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Haven't seen this kind of thread before - I find it VERY helpful to see what others are eating (and saves me from going back and forth into diaries!) Hoping to start a thread where we can post what we ate today/yesterday.....just to give us a go-to on the days where we are getting bored or looking for something new and different to eat! I'll start with what I have pre-logged for today:
Breakfast - same everyday (I try to do IF) - 2 cups of black coffee
Lunch - 2 eggs scrambled with butter, shredded texmex cheese, some bacon bits and a tiny bit of ketchup
Dinner - chicken breast with alfredo sauce and stirfried asparagus
Snacks - steamed edamame, handful of almonds, 2 squares dark chocolate
LOTS of water :)

What are YOU eating today?


  • ms_smartypants
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    Breakfast..BP coffee
    Lunch... 5 minute keto egg drop soup
    Dinner...hamburger patty with cheese( asiago and swiss cheese) with a salad
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    Good idea!
    Breakfast today: Coffee with butter (beginning on decreasing the use of hwc today!)
    Lunch: I stack sandwich ham, salami, and gouda cheese, and layer with mustard and mayo mixed together (I call it a sandwich stack!)
    Supper: Leftover chuck steak sauteed in butter to reheat.
    Snacks: Maybe some bbq pork skins but definitely a half cup of pickle juice!

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    Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee w/ coconut oil

    Lunch: chitterlings (don't ask)

    Dinner: pizza chicken bake
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    Thank you for this thread. It makes it so easier to do low-carb when you find exciting new recipes to try and also when you discover foods that are allowed (I had no idea alfredo was low carb!)

    Today I ate breakfast at home which I never do. I ate around 7 am (2 hours than I normally do) and I am still very satisfied at a 11 am (thanks to the fat!).

    Breakfast: A whole avocado, 2 scrambled eggs, salsa, shredded cheese and sour cream.

    Lunch: 2 small burgers with onion cheddar and mushrooms, mashed cauliflower and string beans

    Dinner: Either a repeat of lunch or sausage and cabbage.
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    Breakfast: Coffee w/ HWC (this is my usual M-F breakfast)
    Lunch: some low carb Healthy Choice meal (not's my emergency no leftovers meal. Might end up going to 5 Guys for a bunless burger though)
    Dinner: Hot dogs w/ skyline chili and cheese. no buns.
    Snacks: Hot tea with HWC. 1 square 90% dark chocolate with cashew butter.
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    I was looking up bulletproof coffee yesterday. How do you prepare it and does it keep you full?
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    Dinner: pizza chicken bake[/quote]

    YUM! (ok maybe not your lunch hahaha!) Bookmarked the pizza chicken - will have to make that!
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    Hahaha yeah most people don't know what chitterlings are and if they do they will not eat hahaha
    Chicken pizza dish is so good! Be sure to reduce the sauce alit or it will be watery..
    I was looking up bulletproof coffee yesterday. How do you prepare it and does it keep you full?

    My coffee is just 1/2 tbs of coconut oil blended in everyone does their way some with butter, oil and or HWC
    And yes my 2 cups keeps me full till lunch plus gives me the needed fat to my diet.
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    Breakfast: 1fried egg , 1/4 of English muffin , 2.5 oz fresh strawberries, coffee with cream
    Lunch: leftover beef pot roast , green beans,cauliflower
    Supper: homemade chicken soup , salad
  • kimbo8435
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    Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled w/ bit of cheddar, sugarfree chai, hwc
    Lunch- tuna salad, swiss cheese, maybe a tomato slice?
    Dinner- man that pizza chicken looks good!
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    Love this thread!
    B- Two coffees - 2 Tbsp heavy cream, 2 Splenda
    Two boiled eggs, tbsp mayo
    L- Romaine salad w/ one mini cuke, Italian dressing, 2 boiled eggs, pepper jack cheese and half avocado
    (My big meal of the day)
    S- Mozz cheese stick
    D- Ground hamburger, cheese
  • emilybeaver
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    Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs and 4 slices of bacon
    Lunch: Chicken Cesar salad
    Dinner: TBD probably leftover chicken broccoli casserole I made last night
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    I had house guests this weekend, so my meals weren't all that typical for me but I managed to keep them low-carb. Some were more time intensive then I normally do for meals, but I will share as they came out pretty good. (I only bought a few high carb foods like bread for dinner and a cheesecake for dessert for my guests, but I avoided them like the plague! Even half my guests avoided the bread too.)

