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One of the problems with being a member in such a old, large group is that it's hard to know who is active and who isn't. Some people read posts, but never respond or post themselves. Others are new and are hesitant to post. Introduction threads propose to solve this problem, but they quickly become dated and people who posted in them fall away. In an effort to ameliorate this problem, this thread is for everyone who is active this month (January 2015) to check-in on. Let us know you're there. Let us know if you're new and looking for buddies. Let the new people know you're still here after having been around the block, they may want to request your friendship.

In short, just post a short little blurb about yourself. Who you are, how long you've been doing low-carb, how long you've been a member of this group (if you even remember), and what sort of low-carb you're doing or thinking of doing. Let's all get to know who is here and who isn't. Post in this thread at any time in January of 2015. Then we can let it die and sink to the bottom. I probably won't do something like this every month, but every 6 months or so is probably pretty decent to catch who is active and who isn't.

I'll start.

I am frob23. You can call me frob. Some people call me Goat. You're welcome to call me that too, most of my real life friends do. I've been doing low-carb (starting with primal and a carb goal of around 100g a day) for just over two years now. After almost a year of primal, I found keto and went very low carb (< 20g) and eventually transitioned into the insane fool I am today. Primal eating is a gateway drug! I've been doing keto for almost 15 months now. I joined this group a little over a year ago, when it was almost half this size.

I am here every single day, although I may not post that often. I accept pretty much any friend request sent, although I am a horrible friend because I don't log and, even if I did, I wouldn't recommend most people try and emulate my eating habits without fully understanding why I do what I do. Still, I will accept you and try to be encouraging and help, as best I can, regardless of which version of low carb is right for you.


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    I am Chris I have been doing LC this time around since Thanksgiving 2014. I am working on doing the Skaldeman plan. I believe this is a good sustainable WOE for me. I enjoy his recipes. It seems to be working for me. I started on Atkins but have moved over to Skaldeman. I do not remember the date. Mostly I just want to do the best I can.

    I joined this group in December. I have been a member of MFP since August but did not log for a couple of months. I did not even realize there was forums or communities before this.
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    I'm Tatiana. I have been doing LC this time around for 46 days. I'm basically doing Atkins--by the book, with all the rungs and everything! I joined this group when I first rejoined MFP back in August. But I wasn't very active. I'm a bit more active at the moment. I joined because, for me, the key to success is just reminding myself, every single day, that I am committed to this. And when you log in every stinkin' day, it helps to have a bit of fun to look foward too! I know, for example, that I've been doing this for 46 days because most of the time, I not only log my food, I write a blog post on my MFP blog. Why I joined the group--I don't know if I'm looking for support as much as I'm looking for company. I'd get bored otherwise!
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    My name is Lisa. I'm 25 from Colorado Springs. I have been doing keto since the 22nd, and it's going splendidly! :smile: I have been a member of the group since around that date and I look forward to getting to know some people. I used MFP a couple of years ago and lost about 35 lbs by just limiting calories and exercising but I couldn't stick to it. So far low carb has made all the difference for me and a lot of the problems I was having staying on track I have no issues with now. Anyone is welcome to add me and also feel free to message me. I don't have a ton of friends around here and no one to really talk to who can relate to this lifestyle.
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    P.S. I'm currently around 265 and have about 120 more lbs to lose. I'm 5'7-5'8.
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    Hi,I am Susan, 5th day on LC today. I try to keep my carbs under 20 g per day. Yesterday I had a possitive urine keto test for the first time,so I guess am doing things well. I am happy to be in this group,it gives me a lot of necessary information and motivation as well. Wish you all very successful year 2015! :)
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    Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm one month into LC, trying to stay under 20g/day or at least less than 25. So far, I've been successful. I lost weight with Atkins probably some 15 years ago but since the Internet has advanced so much, I'm finding it much easier these days. The variety of recipes out there is amazing so I don't feel I have to live on just Slim Jims and cheese. Much easier to sustain!

    I started this WOE again for three reasons. A horrible Cheez-Its addiction (I ain't kidding here!) and a dear friend of mine was being pressured to do weight loss surgery by a good friend of hers. That "good friend" was so mean in her tactics that it motivated me to show my friend that it is possible for her to lose weight another way (I'm not bashing WLS here, just explaining about my friend!). The third reason, of course is that I was TIRED of feeling tired and rundown. I had pain in my left leg that kept me up at night (for abt 2 yrs) and a horrible pain in my left shoulder (rotator cuff) that was severly limiting movement with that arm (for abt 1 yr). I'm thrilled to say, since losing just 15 lbs, the pain in my leg is gone and my shoulder feels so much better!

    I wish everyone much success this year!
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    I'm Jess. Or you can call me Bacon.
    I turned 36 today, Jan 1st. Ugh.
    I've been ketoing for 7mo. With exactly 2 cheats. And they are all done. I've lost 72lbs and have 30 to go. And they are being a bear to get rid of.

