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    Aloha Friday Ladies!

    Better: Thanks for the smilies :smile:

    So yesterday I went over on calories. I would have been fine, but hubby made this awesome dinner and well...I indulged LOL. I think my calories came in around 2K but it was nice that I didn't wake up first in the in the morning starving. I was lazy the rest of the evening since I went halvsies on the NHL subscription and indulged in my fav sport with all my toothless lovelies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Got up early this morning for my PT test...made it to the site with 30 min to spare so I went for a jog. Felt pretty good. Their scale weighed me in right at 145 w/ t-shirt and shorts on. Not sure what I weighed last year. I ended up making my 33 push-up goal (12 less than last year), I did 43 sit-ups (2 less than last year) and my run was a pitiful 13:58 (58 seconds slower). But considering how I really didn't train to hard for this one, I am happy that I got my over 90. My quads are starting to feel sore, not good for Sunday. So I am treating myself to McD's for breakfast :blush:

    Going to rest up for Sunday...need to pick up my race packet tomorrow. Glad it is over though, b/c THIS year I am going to get down to my weight (again) and maybe do better on my PT test LOL
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    Oooohhhhhh, the clutch looks excellent! I just don't want that much cardio right now.....if i don't do cardio, then i am less hungry and overall i eat less and scale drops.
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    My cardio is done! My period arrived. So, i am permitting an "eat what you want" day. I will return to calorie-deficit tomorrow....and for the remainder of the month.
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    Finished my 2nd half marathon - went out too fast and died at the end and the hills were killer. Probably won't run it ever again but it was fun drinking beer and wine with everyone afterwards (yes at 10 am!). My nephew had an awesome race - under 2 hours for him and he worked all night too!
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    Congratulations, Shanaber! That is awesome!

    Beeps- I want to up my cardio. And my weights. I want to be fit again, like RIGHT NOW!!!!

    I was sick in bed all weekend so my food is not prepped. I started to feel better yesterday afternoon so i did make it to the store and hope to cook some chicken for the week tonight. I slept amazing last night. I worked out this morning. I want to do cardio tonight. I think even losing 5 pounds will feel amazing right now. Can I still call it fluff when it has been around for 6 months??? Oh, I decided NOT to do LP until after the holidays. I will just end up failing and I want to give it 100%.

    2 week challenge
    1. Do all 3 of the CLX strength DVDs each week
    2. 2 hours of cardio per week
    3. Yoga 1x week
    4. LOG MY FOOD
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    Hey ladies. Great job on your PT test Chel and great job for finishing your half Shan! I hate when I give too much early in a race and peter out. And there is nothing wrong with drinking at 10am after running 13 miles! Beeps, I think it is a good idea to let yourself have a free day every now and again. Hi Kelly! Glad you're feeling better and hope you meet your goals! Hi everyone else!

    My weekend was fun but included a bit too much food and not enough activity. It started with eating too much dinner Friday night and just sort of continued into brunch, then into snacking at the party Saturday night, and then eating too much at Eric's birthday party last night.... I feel like I never felt hungry all weekend. Also, I really was missing running by myself at a reasonable pace for a reasonable length of time not pregnant or pushing a stroller this weekend. It seemed everyone was out running in the amazing fall weather, and I just really miss it. Like running giving it my all. I know soon enough I'll be back at it, but just missed it. I thought I may try to do some intervals sans stroller yesterday or at least a quick stroller walk, but just ran out of time. I did get food prep done (Mexican lasagna ready for the oven, Eric's lunch made, and appetizer made for the party last night) and was also able to sit in the sun and read for about an hour. All in all a good weekend.

    I've got a gym bag packed to lift at lunch. We're going to a jack-o-lantern spectacular so will be walking some tonight too. Then class tomrorow and off Wednesday so some type of activity will occur. My other goals are just to eat reasonably, which should be attainable since I've meal planned.

    Have a great week ladies!

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    yeah, Shanaber, I saw where someone subbed asparagus for broccoli and I could do that! you're too far away to share a plate:)
    I think a spike day is good, Beeps, enjoy! I was trying to take a break and saw Stroutman (remember Steve Troutman and his resources for lean women trying to get leaner?) well, I must have liked his facebook page and it was saying that you really need to take a break for logging and dieting and basically just eat when you're hungry and eat until you are full and not gorge or binge night and day, stick to meal times, just pay attention and all, so I am trying to do that for the next week before the clutch.
    I had my 10-year reunion festivities so there was a lot of drinking and some treats but I enjoyed it! whew.
    One more week, I will get in a little pasta and beer :p
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    GOLD star to finish my october star challenge....

