What's everyone currently playing?



  • sntrip117
    sntrip117 Posts: 8 Member
    I have been playing skyrim again on the 360 started fresh. On the Xbox one I'm playing destiny or dragon ball xenoverse
  • Cabrakan
    Cabrakan Posts: 20
    Smite, Heroes of the Storm and WoW. holding out for Battlefield Hardline next week /drool.
  • homerjspartan
    homerjspartan Posts: 1,893 Member
    Dying Light. It is addictive.
  • Hijinkz
    Hijinkz Posts: 7 Member
    Right now I've been playing Don't Starve and Plants VS Zombies a lot.
  • c0untingsheep
    c0untingsheep Posts: 159 Member
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    Starbound and Fallout New Vegas :#

    New Vegas is a great game. Rumor is that Bethesda is going to announce Fallout 4 at the electronics show (in Vegas, of course) this year. Supposedly set in Boston

    Fallout New Vegas is an amazing game. Many hours of my life have been spent playing it. Bethesda <3

    (PS. I changed my MFP username)
  • peppermintcaroline
    peppermintcaroline Posts: 151 Member
    Final Fantasy XIV mostly. I only have a computer right now. My PS3 is not working well.
  • Arthemise1
    Arthemise1 Posts: 365 Member
    I went back to SWTOR.
  • lacroyx
    lacroyx Posts: 5,757 Member
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    I picked up for my Xbox 360 Borderlands and Lego Batman 3 last week for 15$ Tons of fun.
  • eggcluck
    eggcluck Posts: 36 Member
    Hearthstone and trying to actually finish the witcher. Yea I am late to the party with both of them, but I only got a few hours to spare. I will always be "behind".
  • Cabrakan
    Cabrakan Posts: 20
    Hardline has become my obsession as of late :D
  • JeffInJax
    JeffInJax Posts: 232 Member
    Ive been playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3ds for 100+ hours this last month, and that's with a full time job and school full time, kinda scary to think if I didn't have so much going on!
  • FairlyOddChelle
    FairlyOddChelle Posts: 40 Member
    Finally getting around to starting Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I'm neglecting my consoles, and even handhelds at times, so hopefully I get addicted to this.
  • GalactusEmpire
    GalactusEmpire Posts: 90 Member
    Ongoing, I play FFxiv a lot. My steam account has over 2k hours on it.. yikes!

    Recently, I dusted off the old Playstation I found in my closet and popped in Legend of Dragoon. I could use a dose of nostalgia.
  • nxiety
    nxiety Posts: 84 Member
    LoL, Heroes of the Storm are the multiplayer games I'm playing lately if anyone wants to play around a bit. Looking at either FFXIV or ESO to start as well.
  • cosmiqrecovery
    cosmiqrecovery Posts: 171 Member
    Hotline Miami. Lots of Hotline Miami. That and reuniting with Elder Scrolls Online. So glad they finally dropped the sub fees.
  • chrisyoung0422
    chrisyoung0422 Posts: 426 Member
    I am hardcore stuck in Dying Light and also currently playing COD:AW, WWE 2k14, Madden, Shadow of Mordor and Evil Within.
  • Afura
    Afura Posts: 2,054 Member
    I mosly PC game, I haven' been gaming as much as I used to, but when I do, LOTRO is my go-to. I just got a new computer and while the graphics card still needs upgrading, I'm reading for gaming. :grin: Maybe I'll buy a console when I hit a major goal, I miss FF.
  • KrysKiss87
    KrysKiss87 Posts: 124 Member
    I really WANT to play dying light, but currently I am Immersed in Destiny, The master Chief collection and The borderlands handsome Jack collection.
  • Adiemus200
    Adiemus200 Posts: 63 Member
    Im playing Dragon age inquisition on xbox one at the moment and magic 2015.

    Enjoying borderlands 2 on 360.