If you do Keto and are looking for friends on here, post here



  • Standsfast
    Standsfast Posts: 77 Member
    How do I add people? :/
    Click on the person's name, then click on their profile picture. You'll see a simple cartoon person with a "+". Click on that.
    At least, that's how my phone works.
    Luck to you!
  • djaustin53
    djaustin53 Posts: 33 Member
    If you'd like some older lady support, and want to support me... I'm 63 and looking for Keto buddies, I'm just starting.. :)
  • stefne888
    stefne888 Posts: 113 Member
    Feel free to add me. I really like when people have open diaries so I can get meal ideas.
  • spygirl67
    spygirl67 Posts: 1 Member
    I've been doing keto for a while (but have fallen off the keto "wagon" a few times), but am in need of some keto friends (my family is supportive but don't eat keto). I'm diabetic and this WOE is the best for my blood sugar. I have lost about 60 pounds on keto. I would love to have some keto friends for recipes/food idea exchanges, as well as support. Feel free to add me!
  • tags94
    tags94 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi. I'm looking for Keto friends who share their diary. Please friend me if you do, thanks!!!
  • awisdom309
    awisdom309 Posts: 22 Member
    Help I started keto September 6 and I have not lost a pound I gained 2 lbs, can anyone help me plz , look at my food log any help is needed thanks
  • KnitOrMiss
    KnitOrMiss Posts: 10,104 Member
    @awisdom309 - Your diary isn't public, so we can't look at it.
  • Bbiwbkacq
    Bbiwbkacq Posts: 59 Member
    Hi! Just starting this MFP and doing Intermittent Fasting. I happened upon Dr. Fung's website and noticed videos about LCHF. I've been doing plant based, but I would like to try this LCHF. Have lots to learn about keto and would appreciate some new friends to help me along the way. Please add me as a friend!
  • tschaeffer703
    tschaeffer703 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! I've been doing keto for about 4 months now (since the birth of baby #3). I'm down around 21lbs since starting. I'm also doing a 16/8 IF and have found that keto is the best diet/lifestyle I've tried after numerous attempts at weight loss. All of the cravings I would constantly have are gone and I (usually) no longer end up feeling like garbage after I eat. I really wish I had discovered this way of eating sooner.

    Anyway, please add me as a friend because I'd love to get an idea of what other people like to eat when doing keto.

  • svanzile
    svanzile Posts: 34 Member
    Started Keto in February and am down 50! Fell off the wagon for a bit but I'm back and want to lost another 50! Feel free to add me :)
  • djaustin53
    djaustin53 Posts: 33 Member
    Looking for Keto friends on MFP...
    MOHSROCKS Posts: 3 Member
    Hi feel free to add me :)
  • jax_006
    jax_006 Posts: 87 Member
    Same here! Just finished my first day on keto
  • FungusGirl
    FungusGirl Posts: 27 Member
    I'd love some support. I was an avid low carb, keto girl for years. I was happy and healthy. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and got scared-listened to doctors, people-tried everything under the sun. Now I'm double the person. I'm back and have read how this will help heal my brain. I'm ready.
  • postolache
    postolache Posts: 187 Member
    Looking for some keto friends
  • ketoerika
    ketoerika Posts: 2 Member
    Hi All – 2 months in and reaching out for support. Add me
  • Elizabeth2360
    Elizabeth2360 Posts: 181 Member
    Just started the Ketogenic ! Mine my be a bit different as I am following ketogenic for cancer. Just two weeks in! So totally new and learning but I love to support anyone who wants help. We can support each other ! So please add me!
  • GidgetWannaBe
    GidgetWannaBe Posts: 20 Member
    Starting Keto today. Tried it briefly a few years ago but let personally tragedy throw me off the wagon. Ready to commit for the long road this time. Feel free to add me.
  • Cwbyjnky
    Cwbyjnky Posts: 6 Member
    After a 30 pound loss and 15 pound regain I am looking for support. Feel free to add me and we can support each other! I want to see what everyone is doing to keto.
  • moprimal
    moprimal Posts: 13 Member
    Feel free to add me.
    I have mostly been focused on a primal lifestyle, obviously, but I'm researching keto a lot, and will most likely be stepping in very shortly