    I don't like cardio because it makes me hangry, but i sure like how relaxed i am when i do more cardio.

    Today was weights. Heavy. Done.
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    Good Morning!

    Wow, I really don't want to be at work today....but LOTS to do!...and I don't wanna (mini tantrum there) LOL

    The weekend was good. Saturday was a lazy day around the house for a bit until we got a call from the land lady that she would be over at 2:30 with the insurance guys to look at where the roof leaked and the ceiling got soaked. So then it was mad cleaning while hubby surprised me with picking up my race packet for me :smiley: He sure does know how to make me smile LOL. Land lady came by and I think I finally figured her out...she is C.H.E.A.P! She had a on a t-shirt that looked like it was 20 yrs old and had been patched and repatched...her pants were the same way. If you saw them (the couple) you would think they were homeless...but then she was talking about how they feed ~200 stray cats....and they have an office in town. I wouldn't be surprised if they are millionaires LOL. I told her how the house was old and out of date...and she looked miffed and said "everything works!"...yeah lady, it does, but there comes a point when you are charging that much rent in a nice house, you don't have a 30 yr old toilet in the master bath! Or screen doors that fall off the frame when you open them (her response was "the screen is fine, you just have to open them carefully"....sniff. Hubby and went to PF Changs for dinner for my "lucky dinner" LOL.

    Sunday's race was good...came in at 3:44:15 (12 seconds slower than coach's plan)....I am proud of that even though it was dumb luck LOL. The course was nice...there was a big hill at the start and finish. I felt great up to about mile 15...at 16 I was grump (just starting hill) at 16.5 I was in pain....at 17 I wanted to cry...at 18 I was done ...and then I saw the finish line and I was literally running from bush to bush along the road...about 10 ft apart LOL. I grabbed a banana, refilled my water and walked very very (did I mention very) slowly to my car...came home, took a bath...and slept till hubby brought me food...I ate...and then I slept....then I ate...watched TV...and slept LOL I was in pain...not injury pain, just overuse pain. I have a long way to go on strength ...need to start lifting and beef up my hip flexors.

    So here it is Monday. I feel the stress meter flying up with work issues, I went home at 9 am to meet the roofer (who didn't show), there was no parking anywhere near my office, today is my moms b-day and I don't know when I will get a chance to call her, I have a big report due on Thursday, another speaking engagement on Thursday, a pizza party we are hosting on Friday....oh and coach on Monday and Thursday....and hubby found out he needs surgery today to remove a 3.7cm kidney stone! Oh, and we are going to move and need to find a place to live...

    I have no right to complain, my husband are truly blessed with our lives...and I know I can do it....so quit complaining girlfriend...and don't eat either LOL
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    I am taking a break this week - recovering so I can start November strong! I am still logging but only because it is a habit that I can't seem to stop. I will run 2-3 times easy and go lift with my trainer twice. I am super stiff and sore today but stretching frequently is helping.

    I did decide I am going to challenge myself to run everyday in November - at least a mile or 2 every day.

    I had my lab tests for our insurance discount at work and the came back with my BMI being borderline obese! I know it is not a good measure but it still makes me crazy. I am only 10 pounds off my goal weight and only 5 off where my doctor thought I should be.

    Chel - Great job on your race! I don't believe it was dumb luck at all! Hope your husband's surgery goes well - OUCH!

    Amy - I love asparagus too, probably more than broccoli and I think it would be really good as a sub in beef w/broccoli. I was following STroutman's posts on MFP for a while and really liked his advice. I should take a look at his FB site too. Glad you had fun at your reunion!

    Kelly - So glad you are feeling better! I was thinking about doing a yoga video - are there any good ones or is it better to find an actual class?

    Ashley - It is so hard not being able to run! I would be going crazy. I know how it felt when I was injured, but feeling as good as you do and not being able to would be especially difficult!

    Beeps - Great getting Gold! I think you and I are the only ones still tracking it. I was also Gold this week, even with the beer yesterday. I did have a couple of really low days and that helped.
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    Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so MIA! We had Jack's 1st bday party Sunday and it was alot of work! My body hurts from lugging chairs and tables around all weekend. It was a great time, but I am happy its over!

    This week I am going to just refocus. I started couch to 5K this morning on the treadmill to get me back into running a few days a week. I think I am going to alternate that and PiYo this week. And try to come up with a plan for next month. I really like the clutch program, but I just don't think I can devote 1 hour a day to working out.

