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    chrizzy8 wrote: »
    cynbet69 wrote: »
    ok im in gonna try hard

    @cynbet69 - you can do it!!!

    THANKS yes i can
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    I'll do my best at the weight loss goal, but 2 pounds in a week is pretty lofty for me. It took me a year to lose 22 pounds, so that was about .5 per week on average. My weight loss is slow as molasses (due to age, post-menopausal metabolism and medication), but I'm slogging away at it!
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    For anyone that likes to do circuit trainings, last year i made a group for a circuit training you can litterly do anywhere (but probably in the safety of your home).

    Below is the circuit training, it was a 5 day a week training and first 3 day's shouldn't take up more than 30 minuts, after that it might take a little longer, but still within the 1 hour timeframe.

    I made a 6 week training schedule, this is week 1:
    Each day is a circuit of 3 rounds.

    Day 1:
    - 40 air punches (20 each arm);
    - 20 mountain climbers (10 each leg);
    - 10 squats;
    - 10 push ups;
    - 20 crunches;
    - 10 tricep dips (use a couch or chair behind you);
    - 10 leg raises
    - 20 lunges, 10 each leg. You can alternate each time, or do 10 left than 10 right, whatever suits best for your level.

    Day 2:
    - 50 air punches;
    - 30 mountain climbers;
    - 12 squats;
    - 11 push ups;
    - 25 crunches;
    - 12 tricep dips;
    - 12 leg raises;
    - 22 lunges,;

    Day 3:
    - 60 air punches;
    - 30 mountain climbers;
    - 14 squats;
    - 12 push ups;
    - 30 crunches;
    - 14 tricep dips;
    - 14 leg raises;
    - 24 lunges;

    Day 4:
    - 60 air punches;
    - 36 mountain climbers;
    - 15 squats;
    - 13 push ups;
    - 35 crunches;
    - 15 tricep dips;
    - 15 leg raises;
    - 26 lunges;

    Day 5:
    - 70 air punches;
    - 40 mountain climbers;
    - 16 squats;
    - 14 push ups;
    - 40 crunches;
    - 16 tricep dips;
    - 16 leg raises;
    - 30 lunges;

    After you completed this round, remember no rest time between exercises during a round, you can rest up to 2 minutes after a round and than start round 2.
    After that again rest maximum of 2 minuts and start round 3

    Perhaps you guys wanna try it.

    This sounds like something I'd like to try.

    2 questions -

    do you do this 5 straight days and then rest for 2 days? or do you fit the rest days in between the workout days?

    also, will you be posting weeks 2-6 or do you just repeat this same circuit each week for 6 weeks?
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    No workout for me this week. The surgeon only allowed walks. When I told him how much I work out weekly he got a bit shocked. I will see him next week to remove the stitches and to decide on second surgery.
    @RaeBeeBaby my weight loss is also slow these days. But I think it's better that way cause it gives my body time to adjust and time for my skin to contract easier.
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    @iheartcookies2 - I hope the recovery from your surgery goes smoothly and painlessly!
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    I will try my best but losing over 3 pounds in a week, I'll be lucky if I can lose one to two. I will try my best. :s
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    Hey guys!!! How is everyone feeling mid week? This month is flying by already!!! This weekend is my wedding anniversary and the husband and I are finally getting out without the kids for the first time in almost a year and I'm pumped lol. Sushi and wine might be my Saturday lunch so trying to keep it really focused the,next few days. Hope everyone is keeping good spirits this week!!!
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    I feel like I have had a great week food and exercise wise, so I am excited to weigh in and see how that transfers to the scales, but Aunt Flow is visiting and I am a tad nervous since I normally don't lose that week.
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    chrizzy8 wrote: »
    Alright Team, we had an AMAZING week coming in 3rd place overall! I'd like to put out a challenge to try to get 1st place next week! I think we'll probably need to beat 1.23% total body weight to get there (judging from week 1's first place team), so let's shoot to each lose 1.25% of our current body weight. I did the math, here it is:

    @Gustaaf85 2.5
    @SethKaishi 3.8
    @Roxmom3 2.4
    @cynbet69 2.8
    @candicelh79 1.8
    @Lesly_Barrett_1209 2.3
    @Krenae312 1.9
    @chrizzy8 1.9
    @iheartcookies2 2.4
    @w8ingforthesun 3.0
    @JordisTSM 3.2
    @Jmilner89 2.4
    @vwoman 2.7
    @RaeBeeBaby 2.0
    @bhappy_5 2.7

    WHO'S IN???!!!

    Of course, this is just a challenge and meant to support your goal of weight loss, so if this doesn't fit into your goal, we will still support and encourage you. Just wanted to try to set the bar so we can all push ourselves!!

    Looking forward to a kick-gut week. :smile:

    Sorry, but between pulling a big number last week and starting weight training this week, I only managed half a lb. hopefully next week will be better.
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    This has been a crazy week with running back and forth to the hospital for new baby and trying to get stuff together for tax deadline. Looks like an extension is in my future. Booo.

    Exercise-wise, I've done pretty well. Lots of yoga, some strength training with weights, and disc golf. I also managed over an hour on the treadmill yesterday while watching The Amazing Race.

    Had dinner last night with friends and made very good choices - salad and one grilled fish taco. No chips!

    Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
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    So I am pretty gutted that my weight hasn't changed this week, I kept within my calorie allowance, I'm sure it means a big lose next week thought
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    Sorry guys. Only a small loss this week, but a loss all the same.
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    Tough week! No weight loss for me. @jmilner89 - my aunt flow is visiting as well, that b!tch! :P
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    Grrr not a fun time a @chrizzy8! Next week will be better week :)
  • RaeBeeBaby
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    Hey all! Last day to weigh-in for this week!

    I managed to lose 1.2! I'll take it! That was a nice surprise after no loss at all last week.

    Still no chips or crackers, but I found myself wandering down that aisle at the grocery store yesterday. I bought 3 bags! 2 for hubby and 1 for me (for later). Reminder to self: never shop when hungry.
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    Well done on the 1.2 lb loss, @RaeBeeBaby ! Indeed, hunger & grocery shopping are a bad combo. :P
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    Well, no weight loss but I did loose a little when doing, happy for that but not for this challenge. Sorry guys!! Hope your weekend is a good one!!
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    Hi Everyone, our team came in third after the first week. Not bad!!! I think we are doing really well.

    I have a wedding shower today, and will have to really watch what I eat and drink. After today, really no more commitments until June, so plan on spending more time on myself and my own commitment (eg losing weight and exercise).

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! And keep on losing!
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    Hope everyone's third week has started off great
  • Serendipity0913
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    I will be continuing the Biggest Loser Challenge into May. If you are interested in continuing please go to the Registration thread and sign up. First come, first served. Spots are being offered to existing participants before I go outside the group.

    Looking forward to losing with you again in May!!

    Serendipity <3