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  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    November Week Four

    Previous Weight: 166.2 (November 19th)
    Current Weight: 166.2 (November 26th)
    Loss to Date: 67.8 lbs

    Whew, I was worried. I've been bouncing back and forth in the high 160s from poor eating choices, bloating, water retention from working out, too much dairy, too much sugar, not enough sleep... But I'll take a maintain! Goal is to get below 165 by January, but I'm in no place to push myself too far at the moment.


    I've been snacking. A lot. And I need to get it under control. The excess food was my way to combat stress, boredom, and dehydration. And while I knew what I was doing, I didn't talk myself into changing my behavior. So, my goal for the next week (outside of the holiday today) is to get back to my pattern of drinking water whenever I feel the urge to go snack, and reevaluating my hunger after I've rehydrated.


    My dumbbell set finally arrived. I assembled it, set it up, and have intentions to start using them more often, especially since I need to get some crosstraining done, and because I'm very worried that the governor is going to order gyms to be closed in Ohio in the next few weeks. I need to exercise or else my mental health is going to deteriorate quickly, and with it getting cold, walks are soon to be off the table.
  • kandi3570
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    I think I faired pretty well on thanksgiving. I ate a lot of carbs. Which my body is not used to so I’m very tired. I guesstimate my calories at 2000 which is acceptable. I didn’t get many steps I’ve been up cooking since 6 am. But tomorrow I am going back at this hard and getting my steps in. I’ve been plateaus this week so we’ll see what the scales do Saturday after the carb fest today. It doesn’t matter as of Saturday I’ve set a goal to be down 10 pounds by the first weigh in January. So Christmas will not be a carb binge. Homemade noodles and mashed potatoes are a weakness. I can’t help myself. But it was a good day with close family. 😁
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    The plan was to not go overboard at Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was so good I did get carried away.😯 I've been doing pretty well the last few weeks so I'm not going to worry about one day since that doesn't help anyway.

    We had a small group. Just my sister, brother in law, one nephew, his wife and baby, my dad and me. My dad stayed for dinner and went home shortly after. My nephew and family stayed a little longer and then had to go to the other side of the family and I'm spending the night. The 3 of us played a game and then watched Toy Story 3.

    My brother ended up not coming from up north. It was disappointing since it's been so long since we've seen him and the plan was for him and me to spend the night at our sister's and the 3 of us to spend tomorrow together. I can't remember the last time the that we did that. Hopefully he"ll make it down for Christmas.
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    Week 4
    Pw 190
    Cw 190
  • brown6267
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    11/26 steps 5527
  • kiane50
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    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx great job losing all that weight! Your health has got to be so much better off!
  • kiane50
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    @minstrelofsarcasm what a beautiful area. I have not run in years. I can’t even think about today as I don’t feel well enough.
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    Hope everyone had a good day yesterday, holiday or not. I ate a lot, as much as expected. No shame here - everything was delicious. And, as expected, the bloat from the carbs and dairy and alcohol and sugar and... hit me. I saw a 2+ lb gain on the scale this morning, and while I ate quite a bit last night, I definitely did not consume over 7000 calories. That pesky water retention strikes again!

    If anyone would like to be excused from their weigh-in this week, please let me know. And keep in mind that two missed weigh-ins in a row will lead to being removed from the group. Still waiting on a couple of you from earlier this week (I'll call you out by name tomorrow :wink: ).

    A couple reminders for today:
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Release the tension from your shoulders and jaw
    • Overindulging one day is not a sign of failure
    • Overindulging one day is not a reason to dive off the wagon
    • Every moment is a new moment, every decision is a chance to be a better decision than the last
    • You are not alone, even if you're feeling lonely :heart:

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Hello team Weight no more ..... You have a new member joining you ... Please welcome @loseitwithbee :)
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Cafelelia wrote: »
    PW - 139.9
    CW - 138.8
    LTD - 30 lbs which is GOAL!

    Today was going to be goal no matter what, but I did officially reach it! My biggest NSV to match was having excellent results from my physical, with normal cholesterol levels (my cholesterol was borderline high at my highest weight). More than the number on the scale, the improvement in my health has been my biggest delight and victory.

    I wanted to thank our entire team for your support through my journey! January 2021 will be my 2 year anniversary with this team. I was injured much of 2019 and was sidelined from weight loss, until @sleepymom5 helped pull me back in (thank you!) The pandemic resulted in another setback, but I refocused and recommitted in the spring. I also wanted to thank @hope002 for sharing so openly about her experience with IF, and answering my many questions. IF became a very important tool in my journey, and it led me to read and follow Toronto’s own, Dr. Jason Fung, who wrote the Obesity Code.

    @1theresamcvean and @minstrelofsarcasm, thank you so much for your leadership! I would like to move to cheer squad for December, and am thinking about moving over to the maintenance zone after that, where I still check in weekly here.

    I have discovered that the journey never really ends, and I need to stay focused to maintain. I will be setting some new fitness and maintenance goals over the next few weeks and through 2021.

    I am really not great with photo tracking and before/after photos. I did make one though. I was saying to Pam that I have mixed feelings about before/after photos, because I feel like I am saying that my old self was lacking somehow. I have rediscovered self-love and respect on this journey, and know that my past self was doing a great job through stressful times, and doing the best that she could with the knowledge that she had. So I am posting that photo, and a photo of me in my goal reward jacket (a Canada Goose bomber).

    I will continue checking in, especially with the upcoming holidays. Thanks again everyone!

    Congratulations, Lisa! I'm so happy for you. Your blue bomber jacket looks just like one that I wore in grade nine when I went to Loretto in Niagara Falls (you're probably the only one who can picture where I mean). It's absolutely fantastic to see you strike a youthful pose with such a delighted expression in your after photo. I really admire that you acknowledge love and respect for the woman you were in your before photo, an absolute beauty with the warmest smile. You must feel proud. High five.
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    @KUMEcyclingteam love the turkey cake. Wish I was half that creative with food
  • 1theresamcvean
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    edited November 2020
    @KUMEcyclingteam Love your cake. What talent! LOL about your weigh-in rant.
  • Freeglerock
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    @KUMEcyclingteam Yum! I want some turkey cake! Truly spectacular!
  • kandi3570
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    Steps yesterday 1750. Lol. Didn’t have my Fitbit on most of the morning cooking. Oh well. Today 14070. And I am tired. I worked cleaned the house scrubbed the floors and put up Christmas decorations and tree.
    @Cafelelia CONGRATULATIONS!! You look amazing. And I think you look great in both pics. I don’t feel as though before after pics make me think there was anything lacking from the older version of you. I feel like it allows you to see how far you’ve come. And it’s so easy to forget. For me they are a reminder to keep going.
    @kiane50 nice loss!!
    @mindtrelofsarcasm I’m so glad you posted that one day isn’t going to make a big difference. I see a lot of people on other forums who just want to give up over a slip or a bad day. I think everyone needs to know we are human and will screw up. But all that matters is that you pick yourself up again and again.
    @KUMEcyclingteam that is a talent! Those cakes are soo neat looking!
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