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    Welcome new team members.

    I'm Tracy. I live in New Hampshire, 48. Married with 2 boys and 2 granddaughters. Each boy has a girl. They are 4 months apart. I am an assistant director in child care. I love to zumba and walk. I'm trying to convince my husband that I need a spin bike, he's not biting at this time anyway. I'm sure I may be able to get it. I looked for one yesterday actually at a big yard sale that was happening but there wasn't any. There was one of those low type bikes.

    Tomorrow I am getting my covid test, not looking forward to that. My surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I am hoping I will be able to walk a little to get some sort of exercise towards the end of next week. I dont do well just sitting around. I know I need to rest but even if it's just a little stroll around the block or on the treadmill my husband says a I never use. Reason he says I dont need a bike, lol. I have been busy trying to get things done before I cant do anything. Yesterday we went to a corn maze to take a break from everything. We spent 2 hours trying to get out. I got a lot of steps but my feet were killing me because I didn't wear my new sneakers.
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    You're going to do great! One step at a time. A reminder for all of us (especially me since I tend to forget😊 )"this is a marathon, not a sprint"

    As my trainer likes to say "baby steps" He"ll tell me to focus on one thing. For example, work on getting in your water this week, then the following week focus on something else while continuing to get in the water. Basically you're building on what you did the week before while also continuing to progress.

    Hope this helps!
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    Welcome to the new team members! This is a great team, very interactive!

    My name is Stephanie, and I’m from Maine. (You probably already guessed that lol.) I am married (23 years today-woo hoo!) and I have a 19 yo son that is in the Maine National Guard and sophomore year of college. I also have a stepson that has a 7 mo son so my hubs and I are now grandparents.

    I have been overweight since about 3rd grade when I lived with my grandmother for a year. In high school and college, I was not terribly overweight, but once I started working, the weight has gradually crept up, up, up! I lost 49# about 5 yrs ago using mfp, but a back injury derailed my progress. This year, February 28th to be exact, I rejoined mfp and WW online. I decided to go for a walk the next morning and stepped on ice, slipped and fell, and dislocated and broke my ankle. I had surgery in March to put it back together. But I am back on track, lost about 35# so far this year.

    Goals for October (pretty much same as September):
    -Walk 30 minutes each day
    -Drink 64 oz water daily
    -Prelog Mon-Thur meals
    -10,000 steps daily

    This weekend was our anniversary trip away to NH. We walked around a car show on Saturday (something like 13,000 steps) and hiked 5+ miles today (17,531 steps so far today), but that doesn’t offset the crazy amount of calories I ate! Weigh in tomorrow is probably going to be bad! But I enjoyed every minute of it and logged every bite!

    Great approach, Steph! I took a peek at your diary and loved your brunch.
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    Melzz19 wrote: »

    Well got my hike in this weekend at Theodore Roosevelt national park. I tried getting a co worker to go with me but her husband works shift work and this was his weekend off so I went on my own did a 4.5 mile hike through some moderately rough terrain and was completely worth it. I felt so great I love hiking I use to hike three times a week with a friend back in my hometown but it’s been a while since I’ve got a good hike it. Hopefully I’ll get a few more in before the snow settles in we are already getting into the low thirty’s in the morning but still around 65-70 mid day but it won’t last long here.

    Way to go, Melz. What a beautiful sky!
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    Username: mainebeachbum
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 228.8 lbs
    CW (Current Weight): 230.4 lbs
    LTD (Loss to Date): 31.6 lbs
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    Hey y’all, I am Debbie from Wilson, North Carolina. I am 68 years old, married to Larry for almost 46 years. No children but we have 5 nieces and a nephew and grand nieces and nephews. I am a retired teacher and was doing a lot of substitute teaching and many interim positions. I worked about every day until Covid. I live in the country on a farm. I love to walk, I tolerate strength training (I did not say love yet). I guess it takes a while to build that relationship. I love to BAKE. Nope, baking is not a good hobby for someone that has to watch weight. I have been a yo-yo dieter all of my adult life. In April 2013 I was at an all-time high at 173 pounds and climbing. All of my clothes were tight and I was depressed. While sitting on the couch (probably eating a snack) I was watching the television show "The Doctors" and saw a segment on My Fitness Pal. I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a shot-nothing to lose, but maybe some fat. I joined MFP April 9, 2013 and have logged every day since. I also bought a fitbit zip in August of 2013. MFP and my little zip gave me just what I needed. I upped my game to a fitbit Versa last year at Christmas. One of those “me to me” gifts. I have met some amazing, inspiring, supportive people on MFP that have given me the encouragement and support that I needed. I knew what to do, how to do it, but I just didn't have my heart in it. I am now around 125-129 pounds and am walking 10-20 thousand steps a day and lifting light weights. For me, maintenance is harder than dieting, but I am doing ok. I thank all of my new friends here in our F2F group & the habit tracker for helping me stay focused. I have definitely had a few ups and downs. When you log every day you realize this and make adjustments. One thing that I have found helpful for long term success is to record my weight yearly on my profile page. The following weights were recorded on my birthday (May 6) each year of this journey. I try to use 127 as my "magic number" to watch out for weight gain. When I weigh 127, I jump back into diet mode for a few days and it seems to work for me.
    started mfp on 4/9/13 at 173 pounds
    I look forward to October being our month for health and fitness. We can do this together. You will my mantra many times: KEEP ON KEEPING ON………………………….

