TEAM: The Slimsons (October)



  • Safari_Gal
    Safari_Gal Posts: 888 Member
    Daily stats: Sunday Oct 28

    Tracked: yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: rest day
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,285 Member
    edited October 2018
    Winner's Circle October Week 4:

    Winner's Circle (Posted 6-7 Days):

    Posted all 7 Days!

    Posted 6 of 7 days!

    Those making a great effort!

    Posted 4-5 days


    Posted 1-3 days


    Great job everyone!! There are a lot of winner's this week and I'm really proud of all of you for your efforts and successes!! Keep up the great work and let's have another great week!!

    Looking forward to another successful week. Keep it up guys, you're all doing great!!

    Week 4 Results have also been posted.

    Great job to our top 3:
    1st - @CourtneyLomonaco. - 2.07%
    2nd - @AB0215. - 1.46%
    3rd - @_ecofeminist. - 1.05%
  • AB0215
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    I've opened up the registrations for November, share with your friends, and if you've got free minute, leave an inviting comment in the challenge thread so it helps to keep it on the first page of the challenges board.
    i_SWEAT_n_SWEAR Posts: 2,324 Member
    edited October 2018
    Daily stats: Sunday Oct 28

    Tracked: Yes
    Calories: Under, fasting day
    Exercise: 3 mile walk with Aidan and Goldie
    Water: 113+ oz.
  • jcgator2016
    jcgator2016 Posts: 533 Member
    Daily Report Sun 28 Oct

    Tracking: No
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: 1 mile walk with the dog, 2 miles without. Two hours cleaning/closing pool.

    Finally a beautiful day after a string of cold, wet, dreary days. Bubby came over and spent the day with Nana and Papa. Carved a pumpkin and made some devil's chocolate cupcakes with orange icing to take to his daycare class on Monday. Bubby got more icing on himself than the cupcakes. Yes, I had to eat one.

    Last week for the Nov challenge. Would like to see a good number to finish my worst weight loss month. Might sneak in some cardio.

  • cmteach4
    cmteach4 Posts: 226 Member
    Daily post, Sunday, October 28

    Tracked. Yes
    Calories. Under
    Exercise. Few calisthenics

    Have a great week and don’t let those ghouls get you to eat too many treats!
  • mexiconona
    mexiconona Posts: 394 Member
    Daily post Oct. 28 th.
    Tracking yes
    Calories no
    Exercise no
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,285 Member
    Happy Weigh In Day Sunday:
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,285 Member
    Daily Post (Sunday)

    Track: Nope.
    Calories: Probably not.

    Comments: Decided to try what worked last week, that one day where I just ate what I wanted and rested. It seemed to work last week...and also, it's harder to stay on course when you're so far out of your normal routine...but now my niece is home and it's back to normal.
  • zumbaforever
    zumbaforever Posts: 6,035 Member
    Daily post, Sunday
    Track yes
    Calories, under
    Exercise, yes. Dog walking and an 11 mile bike ride on hilly terrain

  • jogetsgains
    jogetsgains Posts: 341 Member
    AB0215 wrote: »
    Happy Weigh In Day Sunday:

    Thanks! I already posted.
    I am out for next month. Thanks and you all keep killing it 😊
  • CourtneyLomonaco
    CourtneyLomonaco Posts: 562 Member
    Daily Post (Sunday)
    Track: no
    Calories: not sure
    Exercise: 3 mile jog
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,285 Member
    Happy Weigh In Day Monday:
    @Momma3times (got yours)
  • AB0215
    AB0215 Posts: 7,285 Member
    Weekly Weigh-In
    Previous Weight: 243.2
    Current Weight: 239.2

    @momma3times AWESOME LOSS!
  • silverstar65
    silverstar65 Posts: 184 Member
    edited October 2018
    Week 5

    Previous 196
    Currant 195

  • melbe159
    melbe159 Posts: 59 Member
    Oct week 5

    PW 132
    CW 132

    😫😩 got to start getting under calories
  • _ecofeminist
    _ecofeminist Posts: 44 Member
    Struggle fest week over here with my period.... I just went off the pill and this was my first period off the pill. my hormones are going CRAZY. my acne is also SO BAD and it takes away so much of my confidence. I feel *kitten* about my breakouts and have just been saying “f it” and eating crappy too which is definitely NOT helping. Sorry if this is tmi... anyways I made a little weight loss chart by my closet with my goals and my little non food rewards along the way. Hopefully this will help with things. Anyways, I’ve gained weight back and I’m super annoyed after the hard month of work. I’m hoping it can come off again before my next weight in. I’m going to do OMAD today and tomorrow before my weigh in Wednesday. Let’s see 😩 weight loss is hard. I need to stay consistent to see these results and I know that. Somehow I can convince myself it’s ok to eat more when I’m emotional...
  • melbe159
    melbe159 Posts: 59 Member
    Daily post Monday

    Track yes
    Calories yes
    Exercise yes yes yes 👏🏼💪🏼
    i_SWEAT_n_SWEAR Posts: 2,324 Member
    Daily stats: Monday Oct 29

    Tracked: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: 35min. stair climber & 70min. lateral climber/HIIT
    Water: 116 oz.

    Goal: Trying for a 4/3 fasting week (Sun., Tues. & Thurs.) My appetite has been down today thankfully --- I think the fasting day yesterday helped to curb my cravings today. Also had a lot of Moroccan Mint Green Tea today---it really helped suppress my appetite. I recommend it to anyone trying IF, or just needing extra help with cravings.
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