January 2019!! Monthly Challenge



  • Everyonelies
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    9/24-Keto SW-206.8lbs
    Last Goal- 180 by 12/31/18-Met 12/9/18!!!
    Next Goal- 160 by 5/31/2019

    Tuesday 1/1- 175.4
    Sunday 1/6- 177.8
    Sunday 1/13- 173.8
    Sunday 1/20- 175.6

    Sunday- 1/27
    Thursday 1/31

    This month has not been good to me...
  • KristinLeeD
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    This week felt pretty good! I’m struggling with keeping my carbs low enough but getting enough calories even though I’m eating only keto friendly foods. Maybe I do need to start using some fat bombs?

    What macros are you trying to meet? When I had that issue, I had to start tracking by counting my protein, fat and carb grams and then the calories would take care of themselves. For example, my macros are: 100g Protein / 68g Fat / 20g Carbs (I'm doing a lower fat version of Keto) If I meet those macros, my calories should be right where they are supposed to be for weight loss and then I don't have to count calories.
    With that said, if I end up under in calories because I come under on fat, I am okay with that because that just gives me a greater calorie deficit to reach my goals. I always try to meet my protein goal though because that is going to keep me from losing muscle.
  • KristinLeeD
    KristinLeeD Posts: 218 Member
    I’m not really angry or looking for sympathy. I know that getting old is not for sissies. Each day/month/year brings a new challenge. So, I rescind my complaint about aging. I’m not yet ready to accept the alternative to aging.

    I agree that getting old is not for sissies. This weekend we watched family videos with our kids from 13 years ago. It is not fair what a decade can do!
    I am only 5'1" so I don't have any height to spare, so I am NOT happy about that part of aging!
    Your perspective is great....bring it on!
  • db19732018
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    Tuesday 01/01 - 258 <3
    Sunday 01/06 - 263 :o
    Sunday 01/13 - 262 :)
    Sunday 01/20 - 264 :/
    Sunday 01/27
    Thursday 01/31
  • 4031isaiah
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    Starting weight 192.8
    Goal weight 130

    January 1st - 179.8 lbs
    Sunday 01/06 - 179.2 lbs
    Sunday 01/13 - 179.8 lbs
    Sunday 01/20 - 177.8 lbs
    Sunday 01/27 -
    January 31st -
  • chadrad2015
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    i'm just now starting to start cutting my carbs to start keto anyone have any pointers
  • Iamsimpleguy
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    Hello Keto Mates, Last Sunday of the Jan 2019 is came for me. I am from India so I am the first one to log in the details!! Four Sundays went really fast. Its been almost close to two months of Keto for me, feeling really great. I have not seen many changes in my weight but I can feel in my body lite. The weight is like up and down think I'm in Plateau but I am happy the way I am going. This month I had a cheat day on Jan 1st from then I gain weight and loss that with Alternate day fasting!! A new week is back hoping this will have some changes in my food & Weight.

    SW - 114.7 kgs (252 Pounds)
    CW - 101.8 kgs (224 Pounds)
    GW - 70 kgs (155 Pounds)

    Sunday 01/06 - 106.7 kgs
    Sunday 01/13 - 101 Kgs
    Sunday 01/20 - 101.7 Kgs
    Sunday 01/27 - 101.8 Kgs

  • Larkspur94
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    I'm female, age 25, 5' 5''
    Starting weight -154 (Sept 26th)
    Current weight -130.8
    Goal weight -around 119 (depends on image and haven't done any weights/resistance yet)

    Monday 12/24 - 131 (Morning of cheat time start, which lasted 9 days. More than planned as gifted a lot of chocolate and cider, so also had cheat meals each day. Didn't track after this day)

    Tuesday 01/02 - 139 (Went back on here and yep, 8lb gain. Mostly water but 2/3lb is fat as went overboard on kcals. I found I preferred keto alternatives in the end. Potatoes are so boring in any form. Rice, pasta and noodles also boring. Cauliflower mash and rice is so much better. Zoodles are great for noodles and spaghetti. Good keto recipe for other pasta. Bread I still enjoyed. Had toast with jam each day. Need to try keto bread recipe for toast. The overall feel of carbs and sugar though wasn't good. I felt crummy and towards the end my headaches were coming back, so was good to end before the migraines kicked in. I was also looking forward to healthy food again. <3)

    Sunday 01/06 - 136 (Water weight going down)

    Sunday 01/13 - 137 (Cheated on the 9th, my b-day, and for a couple days after. Water weight went back up, making weight 139 and I also struggled to go back. Had a keto day on 11th, tried making keto bread which failed and being that I spent hours on it I ate regular toast with jam from frustration. I got myself in the habit of snacking with the cheating so just felt hungry too much. Plain Weetabix in milk next night before managing to hold off any carby snacks other days. Those snacks still totalled to moderate low-carb though so wasn't too big a hit. )

    Sunday 01/20 -132 (I was 134 yesterday so wasn't expecting the 2 pound drop. May go up 1 tomorrow cause water, who knows. Getting better with the snacks, though did give in to having chicken and nuts last night which I'm logging in today's diary. Goal this week is not to snack at night, going to bed earlier would likely help. The cheating really messed up my eating habits, which were easy before.)

    Sunday 01/27 -130.8 (I've changed my scale to pounds instead of stone, so I have the 1/10 lb next to it now, in 0.2 increments. Snacking not a problem now as hunger has gone. Did try another bread recipe, but it was soon after waking and I read the egg count wrong haha. 4 whole eggs and 2 egg whites (separate the eggs). Ended up doing 2 egg whites and 6 egg yolks. Shouldn't bake while tired apparently.)

    Thursday 01/31.
  • Larkspur94
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    edited January 2019
    i'm just now starting to start cutting my carbs to start keto anyone have any pointers

    @chadrad2015 Don't worry about calories starting out. Just eat when hungry. Eggs, meat, cheese, butter, cream. Have these as or with snack or more in meals to fill up. Drink plenty of water.
  • chinatowninchina
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    Tuesday 01/01. 165.
    Sunday 01/06. 161.08
    Sunday 01/13. 161.2
    Sunday 01/20. 160.8
    Sunday 01/27. 161.2
    Thursday 01/31

    oh well, still under where I started on 1st January! I'll post the February Challenge later so don't think that it's about the end of January so you can all stop; we go on and on and on..........