    At the end of May 2014, I ran into a progress pic online of a paleo/keto girl. My husband actually found it and sent it to me. So I found r/keto on Reddit, read up on it, joined a LC forum on another site. I had great success just counting carbs until about the 3rd month when I started to stall. So I joined MFP to log my calories as well.

    Low-carbing has been great for me. I have so much more energy, cravings disappeared, my ADD (induced by antidepressants-a big sarcastic 'thanks' to my dr...pfft) has improved greatly, my moderate Chronic Fatigue is much better as well, and this way of eating has been effortless for the most part. I really like eating like this way. After I ate my cheat meal last night, I was really wishing I ate a steak smothered in cheese and mushrooms and some creamy greens!!!

    Here's some advice: No matter what happens (scale stalls, life drama, the sky falling) take one day at a time (or even one meal at a time if you have to) and Keep Calm and Low-Carb On.
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    I'm Niccole, just starting out. Hello
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    Hello Fellow Low-Carbers!

    My name is Candice and I have struggled all my life with overeating and weight issues. I started Weight Watchers in November with great hopes of losing some of this weight, like I did in college with much success. After 1.5 months on Weight Watchers I only loss 4 pounds! I was stalled but I was following the program exactly as laid out. I began to think that maybe the problem was that my metabolism has slowed down a lot. I used to be able to lose weight very easily and now it is very difficult. So I began to research somethings...Low Carb and then Keto specifically. A friend of mine added me to a Low Carb group on Facebook and I was seeing how people were having amazing results from eliminating carbs from their diet. I said I would give it a try...desperate to find something to help me. I started Keto the day after Christmas! My initial goal was to stay under 25g of carbs, but in the past 6 days, there were days I was around 30g. I am ok with that, knowing that I was doing a lot better than previously. As of today, I have lost 7.6 lbs. That is 7.6 lbs in 6 days! I am loving this WOE! Since today is the first of the year, my goal is going to be to eat <20g of carbs a day. I am 5ft 9in and weigh 206 lbs. I want to get down to around 165 lbs.


    P.S. I am in need of some LC friends on MFP since I just joined 7 days ago!
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    Here's some advice: No matter what happens (scale stalls, life drama, the sky falling) take one day at a time (or even one meal at a time if you have to) and Keep Calm and Low-Carb On.

    I love this, Jess! I may have to print it out and post it on my bathroom mirror...lol

    Candice and NIccole and anyone else...feel free to friend me. I started Dec. 1st. I could use some LC friends :
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    I am starting tomorrow- without much support from the hubby- he says I will buy stuff and then not stick to the diet, and we will have unhealthy foods in the house. Well, Atkins has been the only diet that I stayed on for two years and was the lowest percent body fat of my life. He lost weight with me on the diet several years ago. I do find it difficult the first two days, then a little less difficult for the two weeks. I am looking for support in this diet.

    Anyone have meals somewhat planned out based on the 20g carbs/day yet? I am working on it but if anyone has stuff to share I am all for it!

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    I'm Abby, 36, working mom of a one year old son. I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy and am now looking to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year (with a sub goal of 37 by my 37th birthday in August) so I can have a healthy pregnancy the 2nd time around. I just weighed in at 200.4 (ugh - I haven't been over 200 in years), so my goal weight is 150.

    I've dabbled in LCHF for a while now and am ready to get serious - my mom has had great success with it and she and I have the exact same body! I like it because I really do find that it cuts down on my hardcore carb/sugar cravings. I'm using Atkins as my guide.

    Would love to be friends with anyone in a similar boat - we started a group for anyone doing Atkins Induction over the next couple of weeks. If anyone is interested, please feel free to message me and I can send you the link!
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    Hi Chris, Tatiana, Lisa, Susan, Jenny, Jess, Niccole, Candice, Dawlfin, and Abby.

    Dawlfin, don't worry about your husband. We can support you here. The best way to deal with doubters is to prove them wrong.

    This is a great place to be if you want to lose 15 pounds, 40 pounds, 120 pounds, or even more!
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    Hi, I'm Sonja. I just turned 40 in December. I'm married, and have a teenage daughter. I've been on MFP since June 2014, and I think I joined this group right after that, when I entered the Biggest Loser competition at my work (I won 1st place for the ladies, btw!).

    I know that LCHF works for me, as it has in the past. I've mostly followed the Atkins Induction Phase with <25 NET carbs per day. Somedays like yesterday, I eat more than that and still stay in ketosis. I find that exercise allows me to do that sometimes and still lose weight.

    I weighed 205 lbs in 2011, and lost 45 lbs in 5 months that year. I kept it off within a few vanity pounds until January 2014, when I just sort of gave up and stopped caring, and put back on 28 of the 45 I had lost. So, the BL competition at work was my catalyst to do something about how fat and unhealthy I'd allowed myself to become again.

    In June I weighed 188.4 lbs, and my new low on Christmas Day was 149. Now, I splurged for the 4 day weekend over Christmas, so I'm up a tad right now, but I'm sure it's not real weight gain. Just water weight and refilled glycogen stores.

    So, I've lost just under 40 lbs this time (since June 2014), and 56 total since my highest weight (2011).