    BREAKFAST: Low-carb Eggs Benedict. An egg basket over a zucchini fritter topped with a hollendais sauce. (I can't poach an egg to save my life, so ham baskets are a super easy yummy alternative. Use thin ham slices crisped 6-7 minutes in a *greased* muffin tin, then when ready add a whole egg and bake 6-8 minutes more. I usually cool the baked ham first, but no need. Whites will still be a tiny bit runny when you take them out. Lightly cover with foil or lid to allow tops to steam a bit to set the whites. Yolks will be nice and runny. Zucchini fritters are a batter I make with grated zucchini squeeeeeeezed of all its juices, almond flour, egg and seasonings of choice. I add salt and a bit of minced bells, red onion, garlic powder and jalapenos to the mix. Fry small patties in coconut oil a few minutes each side. Top with a hollandais sauce you like, the one I used wasn't so great so won't bother writing it out. Or skip the sauce, the runny eggs are 'saucy' by themselves. )

    Served it with a side of bacon and sausages, sauteed spinach and mushroom in olive oil with bits of bacon and red onion. Also fresh berries and tangerines.

    DINNER 1: Baked chicken thighs with skin coated in Italian herbs (stuff them under the skin too), side of cauliflower cream cheese mash, and steamed broccoli. Served with side salads, pecans instead of croutons.

    DINNER 2: Baked wild cod fish in a buttery lemon chipotle basil cream sauce, side of cauliflower mash (left overs, still yummy!), and sauteed asparagus. Served with side salads, pecans instead of croutons.

    I kept snacks out all day of cheese, olives, fresh fruit slices, and nuts. Also made a big batch of my berry yogurt for snacks. Plain yogurt mixed with a berry sauce I make by blending thawed frozen berries and Truvia sweetener. No chips, pretzels, candy, or the like!

    My guests loved it all and didn't even realize they were eating LCHF! They know I have lost close to 60 pounds 'by not eating bread', but was surprised I was eating these foods. It was nice to show them what I DO eat, as oppose to them thinking about what I DON'T eat.

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    Karlyn - can I please come to YOUR house next weekend? YUM!
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    Loving this thread...such delicious ideas..thinking I may be eating too much by looking at a lot of the above meals...

    Breakfast: bpc (20 oz) w (10g dark choc, 11 ml hwc, 1 TBS homemade ghee, 2 dash cinnamon, tsp vanilla ext, dash stevia, few turns of ground Himalayan pink salt, 20 drops vitamin d3 w mct oil, crushed ice) and .54 oz thin sliced sirloin fried in 1/2 TBS homemade ghee
    Forgot to add: 1 scoop grassfed beef collagen (to help w joint repair) w 1 TBS lemon juice

    Lunch: organic baby spinach (45g), raw blueberries (.75 oz), mct oil (1 TBS), thin sliced sirloin (3oz) fried in 1/2 TBS homemade ghee, homemade lchf berry cheesecake (1 serving), sour cream (2 TBS) and coconut amino (1tsp) blended into a dipping sauce, few turns of Himalayan pink salt and ground black pepper

    Dinner- TBD as I have a late night meeting planned. Probably will be lchf cheesecake w hot tea and 1 TBS mct oil
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    Breakfast - coffee with half and half

    Lunch - hamburger patty with cheddar cheese, onion, and two strips of bacon

    Dinner - kielbasa and salad (green leaf, grape tomato, cucumber, shredded cheddar, sunflower kernels, olive oil and vinegar)

    Dessert/snack - frozen strawberries (thawed) with heavy cream; possibly some dry roasted almonds (depends on if I get hungry between lunch and dinner)
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    Great idea!
    Breakfast- coffee, heavy cream, splenda
    Lunch- deli ham, salami, provolone rolled up together and 1 oz. almonds
    Dinner- zucchini noodles with meatballs, salad (mixed greens, cucumber, shredded mozz, olives, avocado with olive oil and vinegar)
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    Karlyn - can I please come to YOUR house next weekend? YUM!

    It's going to be a while before I do a full weekend of entertaining again. :-) Fortunately, I do enjoy cooking and experimenting making new dishes. But it is still exhausting. (and we did a lot of walking for exercise too!) I slept like a rock last night.

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    B = 3 large omega-3 eggs scrambled with 1tbsp HWC and fried in ~1tbsp bacon fat from 3 strips of bacon; 1tbsp peanut butter

    L = don't eat it anymore

    D = 15oz grilled Sirloin steak topped with approx 2 tsp of butter

    S = 1/2 cup blackberries; 1 can of club soda with a small amount of Stevia sweetner; 1 may also have one or two German wieners (120 Calories each, no carbs).

    Danger Zone: I have to meet a client in the evening for drinks. I will end up drinking Vodka Soda and could have as many as 6oz of Vodka which is going to put me over my calorie allotment for the day. Sort of a piss-off actually.
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    6oz of vodka.....I would be a mess! :)