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  • Kathie_GoGo
    Kathie_GoGo Posts: 209 Member
    Username: Kathie_GoGo
    Weigh in week: OCT Week 1
    Weigh in day: Wed
    Previous Week's weight: 156.0 pounds
    Today's Weight: 155.8 pounds

    I apologize if this is a repeat post. I thought I entered it earlier this morning, but don't see it ... Maybe I only did "preview" not "post reply". Oops.
  • bootssowhite
    bootssowhite Posts: 93 Member
    @Pearl4686 and @johicks I'm so sorry I missed last week's weigh-in. I had out-of-town guests and it completely slipped my mind. Can I still put in a late weigh-in?
  • jupdyke
    jupdyke Posts: 325 Member
    Daily post: Wed.
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: Right on
    Exercise: Strength Training and Abs

    I'm in week 4 of the shred. It's and 8 week individualized meal plan along woth intense workouts. I am hoping to hit the 10 lb loss mark this Saturday. I've followed the program to a T and have not cheated once. I'm feeling so much healthier. I am also feeling the difference. Sorry if I'm so queit on here. Life is extremely crazy between meal prep, workouts, kids sports, dance classes, maintaining a house and sanity. Lol. I've got this. Love being a part of this awesome team. Tomorrow marks the start of a new booty class. Can't wait.
  • skullsandskeletons
    skullsandskeletons Posts: 675 Member
    Daily post Wednesday
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: no

    Today was one of those days when my depression turns me into a zombie. I had a hard time focusing on work but at least I didn’t eat my emotions! Tomorrow is a new day.
  • kilobykilo
    kilobykilo Posts: 800 Member
    Good morning all, I can almost smell the weekend!

    Wednesday daily post:

    Tracked: yes
    Calories: under thanks to exercise cals
    Exercise: lots of walking to and from work, but nothing specific
    My day: was super busy and mentally tiring at work so I'm glad I kept on track..... 3 day weekend coming up which I so need to recharge my batteries!
  • kilobykilo
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    edited October 2019
    @Pearl4686 hugs to you. How did your first day back on it go? No need to thank me for my posts, they keep me motivated!

    @heyjude0225 hope all is well :)

    @Kathie_GoGo sounds like you really lived up to your name, great day!

    @jupdyke awesome! Sounds like you're on fire!

    @skullsandskeletons hugs to you. Well done for staying on track, hope today is a better day and be kind to yourself x
  • Pearl4686
    Pearl4686 Posts: 918 Member
    @bootssowhite I think that's fine, but
    @AB0215 does admin ATM so hopefully, she'll sort you out. Just post your weigh-in.

    @jupdyke you're so on it! Sounds like you're very busy but making time for yourself! Good on you!

    @skullsandskeletons I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day, but glad you stayed on track.

    @kilobykilo despite a tiring day, you kept on track, so well done, keep it up!

    I stayed on track yesterday, as I had a very packed day with little time to eat/snack. In fact, I chose yesterday to restart as I knew I would be busy so less opportunity to snack. Challenge now is to stay on plan! So if I go quiet on here, you'll know I've fallen off- please NAG me! This team is awesome as always!
  • Kathie_GoGo
    Kathie_GoGo Posts: 209 Member
    Daily Post: Wed
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: met goal
    Activity: No workout, but daily steps = 3 miles
  • DDay2020
    DDay2020 Posts: 56 Member
    Username: DDay2020
    Week: Sunday, 9/29
    PW: 249.8
    CW: 259.4
    below are optional
    One thing I did well:40-75 min of cardio x 7, Mobility Everyday
    Long term goal: It is exactly 13 weeks until January 1, 2020. I have done 10 of my 50 workout goal. I went on vacation for four days and dd not log for 3 days but I was far more active then normal and I have steadily increased my cardio so gaining 10 pounds was disappointing. I thought about quiting but decided to give it to the end of October and then decide if this is the right dietfor me.
  • Pearl4686
    Pearl4686 Posts: 918 Member
    @Kathie_GoGo still on it!

    @DDay2020 ugh! that's tough, commiserations, but keep in mind some of that might be waterweight and might come off in the next couple of days. You're still good on the workouts so don't give up! Are you referring to a specific diet you're trying?

    So, yesterday, I finally got an honest day logging under my belt (and stayed under).
    Today, I woke up very determined to keep it up, but had a headache and TOM and ended up binging 600 calories in biscuits :(
    I feel like I'm in the wrong group, I should be on the one for serial starters :( (joking)
    Now I want to try mitigate my binge with no dinner but I'm not sure I'll be able to and sometimes I'm better off eating a decent meal then abstaining as that might lead to a binge.
    Hmm decisions....
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,964 Member
    Had a major victory at the grocery store today. Saw a new display, thought it was spices so went to check it out.

    No spices but a lot of yummy sauces. A big jar of salted caramel sauce called my name. But then I'd have to get ice cream to put it on. That's not how I want to spend my calories, so I walked away from it.

    I've got to say, that's the biggest temptation I've had since I started this journey. Lynda - 1, salted caramel - 0. 😁
  • heyjude0225
    heyjude0225 Posts: 913 Member
    Still slacking on daily posts....

    Daily Post: 02/10/19
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: stayed under
    Activity: Returned to BJJ for the first time since my accident + pushups/situps/squats+walked 20minutes at work on break

  • bootssowhite
    bootssowhite Posts: 93 Member
    b]Username:[/b] bootssowhite
    Week: (super belated) October Week 1
    PW: 262.6
    CW: 261.6

    Daily Post (Thursday)
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: Yes, finished C25K week 2!
    Healthier habits: Despite sleeping terribly the past few nights, I made myself go on a run today, and feel better for it. It helps that I finally remembered that I need to eat something before running.
  • DDay2020
    DDay2020 Posts: 56 Member
    Daily Post Thurs
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes/under
    Exercise: biked 10 miles/ Mobility Workout
  • skullsandskeletons
    skullsandskeletons Posts: 675 Member
    Thanks @Pearl4686 and @kilobykilo for your nice words! Today was good.

    Daily post Thursday
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: no
  • Pearl4686
    Pearl4686 Posts: 918 Member
    @LyndaBSS hmm ice cream, now that makes me hungry. Well done for staying away! Once it gets into my house, I know it ends up in my mouth.

    @heyjude0225 welcome back! You're so on it! Glad to hear you're recovering!

    @bootssowhite nice loss! And what a great achievement pushing yourself when you're tired! Keep going with the C25K!

    @DDay2020 keep it up!

    @skullsandskeletons I think like @kilobykilo posting often actually helps me! (See post below!) So thank you!
  • Pearl4686
    Pearl4686 Posts: 918 Member
    Friday weigh in
    PW: 175.5
    CW: 173.1

    Totally baffles me! I ate badly half the week but I guess the other half made up for it! And getting back to posting here! It's still the same 2 lbs I've been gaining/losing for the last 2 months but hey, I'll take it!
  • kilobykilo
    kilobykilo Posts: 800 Member
    Daily post thurs:
    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: nothing beyond walking, but did over 15000 steps
    Day: busy and long so I'm happy to have been on plan

    Hellllllooooooo Friday!!
  • jupollock
    jupollock Posts: 53 Member
    Hi guys! Well done everyone on your hard work. :)
  • angiesjourney
    angiesjourney Posts: 66 Member
    Weigh in day. Friday
    Pw: 258.2
    Cw 256.7

    Slow and steady wins the race. This week has been a long one, but managed to stay on track
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