• Fracicciopes
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    Hello everyone my name is Francesco, from Italy.

    My superpower was being able to eat quite 5 pounds of lasagna in a single meal.
    But i'm lucky i lost this superpower since 1 year....
  • VonicaFlear
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    Hi I'm V from Nova Scotia, Canada.

    My superpower is nerding out about biology stuff and yaking on about it for hours lol
  • strifechick
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    Hello! My name is Nikki! I had a super power it would be random knowledge! I am very smart and I know just a little bit about nearly every subject out there and I can often use what I have to fake it till I make it and people think I'm a pro!

    Just a bit more about me:
    I'm a fan of sorta old school games like Ps1 and Ps2 era.

    I used to read comics when ones a kid but barely remember anything from them now a days all I keep up with is the walking dead comic.

    TV/Movie wise I love a lot of sci-fi, superhero, horror, comedy, time travel, supernatural, and well a little of every other genere out there.

    I'm weirdly into criminal profiling and serial killers which isn't your day to day nerd/geekdom style but I love to learn about it.

    I don't wanna go into tons of details about specifics cause I could go on all day but just wanted to get the gist of things out there.

    Hope to meet some people with common interests or at least an arch nemesis!!
  • kurzondax
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    My name is Randy, and I am a cat whisperer. Give me your most feral, unsocial feline and a couple of hours and he'll be my new best friend. I also managed to binge watch all 10 seasons of Smallville.

    I suppose I am equal parts nerd and geek. I enjoy most of the standard geek stuff including nearly all Sci-Fi, PC and console gaming, DC and Marvel, etc. The only Sci-Fi I've never liked is Dr. Who. Something about it makes me want to get a feral cat to claw my eyes out.

    I'm also somewhat of a quintessential computer nerd that enjoys coding. I couldn't paint a picture to save my life, but my favorite pastime is creating 3D models.

    I find quantum and theoretical physics extraordinarily fascinating.

    My family, including my 8yo sidekick son, are the world to me.

    Ok, enough with the rambling. I've recently begun a significant weight loss journey to unravel years of physical neglect.

    As with everyone else, I would love to meet some fellow geeks.
  • jlkrell7
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    Hey, I'm Jenn and I am a master builder. I can build most lego sets without the instructions.
  • girlgeeklula
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    Hello fellow geeks. I'm Lula and I would have to say my superpowers range from retaining random trivia to many abilities related to watching young children (the ability to sense children being where they shouldn't, smelling a stinky diaper across the room, and lifting various weighed children repeatedly for many hours).
  • bluecubby61
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    edited August 2017
    Hello, my name is Janice, not really sure about having a superpower, except for the ability to make time disappear by simply opening a book or binge watching a fav tv show or movie series.

    Picked up a copy of Heinlein's "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" at a yard sale when I was a kid, a geeky kid who read 5 years above her grade level, and never looked back.
    Alas, my lack of math skills (except for during that 9th grade crush on my Algebra I teacher) and behavioral problems held me back. I was never destined to be jumped ahead several grades and become the female Sheldon Cooper of my generation.

    I am older now and more a smart-a** than smart; they will have to pry my mouse out of my cold dead hand, as chronic eye problems have saved me from the smartphone phenom. I do have a 55"flatscreen I use as a pc monitor, but it is more of a necessity than cool. I used to play Monsters Tri and Skyrim, but my eyes are too bad to play video games any more, the instructions and tool bars are just too tiny. Hoping to have eye surgery soon but my reflexes are probably shot by now, lol.

    I am 55yrs old and had a VSG on 6/26/2017. I am using MFP to track and monitor my food and water intake.

    Sorry this is so long, old ladies do tend to ramble on, but you are never too old to be a nerd, just ask Stan Lee!

  • msnomar
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    Is this still going? Well, I'm newbs, and I'd have to say my super power is primarily in retaining useless information, verbatim, as well and super-incessant-devil's-advocate, commonly using equal amounts of nonsensical and aforementioned useless data.
    I can also find resources for nearly anything.
  • lildarkvixen
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    Hey, my name is Zuri and my superpower is spouting off random wildlife science and warrior cats trivia.
  • OnlyDragonQueen
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    Hi my name is Nikki and if I had any super power it would be to become the leader of everything I've ever particpated in (becuase I don't have enough on my plate already as is). I'm going to be 30 in a few weeks and my husband and I are in the process of adoption as well as seeing a doctor about if I am capable of getting pregnant. It's a fixed bag of fun and we're leaning to which ever happens first. I do want to lose weight so I can get pregnant if that's the way we end up going.

    My favorite nerdy things are: Star Trek, D&D, Firefly, Doctor Who, Supernatural, reading, learning about psychological experiments, and writing. :) Love to meet fell nerds/geeks!
  • youallonsy
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    My super power is...
  • youallonsy
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    youallonsy wrote: »
    My super power is...
    youallonsy wrote: »

  • PaulaKro
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    youallonsy wrote: »
    You are so golden! :bigsmile:

  • renku
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    Not new here, but I am back to MFP and logging. I'm from Calgatory Canada (Yeeha). All of the nerd groups have gone a bit quiet, looking for some new MFP friends and diversionary conversation during the long day at the office. I've already discussed my superpower, my Kryptonite is now Type II Diabetes and chocolate.
  • JustasiaS
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    Hello. My name is Justasia. I'm returning to MFP after a long hiatus and my superpower is sarcasm.
  • mattig89ch
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    Hello, my name is Matt. I've been on MFP for a couple years now, lost 80 lbs so far. I just kinda ignored the social side of MFP, as I don't really feel the need to community support. But I got bored, and started looking around. And found this group.

    I am a 100% nerd, but I'm a nerd to likes some non-nerdy things too. So I'm hoping I like this group, and the reverse too.

    I haven't discovered my superpower yet, but I'ma lookin'. :p
    LANABENIKO Posts: 4 Member
    Hello, I used MFP for a health class a few years back and I can't remember the login email I used. I am just looking for people to hold me accountable for my weigh loss goals which is to lose 77lbs.

    I have Hobbit feet, is that a superpower?
  • KittyPryde2
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    I'm Kitty and my superpower is I can walk through walls.

    jk. My name is Rikki and sometimes I can get it to stop raining long enough for me to run to my car.
  • LiLee2018
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    Lisa. 41yo stay-at-home mom of 3.
    My superpower is that I can sometimes pass myself off as a normal adult that totally knows how to adult and do adult things. Such as.... I know garbage is picked up on Tuesdays and recycle is picked up every other Friday.
    /flexes my minimum required adulting!