in one month - will never do that again!

    Ashley - sounds good on the new thread. I am hoping we can bookmark it somehow and not have to go through groups, etc. to find it. BTW - how did you get the old style emoticon in?

    Amy - I am going to look at the Clutch and the 5x5 too - but I think they would both require me to go into the gym every day and I don't think that will happen. Although if the Clutch has lots of bodyweight I could do that at home. I must not have any toxins left and my metabolism should be in overdrive if sweating were to do that - I am always dripping after I run! There is a lot of controversy on stretching and when to do it. Both the orthopedist and the sports chiropractor told me ideally the best time to stretch is after you are a bit warmed up as well as after a workout. However, gentle stretching at any time is still ok. So I stretch before I run, more after I run and sometimes in the middle if my legs are tight.
    Oh - I saw a girl doing plyo-running on the trail where I run... It did look a little goofy B) but she seemed to be having lots of fun with it!
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    It is HUMP DAY!

    So the week is going, yesterday was craptastic day...I didn't even get lunch. When I got home I had dinner and sat my butt on the couch and watched TV (which I never do!).

    Today is going better but holy cow allergies! I upped my calories again to 1620 b/c quite frankly I was miserable all the time on 1520. Jumped on the scale this morning and was happy to see my 3lb weekend bloat is gone quickly. Not sure about my goals for the week...I know I will meet the running one...and I really should meet the yoga one if I want to be able to walk by next Monday :smile: I will meet my post run shake goal, and smoothie...I might be off by one.

    Well, I guess nothing else interesting is going on since I have had my blinders on and my nose in work.
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    Hey All - I just saw the notification that Chel had posted to the thread and was able to jump directly here from the notification! They must have fixed something!!!!
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    Oh Canada!

    I have been glued to the news. I spent 90 mins lifting in the gym, while listening to newsradio.

    To my Canadian mfp pals - we do live in a great country.
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    Yes Beeps you do - even from a nonCanadian! We were watching all day too. I was saddened by the news but glad that it wasn't worse! What a terrible time for all of us!
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    Hey all. I had a pretty productive day off yesterday. I was stuck at home all day with the exception of music class in the morning because we had new cable installed. I made the most of it and got on the treadmill for almost 40 minutes. I did four five minute intervals of running and felt it. My feet and back hurt last night and my inner thigh is a little sore still today. Not like muscle soreness either. :noway: (BTW, if you type a : and then a "noway" or "drinker" or other old smiley emotions followed by another : , you get the old smilies. I can't remember them all though....) So yeah, I may shorten my running intervals to more like 3 minutes. I'm just going to play it by ear because it did feel good to get a nice sweat in. And the mill was not horrible. And with the new cable, I have way more channels in my gym. :sunglasses: I also got my usual cleaning done and had Eric stop for broccoli so I could make beef with broccoli. I love the recipe I found on Pinterest. It's flank steak that marinates in soy sauce, baking soda, a little oil, water, and corn starch. I don't know what tenderizes it, but it's yummy. The sauce is soy based, but I reduce it significantly from what it calls for. I have nothing to make for dinner tonight.

    House is coming along. I'm ready for it to be over! Not from an inconvenience standpoint, but from a security one. I just got a call from my alarm company saying it went off. I'm 90% sure it's the drywall guys. My GC is supposed to let everyone in each morning, but yesterday the boss of the drywall guys let them in while I was out with alarm unset (hate that!) but I guess he did today too but they weren't supposed to be there till later. That should teach them....loud @ss alarm blaring when they came in.....

    I saw that about Canada Beeps. It is strange to hear things like that happening in Canada. Seems like you guys are pretty peaceful up there.

    Shanaber, 2 minis in one month?! Wow! Good for you!

    Chel, hope you feel better.

    Amy, good luck with the cluth program.

    Ram, I agree, I felt like a bad@ss too throwing all that weight around. :wink:

    Hi Chloe and everyone else! Where have Ris and Kelly been? And what ever happened to Jen? I see she logs on sporadically. Miss those girls.

    I packed a bag to lift at lunch today so I'm going to try to do 20-30 minutes. We didn't have much planned this weekend, but now a friend from out of town is staying with us Friday night and I have to go to the fabric store Saturday and make costumes for our party that night. Daphne is going to be a princess and I a pregnant cheerleader. Eric is going as ebola. :smile: Sunday we have Eric's family birthday party. Better run and get work done. Boo.
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    Thanks! Yesterday was odd.

