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    Dancing videos are done. I definitely liked the sass in these more than the straight faces from last week haha. I liked the last video the most, the moves were repetitive enough that I got it down :D
    Remember how I was complaining about eating my exercise calories back (for the most part)? Well I found a good way to cut it back a bit. I'm taking what my Fitbit says I burned and I'm just saying it was less calories, sometimes even half. Then I won't see a huge number and I won't go over cuz of our team! :)
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    Yay just got my 5k done!!

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    @mari_moulin Good job! Looks like a nice day there. We are covered in ice, although it is starting to melt some.
    I'm getting ready to get something done. Just going to do an exercise video in the house. Outside is dangerous and the thought of getting on the treadmill was not pleasing. Really want to sit on my butt and relax, but I also want to help the team. I wanted to get the 700 exercise minutes again this week. I don't know if my body will let me though. I'll see what I can do. I'm really proud of the team and how well we are doing. We are the only one without any inactive members also. Those can really hurt the team minutes and morale. Okay, off to exercise!
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    Hi team! It's been a good week for me getting my step goals done and and under calorie 2 days so far. So it's a new month, what's everyone's goals for the month? I am working on my meal prepping and step goals and especially working on getting more exercise minutes on the weekends!! I really struggle with weekends . How OES everyone make it work? tips and tricks please!!
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    Okay, thinking of some team names here.

    1. Global Trotters
    2. Participation Nation (lol, I don't know - we all participate and it rhymes)
    3. The SMASHERS (in honor of our great team captain and that we are killing it)

    That's all I got for now. Yesterday was a reeeeaaaaally close call on my calorie limit (I had like 11 to spare). But so far I'm 3/5. I haven't worked out yet today, but I'm planning on it. Good job team, we have a solid lead! Let's keep it up.
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    Helloooooooo team! Work has been pretty busy lately and trying to potty train my youngest is taking up my evenings, so I haven't been able to chime in here in a couple days! How are you all? I see everyone is putting in their minutes--awesome!!!! Makes me so happy that we're all so committed. I've not been running as much as I want to because 1) time and 2) the air quality in our valley right now is absolutely horrible. Like, bad enough that I have chest congestion after walking outside for 5 minutes, never mind running for longer than that. Which is really bad because my half-marathon is in 4 weeks and aaaaahhhhh I gotta train! I did the treadmill on my lunch break today but only managed 2.6 miles before I had to stop and get back to work. I'll try to do some arm exercises or something tonight to get more minutes in.

    @ddeliciosa I love the SMASHERS as a team name! What do you all think? I know it wouldn't be an official name per se but we definitely are smashing it and our fearless team leader deserves recognition too :D:D:D
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    Alright team! I did a lot of catching up yesterday and today and I made up for that missed Monday. Tomorrow I go back to my regular workout schedule. I did 4 workouts today! 5 k in the morning followed by 50 minutes of CIZE, then went to the Gym with hubby for my normal workout and then had 50 minutes of aquagym tonight. I'm pooped!!! Is it Rest day yet??? Good job with your workouts and extra points!!! See you all tomorrow. x
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    Week 2: Racing to La Reunion

    2 Videos : 7 bonus minutes - DONE!
    Danseuses Sega : 5 bonus minutes - DONE!


    1. LI TOURNÉ MAURITIAN SEGA (4:06 minutes) - DONE!
    2. LI TOURNÉ - DJ ASSAD (3:36 minutes) - DONE!
    3. DANSE TON MALOYA! (2:48 minutes) - DONE!
    4. MALOYA (Plage de Saint Pierre Réunion) (4:47 minutes) - DONE!
    5. PAPAOUTAI (3:31 minutes) - DONE! (my favorite !! I LOVE Stromae!!)


    Hike to Cascade du Trou de Fer ("Iron Hole Waterfall")
    5 KM (3.1 Miles) Outside

    Will do this on Thursday Feb 2nd - DONE!!


    Stay Under Calories 5/7 days this week

    4/7 DONE!
  • AshleyMFitness16
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    Omg you guys are awesome haha, love that name! I appreciate all of you :blush:

    Great job killin it everyone!
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    I love the name Smashers also! I just entered my minutes and we are in 2nd place by 2 points. I'm trying to get at least 60 minutes a day, which isn't a lot compared to some of you, but better than I usually do. Last night I didn't get home from running errands until 8:30, but instead of being a couch potato as usual, I did a walking video for 60 minutes, then pretty much crashed. I've been under my calories every day, so I'll be able to add those points tomorrow. Keep up the good work everyone!
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    Worked late doing accounting. I need to do some hooping.
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    @mari_moulin ughh I am right there with you about rest day. I ain't used to working out every day y'all! I'm not used to working out, period. This has been a great source of motivation and really jumpstarted my workout routine.

    Looks like we are in a very close 2nd place. Team 1 already has someone over 700 minutes already, and quite a few people close. Speaking of which, our own smasher @mari_moulin is at 627 minutes and super close to the max too! I'm day 4/5 for the calorie goal. I've been eating back the majority of my work out calories though :disappointed: