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    Hi everyone! My name's Brittany, I live on the Savage/Burnsville border, and work in Bloomington!
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    I am from the southwestern corner, Pipestone to be exact.

    Does anyone know of good topic posts or websites where I could find walking buddies? I tried searching but most of the posts were for those up north. Thanks in advance and I hope you all have a lovely week. :)
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    Hey all!! I'm new from the Crystal/New Hope area. I've been wanting to get fit and back into my skinny clothes for years. It took some health issues to really kick my rear in gear. I started with small changes, cut back on fast food, cut the soda (last one was March 30!!) now I'm trying to cut the frozen meals (breakfast and lunches). I'm also getting into a routine at the Y. Aside from my health one of my biggest motivators is a family trip to Aruba Spring 2015. My "goal weight" is about 125, but I'm going to focus more on how I feel and how clothes fit.
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    Hi everyone, I'm Laura and I'm from Forest Lake/Wyoming area. However I do work in the Ham Lake/Andover/Blaine area for Anoka-Hennipen school district. I am restarting my weight loss journey and is trying to be part of a group to get the much needed support and motivation which is clearly lacking from my family right now. If anyone is interested in creating a weekly walking group please let me know! My goal is less about how much weight I lose and more of being able to keep up with my students.
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    Hello! Not new to MFP but Just found the MN Group.

    I live near Thief River Falls, MN

    Been doing the MFP thing for almost 1 year to the date. Inching closer to my goals after a couple dry spells. Originally in 2007 I was 312lbs, first attempt at losing brought me down to 285 by January 08. I leveled off there for a couple months because I was absolutely in love and content. Then her and I parted ways and I dealt with it via exercise. By Sept 08 I was down to 238lbs. Fall and winter was tough to stay motivated but I hovered in the mid 240s for that time. I meet my wife in the winter of 09. Got very comfortable and content again. 09-2012 I continued to gain weight and was back at 283lbs. January 2013 my work had a weight loss competition and I set my sights on the $50 prize :happy: By May '13 I was down to 255lbs and $50 richer. I was eating better and that winter I snowmobiled like crazy. (Actually an amazing exercise when you ride for hrs a day!)

    July '13 I was back @ 260s and finding it hard to be motivated. My sister-in-law introduced me to MFP and we both set some goals and put a bet on who could get there first. She won by January '14. I had lost many inches but only 20lbs due to biking alot.

    I won $50 again this year at work but our weightloss comp ended in April when I got down to 230lbs and I absolutely went on a hiatus. So back on the wagon 2 weeks ago! @240lbs. I checked in today @ 237!

    MFP works!

    So Hi, I'm Mike.
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    Hello all!

    I'm Jody, from the NE side of the Cities (Shoreview/Arden Hills/Roseville area), and originally from the same spot. I've been doing MFP for several months now, and have had some good and bad yo-yo months. Trying to stick with it now that summer is in full swing. I've been hitting the gym and trying to get to walk at lunch daily, which really helps my mood and energy levels. Go figure - exercise actually FEELS good!
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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Anna and I live in Staples,MN. That is near Brainerd. I am hoping I can someone near me to get together with once in a while to discuss weight loss tricks and tips, the challenges of changing your eating habits with a full house of people, an celebrate our accomplishments!
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    Hi Anna! I'm not in Staples but I drive through there a couple times a year. I'm in Cloquet (near Duluth) and have a good friend in Fargo. Last time I was in Staples was January - ended up having lunch at DQ waiting for the roads to clear up after an ice storm came through. After I saw 5 cars in the ditch I decided it was probably prudent to get off the road for a bit. The ice storm had traveled from Duluth all the way to Staples so it was a very long & slow drive home.
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    Hi Laura! I have family in both Duluth and Moose Lake, I am very familiar with your side if the state. While you we're at DQ there is a good chance my son helped you or cooked your food :) glad you stayed safe!
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    Hi, I'm new to this group. My name is Kristin and I am a mom to a three year old. I am near Maple Grove, MN. Currently doing Paleo-ish and Herbalife eating. Looking to make friends and gain much needed support! Friend me! :happy:
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    Hi all!

    My name is Michelle and I live in Bluffton, MN (not very far from Staples, Anna!), next door to the farm I grew up on. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and have kept 100+ pounds off for over a decade. Quit smoking 4 years ago and have seen a steady creep ever since. Started on MFP about 2 months ago and started exercising 6 days a week about a month ago. Today, life is so much better than it was 60 days ago! :smile:
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    Hi all! I might have posted here in the past but I'm too lazy to took back through all the posts! Anyway, I'm always interested in adding MN friends. I live in Stewartville (just south of Rochester) but work in Dallas, TX every other week. GO VIKINGS

    Hobbies are ice fishing and scuba diving. Also enjoy ATVing and camping but teenage children have claimed most of my weekends with soccer and volleyball tournaments. Anytime Fitness is my gym of choice and I bounce between weight training and cardiovascular.

    Unfortunately, I rarely log on to MFP via PC and my droid app doesn't support the community forums. Feel free to send me a friend request and/or message if you want to chat.
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    Hello, everyone! I hope this is still active. I was born in Bemidji, lived for a year in Bloomington, did the majority of my growing and learning in Shakopee and then made a move to Chaska for a few months and then to my home now in Lakeville. I have lived here for two or so years and will be moving to Burnsville in less than a month. :)
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    Hello Minnesota! Who's ready for Spring?!?!
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    Hope it's here, beautiful today!!!! Gayle Minneapolis
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    Hey everyone! Patti from Shakopee. Not new to MFP, but getting back on track after falling off the wagon. Always open to new friends!!
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    From Minneapolis but now live in Champlin.
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    Greetings Friends! Grew up in Minnesota, our last residence was Osage. We are currently living in Cape Coral, FL we are retiring the end of this year and traveling full-time. Love everything outdoors, Twins & Vikings! SKOL!
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    Hello. I'm from West Central Minnesota.