    No lifting today. Getting flu shots for the whole family and spending a hooky day with my oldest son this afternoon.
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    OMG! What has happened to the threads??? Sorry y'all. LIFE GOT CRAZY! Started with family in town, daughter in hospital (she's okay, follow procedure in Nov.), and I crazy work happenings.

    I am restarting CLX on Saturday and starting LP cut on Monday (maybe Sunday).

    Ashley- You must post pics of a your HBalloween costume! That is too funny!

    Beeps- I don't know what is happening in this country so I am CLUELESS about Canada. Great job lifting.

    Okay, not enough time to catch up but I will start posting regularly again..and if the group goes private, don't forget me!
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    Wow, lots to comment on, but the question about clutch, it is alternating days of cardio and strength training, with two rest days like so:
    Day 1: Lift
    Day 2: Cardio
    Day 3: Rest
    Day 4: Lift
    Day 5: Cardio
    Day 6: Lift
    Day 7: Rest

    But the cardio days are like, stretching, HIIT then Core.
    Strength days the first week are this:

    So you can do a lot of it at home and the strength isn't heavy and obviously has some cardio in between to burn calories.

    Can you explain shanaber what it means to be able to find the threat using a notification?
    Ashley, I love the old smileys you remember! and I will have to check your pins for the beef with broccoli, maybe you could send it to me.
    My husband made an asian dish last night that was pretty tasty, a pork with noodles dish. The noodles got a little overdone but I would have it again.
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    One day till Friday!

    Better: congrats on the 'mill work
    So yesterday was better :smile: I was able to get a few things done at work and work out some issues. Calories were spot on, even if I did indulge a bit in sugar. I had running last night and that went ok from a fitness stand point, but I tried to pick up the pace a bit and thought I was flying...like a 9 min mile flying...only to see my splits at the end were actually at a 10:32 min mile ...and I was bushed at the end. My PT test is tomorrow and I will need to maintain a 9 min mile for 1.5 miles to make my goal...oh well, I guess it is my fault I didn't train for that...but I had myself convinced that my endurance training was good enough. I also got my new race fuel in and it was not what I expected...these giant horse pills of dry powder. Everyone swears by them though...even though it seems it might take some ingenuity to swallow them ( you are supposed to chew them...huh)

    Today I had my shake for bfast...but got into the fruit snacks again. I have had a salad sitting in the fridge since Tuesday but meh...I got steak plate, figure I need to carb up for my weekend LOL.
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    amysj303 wrote: »
    Can you explain shanaber what it means to be able to find the threat using a notification?

    Amy - on the message board line (top of the page to the right) you can select the star to make it a 'favorite'. Then when you select the bell in the same area it will show you notifications of who has posted an update. So this is what I see when I select it..

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    They are links so you can select them and jump to the thread. :smile:
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    I stole this from another thread. Old smilies! Just put a colon on either side of the word.

    laugh :laugh:
    bigsmile :bigsmile:
    grumble :grumble:
    sad :sad:
    flowerforyou :flowerforyou:
    noway :noway:
    ohwell :ohwell:
    tongue :tongue:
    drinker :drinker:


    Here is the link to the beef with broccoli. I use maybe 1-2T of soy sauce in the sauce (not the marinade; I follow that mostly but cut the oil in half) and add a bit of rice wine vinegar and water to make the consistency right. You could sub coconut aminos. I have not tried that, but I know a lot people sub for soy sauce.

    I weighed in this morning and shockingly only gained 1.5 pounds. I really was expecting like 2-3 since I lost last week. I'll take it! I'm a little sore today from lifting yesterday and it feels good. My eating has been decent this week considering my lack of food. Although I made friend green tomatoes last night....like dipped in egg and cornmeal and fried in vegetable oil....and I ate over a whole tomatoes worth. Mmmmm....

    Better get some work done. Have a great weekend all!
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    my pants are tight today :grumble:
    thanks for old smilies, Ashley, and the recipe. My husband likes beef with broccoli and I am getting to where I can eat broccoli if I make it smaller pieces.
    Have a good weekend everyone!
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    Ashley - having the old smileys is awesome! Thanks!! :flowersforyou: and I am going to try the beef with broccoli next week. It is one of my husbands favorites too. I love broccoli but not the beef so much. Amy - you and I could share a plate!
    I am making a Tuscan style chicken with potatoes tonight. I am off in the morning for the half on Sunday and then going to a concert with a friend Sunday night - not great planning to have to stand for 3 hours after running in the morning but it should be fun!
    Have a great weekend everyone!