WaistAways - December 2020 Team Chat



  • micki48
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    @offitgoes That must be my problem!!! LOL :D
  • CanadianGiraffe
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    PW 174.2
    CW 175.4 :(
  • conleywoods
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    Hello and happy Saturday 😊

    @evangsimmons170 Hope you feel better soon. We have a contraption like that at work called a peddelo. Kids love it and we have been known to organize some races for the grown-ups when the kids are gone!

    Loved hearing about everyone's exercise! I generally always pick workouts that can be done lifelong. I avoid anything high impact because you only get one body so take care of those joints. I like to walk, hike and snowshoe. I fit these in as I can. These are my fun things that get me out in nature. I'm new to lifting. I lift 3 days a week and I lift heavy and try for 3 sets of 8 reps. Honestly I'm lifting weights to help increase the calories I burn at rest. My main exercise and my favorite is Ballet Beautiful. It's tough and his changed my body in such a dramatic way. So much more change from Ballet than pilates, barre or aerobic/hiit workouts I've done in the past. I started Ballet in June and when I went back to work in September my coworkers couldn't believe how much weight I had lost. Actually I had only lost 4 lbs but my body changed dramatically from working out.

    My barriers are mom guilt. Feeling like I should spend time with kids and work out later. Then I get tired because it's 8 in the evening.
  • Steph1498
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    I’m just now catching on December and I’m inspired by everyone’s exercise and silly photos!

    CW: 164
    PW: 162

    I don’t know where my motivation has gone but I’m going to look for it... lots of Christmas wine is not helping. 🍷🍷🍷
  • jugar
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    edited December 2020
    Some good giggles today - and thanks for news @CanadianGiraffe - it has been a rough month for you. It is good to hold on and not slip too far with your weight, but I think there are other things that take priority right now. You'll be back at it soon.

    @offitgoes - all veggies only for dinner for you!! It is amazing how one meal can throw the whole day off, but just keep to simple veggies (as many as you want so you don't feel starved) and then tomorrow go a bit light too. You've got this!

    I should talk - some of the ice cream my son brought me last night has been consumed, but it was salad for lunch and a light dinner, so I think I'm ok. It was really delicious :)

    Here we are, ending another week. Let's get those last weigh-ins done! LAST CALL -
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    CW: 212.4
  • ells_runs
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    Morning everyone!
    I'm truly sorry for being late 😥
    Crazy, crazy week and run up to Christmas, too.
    I thought I missed out on the challenge but gentle reminder from @jugar gave me hope and kick to get back to it 😊 thank you for being understanding 😊

    CW 207.2 lbs 😥 *sigh*
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    Steps for Saturday December 5
  • conleywoods
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  • micki48
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    Silly Saturday

    I LOVE THIS!!! YES! LOL. I have bought myself a few gifts.

    :D:D:D Dat me!

    @jugar Something is up with the step spread sheet. It is definitely not adding up the totals correctly. I know that the Saturday cells aren't computing, but it may have been earlier in week. Sorry, I just noticed this and have no idea what to do about it. I can add them, but then our final totals won't be right.

    My steps and water have been really good today. Took a nice walk to look at the decorations by myself. I haven't walked my longer route in about a week and my hips and low back were killing me. I guess I need to slow down and stretch more.

    I loved the silly memes. Thanks all.

    @CanadianGiraffe So glad to hear from you. What an ordeal you've been through. Glad to hear your son is doing well so far and no Covid symptoms. Stay healthy. Give yourself a break. There is only so much you can do and you have been doing a lot. Take care of you and check in when you can.
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    Steps for Saturday 13,590
  • Steph1498
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    @jugar I apologize that I keep having a late weigh in. Thanks for the kick. I’ve not been on track with food, alcohol or exercise lately which makes me higher in general and on Fridays. Then I want to wait until Saturday or Sunday to see how the weight changes...
    I have to be more honest with myself and the team. I know you are working to keep track of us all. Thanks again for that.
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    Sunday weigh in:

    PW - 183.2
    CW - 184.6

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