    Nice job on all the races ladies!
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    Sorry for the late check-in, was away all day for a hiking field trip with my daughter's school yesterday. It was another Bronze star week for me. I did great on the weekdays & then went over on the weekend.

    better- weekends are always my downfall as well
    shan & chel - congrats on your races
    kc - glad you are feeling better
    amy - glad you enjoyed the reunion
    beeps - cardio also makes me hungry, that has been the tricky part of my getting into running, it makes me want carbs like crazy
    chloe - wow, can't believe it's been a whole yr since you had Jack, how time does fly

    I have a pretty busy week ahead of me, but I did a ballet class & hiked yesterday & plan to trail run tomorrow, two more dance classes Thursday & Friday night. I still need to find some time to squeeze in some weights. We will see how that goes. Have a great week everyone!
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    Hey ladies. I sent you invites to the new group. I had a minute so went ahead and set it up. We can wait till November to start posting there, or start now or whatever. I invited everyone who has posted regularly in the last month.

    I'm nice and sore from lifting yesterday. I miss the heavier weights, but lifting lighter has allowed me to work some on my form. My deadlifts seem to be easier and better. I always struggled with them.

    I did eat about a hundred handfuls of kettle corn at the pumpkin extravaganza last night. Then some candy. Oops.

    I'm off tomorrow. Have a great day!
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    Morning ladies!

    Better: I love kettle corn! A friend buys one of those big bags at the farmers market on the weekend and then brings it in...nom nom nom :smile:

    Wow, I am in entitlement city yesterday and today LOL...but I am HUNGRY! But must remember that just because I am starving and need to replenish stores, does not mean I can replenish them with fruit snacks...mmmm.

    Feeling pretty good today (other than hungry). Most of the soreness is gone except for the areas that are really weak (hip flexors) and I have 2 toes that feel hot so anyone want to start a bet on how many toenails I will have by Nov LOL. I just walked last night for 40 min and it felt really good. We are doing intervals on Wednesday though.

    Food today has been a mix of left overs from PF Changs and tea sandwiches from a luncheon yesterday...don't think I will track today...busy busy at work and have an appt with the housing office to move into base housing...
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    Hello! I did not get in my extra cardio yesterday but I did some this am. I woke up 3:30. By 4:45 I said whatever and got up to start my day! I did the elliptical with 3 pound weights.

    Chel- Great job on your race! Mmm...PF Changs. My hubby doesn't like Chinese so we never go there.

    Ashley- I was pregnant over the holidays...it's rough...but yummy!

    Abigail- I hope you enjoyed the field trip. I am going with my daughter's class on Thursday and then with my Kinders on Friday. It is going to be exhausting!!!

    Beeps- Great job on your Gold...even though you had your period. That is impressive!
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    Just dropping in to say hi! Busy busy at work and trying to get my halloween costume in order! Hope you all are having great weeks!
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    Hi Ladies!

    Quick check-in:

    Shanaber - Great job on your races! I did two halfs within a month of each other a few years ago and vowed to never do it again ha ha.

    Chloe - I plan on doing couch to 5k after babe is born. Such a great program to ease back into things.

    Abi - I just don't know how you do it all. You always seem so busy!

    Better - thanks for creating the new group. I'm surprised to hear you say deads are easier now... I had to stop bc my center of gravity was so far off ha ha.

    Chel - fruit snacks are always a good idea :smiley:

    KC - good on you for getting up and going. I always struggle with that and end up feeling crappy that I just stayed in bed when I could have been doing something.

    Hi Shander! Hi Beeps! Hi Amy!

    Not much exciting going on in my world lately, just kinda sitting back and waiting for this baby to come. Still going to yoga, which has really been my saving grace, but that's about it aside from walking. A little over 3 weeks to go!
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    Chel - I have two tender toes too! one on each foot, but they were tender after the 1st half this month so I am hoping the nails are going to stay. I am also sore in my hip flexors and my calves let me know today on my recovery run that they were not happy! Also I am starving but so far have done ok - don't have any fruit snacks tempting me but if I did (or kettle corn) it would be all over!

    Abi - your schedule makes my head spin!

    Ashley - I didn't get an invite :sad:

    Hi Ram - I can remember how hard it was to wait... I just wanted that baby out :smiley:

    Hi Chloe, Hi Kelly, Hi Shander, Hi Beeps!

    I am off to do some lifting! Have a great evening everyone!
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    Guess i better see if there is an invite somewhere?
  • Beeps2011
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    Better_Balance - i can't see an invite anywhere?!

    I do want to keep posting with the "regulars"....so let me know how to do that!