JULY 2015 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • dcmat
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    Going for 800 miles again in July as I have some holidays coming up

    01-07: 40.60 miles
    02-07: 34.24 miles
    03-07: 40.19 miles
    04-07: 65.18 miles
    05-07: rest day
    06-07: 45.11 miles
    07-07: 40.14 miles
    08-07: rest day
    09-07: 41.08 miles
    10-07: 43.06 miles
    11-07: 32.05 miles
    11-07: 25.59 miles
    12-07: 35.22 miles
    13-07: rest day
    14-07: rest day
    15-07: 42.52 miles
    16-07: 30.01 miles
    17-07: 28.17 miles
    18-07: 20.65 miles (1 hour - undulating all the way)
    19-07: 50.46 miles (3 hours - steeper undulating all the way
    20-07: 44 miles…and more hills
    21-07: rest day
    22-07: 46.50 miles
    23-07: 50.03 miles
    24-07: rest day (travelling)
    25-07: 86.29 miles
    July miles: 841.09

    YTD miles: 5099
  • darkrider42
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    lamlam2013 wrote: »
    I feel your pain about your phone. I killed mine last week...ran over it with a riding lawn mower. Am doing without till October.

    OUCH!!!! I guess you did kill it! Sorry!
  • darkrider42
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    clepant wrote: »
    @Dave: Jeff and I met on Christian Café. I know that site may not be for everyone but I found that if I went via the Christian end, I found people more compatible to me. Although I met my share of people that I will only say were quite different on some other sites.
    Thank you, I'm not sure Christian Café would be right for me, but I definitely need to try something different....to get a little higher class of potential mates. :)

  • darkrider42
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    k80flec wrote: »
    23rd: 4.98 miles purposeful walking MTD 55.92
    24th 2.02 miles purposeful walking, treadmill: 0.98 MTD 58.92


    Yep, Ticker Factory seems to be down. I have a busy weekend planned. Got the youngest grandson today for a few hours. And both of them tomorrow - the eldest (7.5 months overnight [scary]) whilst I participate in the Race for Life. I'm walking the 5km with a friend and her 7 yr old daughter, both of whom are cancer survivors. Hopefully we'll complete it before the heavy rain starts - the glories of the British summer . . . . . and I'm off camping in a week and DH can only be described as a 'reluctant camper' on a good day!!

    . . . . and Dave, someone is out there for you . . . patience my friend.

    We shall see, I guess. :smile: Right now I'm not feeling so sure about that. My standards are pretty high and I don't want to just "settle". :)

  • JTH11706
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:


    Congrats to dcmat on making goal!

    @rockann - puppy! <3<3

    @dave - don't get discouraged, someone is going to be really lucky to find you.

    As for me, my life has been crazy. Very busy with volunteer work and my computer died in the middle of a big project, making everything far more complicated. I'm writing this on my new SurfacePro - goodby laptop. So far so good, but a lot of work to get everything set up. After an unplanned hiatus from running I finally did my long run today. Adding 16 miles for a new total of 129.

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
  • tlacox1
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    7/25 - 1.26
    TTD - 5.56

    After a three day family reunion and several days doing a culling of kids rooms, finally got a walk in. I'm actually excited because I was able to run for three straight minutes during that walk time. Not much, but I believe it's a sign I'm healing! Woohoo!
  • Tappy44
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    7/25 - 6.18 miles hiking

    MTD - 53.66 miles
  • momof2boyz832
    momof2boyz832 Posts: 682 Member
    The gap to green has widened..time to haul *kitten*.. total now 83.85 miles..
    26.15 to go in 5 days..completely manageable :p
  • Just_Ceci
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    Adding 8 miles for yesterday at the gym (run, bike, walk combo) and 19.5 for a group ride this morning.

    335.57/ 300

    Rolling in the bonus miles!
  • sussexbythesea
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    nw ttd 88.65 miles
  • 2essie
    2essie Posts: 2,827 Member
    6.51 miles walked yesterday

    4.22 miles walked today

    134.13 miles walked to date

  • Lovemyalex
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    A exercise total for


    4.55 miles (exercise bike) & .1 miles walking

    4.65 miles for today

    71.31 miles done and 21.31 miles over goal... :)
  • clepant
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    edited July 2015
    Today I used up my third strike. Last week while weeding I in-nested a hive of wood borer bees. No stings. Monday I was pulling weeds and opened up a ground nest of little bees. No stings. Today at my dads I was weeding and I opened up a huge ground nest of yellow jackets. I had five or six stings around both ankles before I even realized what happen. So I guess that is strike three. It is good I am not allergic but I hate the after itch that lasts for weeks. Not allowed to take Benadryl either because it reacts to a med I take.

    July 25: 11 miles of walking 6 and cycling 5 miles
    TTD: 251.7 miles
  • cpanus
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    @clepant - OUCH! So sorry you got stung.

    Hit the gym w/DDD, then walked by myself (DH still recovering from hip surgery), then got on the recumbent bike. It was a good day!

    Sat - 6.72 miles walking
    Sat - 11.0 mile recumbent bike

    Total miles as of 07/25 - 189.90 ... 10.10 miles to goal.

    Hope everyone has a really nice Sunday!

  • taxmom9093
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    Busier day than I thought it would be. Still managed 2.5 miles, much better than spending the whole day sitting.

    July total 115 miles

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  • rockann16
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    Ticker still doesn't seem to be working. I'm adding 4 miles today for a total of 61 out of 75. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. :)
  • GrandmaJackie
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    edited July 2015
    7/25 Run 5 miles / Walk 3 miles

    As 7/25 201.5 miles of 200 miles

    My ticker app NOT updating

  • wanderan
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    adding 4.09 miles
    total to date is 223.06 ,,,didn't even bother with the ticker if others are having issues.
  • Leanz
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    edited July 2015
    HI all Looks like I may not even have put in some mileage goals! My Mum died last Sunday so my month has been - crazy. Now I have a chest infection so maybe no running for a few days!
    Goal for July 120 miles
    Distance covered so far 107.5 miles
  • Leanz
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    @rockann16 _ I also have a pup She is a sweet cocker spaniel and takes lots of time but is so much fun !!
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