    Thanks for what you and @therseamvean do for our group, you are appreciated.
    Love your goals for October! I pray that you are recovering from Covid.

    @kiane50 – you appear to be an animal lover. My husband has 2 cats up at the farm. They both just showed up at different times and they love him. They have finally gotten to the place that I can rub them but only if he is around. The Botanical Garden walk sounds wonderful. I am still walking on the country road in front of our house or the farm paths.

    Thanks for posting your story again, I have been here just a month so I needed the update. Great goals for October and I know that you can get to your goal. As an unofficial motivator I will try to work into official motivator status:):) Loved the kitten link that you shared for Bob.

    @jugar –great to see your post on goal zone, I think you and I are the only ones using it. I sure hope that others are reaching their goals and will join us soon.

    Congrats on the weight loss! Having a gym in your house is awesome. I am sure that helps on the days that we just don’t feel like getting out. Love your goals, especially finish at less than starting.

    I love your job and active lifestyle. Your goals are great! Reading this morning makes me think of changing a few of mine for October. Great pictures!

    @Cuddleme72 Welcome to the team! Wow, what a journey. I sure hope the health issues are better. I like your plan of walking (I am also an avid walker) Any amount of steps is a start in the right direction. You can slowly work your way up. Don’t forget in house walking. Each commercial on TV will allow you to get 300 steps. It also gets you up and down from your chair, couch etc. You can do this, I believe in you!

    Welcome back! I am also from NC (Wilson) I hope to see you in the goal zone chats.

    @CassieGetsFit – Great to have a partner to help you get back on track. I have 2 pieces of advice that I live by: If you aren’t hungry don’t eat and Keep on Keeping On……Girl, you can do it, make October your month, Own it!

    @ljdanny – good to see other walkers here! I hope that you are able to get the spin bike, variety is always good. Prayers lifted for you for the upcoming surgery.

    @mainbeachbum –Back and ankle trouble, wow! I hope that you are recovering and continue to get better every day. I love the goals, mine are very similar. Glad that you were able to take the anniversary trip.

    @Cafelelia Thanks for the reintroduction. September is behind us and now to October with a new attitude, resolve, hope, dream, whatever works for us. Congratulations on nearing your goal weight. This may be your month. I love your goals, especially the stress busting one. I need to take a page from your book. And yes, by all means enjoy your holidays and birthday. I know that you have the determination to get right back at it after these momentous occasions. If Covid has taught me anything it is to do our best to be fit enough to enjoy our time here on planet Earth.

    worth repeating: KEEP ON KEEPING ON............................ have a great week!
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    10/04 steps 4941
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    A huge welcome to all of our new members! I can't wait to get to know you!
    Wow, I HAVE to get this turned around! Thankfully, @minstrelofsarcasm has been talking to me and is going try and help me get back on track! I'm so grateful for my new friendship with her and hope she feels the same. 🙃 I hope I can prove to myself, her and you guys that I can get back on track and have a loss next week! I'm going to remain on the sideline again for this month and see what I can pull off before rejoining you guys! 😊🥰

    @CassieGetsFit2013 -

    You're going to do great and get right back at it! Just have to find a system that works for you and stick with it. Once you've got a strong routine in place, you're going to really show us what you're made of. :blush: We're here for you!

    @Melzz19 -

    Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous. I'm very jealous; it's been raining on and off here for a few days, and it's also chilly. Gotta take advantage of that sunshine while we've got it!

    @debbiewsharpe -

    I'm recovering decently well, thank you. I think I got lucky and was only hit with a mild case. Also very fortunate that I'm young and healthy and well informed of what triggers my pre-existing conditions.

    @Cafelelia -

    Your birthday is coming up? I do believe you are legally required to tell us when it is. Not for any specific reason, of course. Definitely not any reason. No reasons. None at all. Nope. :wink:

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    On that note...
    Our Step Challenge Winners!
    We have a big winning team this week. October is a great month for increasing your steps.

    The champion is:
    Debbie @debbiewsharpe 123,813 steps

    Over 10,000 Average Steps a Day:
    Bob @KUMEcyclingteam 83,556 steps
    Tracy @ljdanny 82,599 steps
    Theresa @1theresamcvean 77,540 steps
    Mary @brown6267 74,664 steps
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    Are we supposed to be keeping track of our steps?
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    @Cuddleme72 -

    Only if you'd like to. Some of us do, some of us don't. I think it's a helpful measure of how active you are during the day, especially if you don't complete any other structured workouts or if walking is your main form of exercise.
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    Cuddleme72 wrote: »
    Are we supposed to be keeping track of our steps?

    Daniele, We have a step challenge and it is voluntary. If you would like to be included, please let us know and we'll add you to the challenge. Some people post their steps each day and others provide the details all in one go on Saturday or Sunday for the week. Some really successful people are up in the 20,000 steps/day range and we celebrate first, second, and third place, as well as those who go over 10,000 steps/day (70,000 + steps/week).
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