August 2015 - Move Your @ss Challenge



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    adding 9.36 miles

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    clepant wrote: »
    @Dean: Sorry for the earlier note. I really don't want you in the range of the fires but apparently my iPad does.

    I am sorry to here so many suffering from fires, smoke and heat. Everything here is drying up. I cannot keep up watering my plants hoping to keep them alive. Chance of rain tomorrow and Wednesday.

    It was a bizarre day of me sitting on an exam table in the buff for hour because the doctor forgot about me to some crazy woman insisting the police be called to get my dog out of our car in the heat even though we were auto starting it every 15 minutes and parked in a covered parking area directly in front of the door. Thanks for the security guard who watched my hubby come back and start it. When we opened the door it felt like that of a freezer. She said our dog was crying. We told her the dog has separation anxiety and always cries when we leave her. That is why we bring her with us.
    Aug. 17: 10 miles of which 2 miles were walking and 8 were cycling.
    TTD: 206.06 miles


    I wish some people would spend more time looking at the whole picture and not just how can they become sensational. It would have been nice if she asked before she started screaming bloody murder. Hope the rest of your day went well.
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    vhuber wrote: »
    Today was a hard day. We buried my sister & I will truly miss her!
    I took my furry kids for a 3 mile walk this evening & about got ate alive by mosquito's. It was a nice cool evening. Is fall upon us already? Oh gosh that means that ugly white stuff will be right behind it! I shudder at the thought...


    I am sorry about your sister. I hope the good memories soon fill the hole that will be left behind.
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    @ vhuber: It is one thing to lose a parent but I can only imagine how hard it is to lose a sibling. As Dean said so well, may time and the love and memories help heal your loss.You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Adding 6.12 miles for a run/ walk yesterday afternoon.

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    8/17 - 3.22 miles on the elliptical

    MTD - 18.7 miles
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    4.1 mile run/walk


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    Ok, I have been slack about posting but am still moving MA:

    8/2: 5 mi
    8/7: 3.64
    8/9: 5.17
    8/12: 3.11
    8/14: 6.5
    8/15: 2.19

    Determined to make goal this month!!

  • Time2LoseWeightNOW
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    10 miles done
    55miles total

    45 miles left to 100 mile goal
  • Lovemyalex
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    Exercise total for


    13.69 miles (exercise bike) & .5 mile walking

    14.19 miles for today

    225.90 miles done and 74.10 miles to go... :)
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    New ttd 65.1 miles
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    edited August 2015
    We are getting winds N by NE, and along with that is smoke from Washington, Idaho and Central Oregon fires; My son lives in Bend, OR and he is just south of a major fire. he says the smoke is so thick its like fog, and very hard to cycle in. Here in the valley, the smoke is just hanging around. Took a ride, not so pleasant. It may spoil a distance ride I had planned for this weekend. Working on getting my miles up for the Vuelta Challenge starting Saturday. I don't want to be the end of the train.

    08/15 - 32.0 miles cycling
    08/16 - 05.0 miles cycling (recovery spin)
    08/17 - 03.0 miles walking
    08/18 - 10.0 miles cycling

    Total: 154.28 miles


  • darkrider42
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:

    CONGRATS going to @CLEPANT now for making GOAL!!! :drinker: Sorry you had such an "eventful" day!!

  • clepant
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    @Dave: Thanks so much. May I ask how things are going with your new interest? Good I hope.

    Well it was a day of setting up my room for school. Tomorrow is my official day back with kids starting back on Tuesday. So it is back running and riding super early or late with headlights. But most of all I am going to miss time with my fur babies and my old gal and swim buddy.
    Aug.18: 8.5 miles of walking 4 miles and running 4.5 miles
    TTD: 214.56 miles


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    08/17 3.57 miles

  • GrandmaJackie
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    8/18 Jog 5 milesWalk 4.75 miles

    As 8/18 139.75 miles of 250 miles

  • Tappy44
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    8/18 - 2.74 miles walking and running on the treadmill

    MTD - 21.44 miles
  • vhuber
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    Got in 17 on ex bike while the 2 yr old grandson napped & then I pulled him & his 8 yr old brother in the new wagon 1 mile around the dam & through the pasture. I tie a string belt through the wagon handle & then around my waist. It is a nice walk but with both of them in the wagon the hills were a little tough!! LOL
    My oldest grandson thinks this gramma is the best. I tell him not to compare us & that she has qualities that I don't. She loves them like I do but I am truly trying to encourage healthy living with unpackaged food (she does NOT cook) and exercise in any form (she sits on the couch & is either on the computer or tv). Tonight we three were in the garden loading the new wagon with corn, zuchinni, cuke & tomatoes. The little guy was eating tomatoes from the vine & ummmm this is good nana! So cute!! They really love the farm & are always so busy when they come.

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    edited August 2015
    Adding another 6 miles for 202 out of 350. OK, time to start picking it up. The smoke has cleared. The Fat Tire bike just got dirty and the bike shop says my road bike is tuned up and ready to rock! :smile: I love this time of year. :smile:

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