What makes you to OVEREAT?



  • lsands
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    wifeyy wrote: »
    I tend to overeat when i am stressed!
    Or when i cook something i really enjoy eating as well for my family
    it is so hard to eat just a bit of it.:noway:

    I also overeat the day after my weigh in and once i do that it is always soooo hard to get back on track the next day!

    What makes you overeat?

    Boredom. Depression.
  • gimmekimchee_x
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    Stress and sadness trigger binge eating for me as well. It's a comfort thing and such a bad habit. I used to run instead of eat but when I hurt my back and started to have pain in both my feet I dont run as much as I want to. I can still run but I always come up with excuses to eat instead and now I'm at a point where I'm ashamed of how bad of shape I'm in. I need to lose at least 40 pounds and that's probably being easy on myself. It's a comfort to see some of you with similar challenges.

    Good luck to you! Feel free to add me as a friend, I dont know how lol
  • FaithfuLEEfit
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    I generally overeat when I'm feeling lonely or getting over an ex lol. I also overeat when I'm bored -_-. It's sad to say, but food is my comfort during those times. I'm working on finding more healthy and positive outlets for those times.
  • Texassage65
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    I overeat when alone or bored. Then regret it. Get back on track only to do same thing again the next week.
  • daygirl5000
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    My emotions always make me feel like I have to eat. If I am pissed off, I cram so much food in me it's disgusting. When I'm sad I tend to eat chips or chocolate to soothe my soul. God help me if I am happy(lol) emotional eating sucks.....

  • sclady21
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    joevedairo wrote: »
    wyndesnow wrote: »
    This is ME! Completely and totally ME! Wendy
    I overeat when......
    Im sad
    Im angry
    Im happy
    Im lonely
    Im bored
    Im stressed
    Im at a party
    Im at a family get together
    I want to make myself feel better
    Ive accomplished something, overeating is like a "treat"

    So yeah....I think thats pretty much it!

    this is me.. relate much

    Me too!
  • FaithAnne04
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    Self-hate, stress, loneliness, and fear
  • Nanalove2018
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    Self-hate, stress, loneliness, and fear

  • SharkyShoob
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    I overeat when I'm very sad, or extremely bored.
    If I have a high protein meal for lunch I'm usually okay later in the day, but fasting is hard the first day. Other than that it takes more extreme sides of emotion to get me. :/
  • Susanna527
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    I'm a huge emotional eater. While I hate running to an "app" for everything, a dietician recommended "Eat Right Now" to me. I was able to get a discount for a six-month plan at work, and I follow the modules every day. I wasn't sure I'd put much stock in it, but I think it is helping :) I do the R.A.I.N exercises, etc. Might be worth checking out for those who are like me - emotional eaters, and people who might not eat so mindfully at times.
  • johicks
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    I am still trying to figure out why I overeat and what are my triggers. I have been overweight all my life and love food. But I am tired of Lodi g, getting close to goal, and gaining it back. So I am ready to get in touch with answer I g this question and to be honest with myself.
  • kp7067
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    All too true. Social situations definitely make me eat or sometimes drink too much. I don’t always realize how many liquid calories I’m taking in, and then of course I end up making poor food choices because of it.
  • Nanalove2018
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  • lcfa5317
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    Stress. When I'm sad about my mom's deteriorating health. When I'm worried about my kids. When I'm angry with a colleague. When I want to celebrate something. OMG - everything makes me want to eat. Problem!
  • Cindy4Change
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    An array of different emotions. I'm learning to accept them all. Positive and negative. I feel them. I tell myself I'm ok and that what I'm currently feeling isn't who I am as a person. I then try some self soothing techniques. I love two different apps on my phone. The pally app and the devicer app. Both are free. They teach you new ways to deal with eating. How to deal with your emotions. I've lost 12 pounds so far. I highly recommend you listen to these.
  • DjGirl2013
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    I overeat if I’m bored or anxious but since I started Intermittent Fasting (if) it’s gotten a bit better.

    Certain foods make me overeat too like white bread...
  • aimeemarie150
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    Food is too darn tasty. I emotionally eat, but I find that anymore it's so easy to overindulge. I find I'm not in a place financially to afford things like vacations or outings so instead I give myself cheap food rewards. It's not as big an issue anymore, but I find that's more the reason than stress and emotions lately.
  • ValentineMomma
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    I eat out of boredom, out of a bad habit to snack or want comfort in something sweet or crunchy. :#:s