Take progress pics!



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    holy cow @karl317 You look like a different person. Maybe it's just the beard :D

    Yeah, I'm not hiding behind it anymore lol

    Haha, I know them feels. I still get a bit lazy and bushy through the winter, but for the most part, I haven’t kept much facial hair since my original 100+ lbs. loss.
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    Men get rid of their facial hair and women start wearing colors (other than black) and horizontal stripes. :)
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    @August2444 WOW!!!! What an incredible change! You must be so excited! The difference in the pics is so awesome! Big Congrats. :)
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    @August2444 WOW!!!! What an incredible change! You must be so excited! The difference in the pics is so awesome! Big Congrats. :)

    Thank you I am excited and very pleased with my progress so far.
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    Hey Melissa, you look great! Did you follow a particular Keto diet? I just started two weeks ago, generally following Ruled.me. I love to cook so I've modified recipes to things I enjoy while (mostly) maintaining my macros. I'm down 10 pounds, looking to lose at least 10 more. I think the last 10 will take some time, I lost 7.5 in the first week...
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    Not the best progress pics, just the face. First MFP profile pic versus newest MPF profile pic.

    About 1 year and 100 lbs apart.


    @Steph_Maks - I cannot think of adequate words here to describe the glorious improvements in your skin!!!! Dewy, bright, pink of health, glowing!!! Those just don't even encompass it all... You look so young, healthy, and vibrant!!!


    Edited to add - even your hair looks more luscious and brilliant! <3
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    Thanks @KnitOrMiss! There's definitely been a loooot of changes between those two pics lol.
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    August 2009: 170 lbs, 22yo (before keto, previously lacto-vegetarian for about 4 years, diet of mostly yogurt, whey, fruits, oatmeal, cereal...aka before the discovery of fire...cooking that is, lol)


    2013: 160-165lbs, 26yo: Did keto & IF a few years (about 4 years) at this point...took a break doing IIFYM with a few strategically placed days of zero/residual carbohydrates for conditioning purposes (to gauge progress, arguably/subjectively my best body composition)


    2018/Current: 160-165lbs, 31yo (slowly getting back into shape after some time off...back into keto with some PSMF done cyclically & "carnivore" diet recently...main focus has been recomposition/fat loss whilst maintaining muscle...I'm not into getting "big"/"gainz")
    Slow & Steady conditioning transformation/recomposition, no where near as dramatic as most of you guys/gals overall
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    @Keto_Vampire, when you already start at young and lean, the transformation may not be quite as dramatic, but looks like you are doing quite well with your addition of more muscle. I don't know if I'd call it recomp as you didn't have much fat showing in your before pic. Nice work - a good thing no matter how you view it.

    @Yokum1219 your picture wasn't available in your post (?) Too bad, sounds like you are doing well, especially exciting when you are new to this. <3
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    Trying again with the image. It shows when I look at the post! Both on my phone & PC
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    Yeah, no good starting pic to show how undefined legs & back were to begin with.
    Starting weight, waist size, & overall lack of definition (esp. abs, serratus, quads, hamstrings, & back) were parameters much improved on. Only size gains would be in deltoids (especially posterior & lateral heads) & quadriceps (sweep, again no good starting pic); combined with the fact that I actually dropped baseline weight = recomposition.

    No photoshopping & similar lighting (bathroom, bedroom, artificial light) because photoshopping/skewing = cheating yourself. Cropping is the only modification used.
    *I seriously hate the idea of bulking/cutting (not healthy)
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    @Yocum1219 Well done, you can really see the difference and you look really happy about it too! <3
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    @Keto_Vampire You’re super conditioned in almost all the pictures which is not easy to maintain.. good job! But can I ask why you started the PSMF? I don’t think it’s necessary since you’re already so lean. From 2013 to 2018 it looks like you might have lost some muscle even though you maintained the same weight? When you said you took time off, does this mean time off keto or time off lifting in general?
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    Yeah, I took 6 months off from lifting weights (still did cardio, still did keto - technically lacto vegan during...not intentional, just being too consistent) & went up to around 175lbs being noticeably less conditioned (started feeling & looking "flabby" & soft). I did PSMF cyclically to jumpstart conditioning - worked too well in combo with reintroducing weight lifting as I stalled around the 6-8 week mark.

    Yeah, I still think 2013 shape looks most muscular overall (combined with how lean I choose to remain) - being the best (opinion) body composition. After that, life gets shaky with finishing up college, rotations/traveling, finding work, moving, etc...(less consistency mainly in weight lifting; diet was keto). Leg musculature always being the hardest to maintain when not lifting enough overall
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    @aluhsin WOW! Fantastic! Congrats and well done!!
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    @aluhsin that's amazing, well done!