    After doing LCHF for months, I believe that I may be at a point in my weight loss phase that carb loading sometimes may actually help me. I carb loaded for 2 weeks over Thanksgiving when we were in Mexico, and while I was up 5.2 lbs when we returned, that fell off in 4 days. The two weeks after we were back and I was back to LCHF, I lost another 5 lbs, when I was really down to average loss of just over .5 lb per week prior to vacation. I am close to goal (145 lb goal), so it had slowed down considerably. I do think the carb load pushed me down even further. Looking back at patterns in Excel, I notice there was a big drop after I carb loaded over Labor Day vacation for 5 days, and I just did the 4 days over Christmas weekend, so once the water weight is all gone, we'll see if I start dropping rapidly again.

    Anyway, I hope everyone is feeling good about their goals for 2015 and feeling well and happy on LCHF. I read a lot, but only post on occasion.
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    Hi, I'm Mary and this has been my WOE for almost 2 weeks now.

    2 years ago I lost 40 or so pounds and felt awesome and was very proud of the way I looked when we walked our daughter down the isle. I swore to myself that I would not put the weight back on but , you guessed it, I did and here I am. I did have a rough 2013 but no excuses for 2014.

    When I did try to lose weight, I always felt hungry and always gave up. Carbs are my huge downfall and find that I don't need them (the bread, pasta, potatoes) doing this WOE. I am thankfully for this group where I can read the posts, ask questions, get support and learn.

    p.s. Happy Birthday Jess
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    About Me, TQ:

    Lost body fat, dropped 2 sizes in clothes
    over the year 2014 doing LowCarbish

    Joined MFP about May '14, had a few
    weeks of unstable weight trying different
    LCHF plans.

    Began following Tommy in Sweden,
    just couldn't get my head around that
    much fat in his successful diet until
    he posted his blood work health
    markers over several years of him
    doing Mr Skaldeman's LCHF WOE.

    Began experimenting w/ Mr Skaldeman's
    8+ plan in Dec 2014, 3g C/meal; 12g C/day,
    leading to a much reduced appetite,
    increased slimming,
    higher body heat,
    much better sleep pattern,
    feelings of ebullience.. Yikes!
    Will it last...? Will it last...? :)

    "...If you belong to the 8+ group, you need
    to avoid unnecessary increases in your blood
    sugar levels.

    That is why your recommended food consists
    of meat and fat.
    Three parts meat and one part fat is ideal.

    Measured in terms of energy content, this
    means that you eat 15–20 percent protein,
    70–80 percent fat, and a maximum of
    5 percent carbohydrates.

    The high proportion of fat leads to high
    metabolism of fat..."

    Sten Sture Skaldeman (2011-12-01):
    'Lose Weight by Eating', Kindle Edition."

    'Why I want to get in shape'
    I already have a shape, I want a different shape.
    ~Old Joke

    'My Inspirations':

    Mr Tommy: eatlowcarbhighfat.com
    Mr Skaldeman: skaldeman.se/home.html
    Low Carber Daily Forum... http://tinyurl.com/qaeww7d
    "Eat More Fat? -- Amazing Results" http://tinyurl.com/kk8njr7

    Always happy to have more friends of LC lifestyle. :smile:
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    Hi I'm Robert and am just dipping my toe in at the moment. I've been T2 for approx 2 years which is what triggered my interest in LC. Being a cautious type I prefer a gradual approach rather than the shock of an all in. I have to confess that I am hesitant about the high fat angle. Having said all that I've found the info sources very helpful and can appreciate the hard work which went into the compilation so a big thanks to the compilers. I look forward to learning more.
  • Elwin5
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    Hello I am Wythout...been mfp for almost a year....Low carbing about the same...had great results.....then set back with surgery and other medical problem.....grrrr. with the holidays coming soon i just kind of gave up. But last monday my mind was made up...and here to stay on track. Am hoping by adding some friends who are low carbing also will keep me focused on my new WOL.
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    Hey all! I'm Brandi and I've been following a paleo/primal lifestyle for about 3 years now and have taken an interest in LCHF after reading that it could help heal my insulin resistance from having PCOS. I am Celiac as well so it seems like a healthy way to also avoid gluten without having to read every box of food I buy haha. I let non-paleo foods and DEF not LC foods sneak back into my diet after a miscarriage because I looked to food for comfort, but 2015 is my year! I'm reclaiming my health, happiness, and energy! (I've so lethargic with all the gluten free chicken nuggets, french fries etc!!)

    I would welcome any LC friends to send me a request, just lemme know you're from here! I look forward to the support and giving support towards all of our wealth- HEALTH!
  • sbom1
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    Susie here...mid 50's, yo yo gain/loss 20# year after year. Was successful on LC and stumbled across the whole LCHF/keto principles so am interested. Doing some experimental days here leading up to Monday where I'll decide whether to do Atkins induction or jump right in to keto. Been on and off MFP for years; read alot, don't always post much. Want to get the 20 off again and find an WOE that I can sustain the weightloss.