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    1st @iHUSTLE4MUSCLE 4.93 %
    2nd @EmilyDoesKeto86 4.47%
    3rd @Sripalbhansali 4.11%

    1st @EmilyDoesKeto86 10.6 Lbs
    2nd @iHUSTLE4MUSCLE 9.2 Lbs
    3rd @gretchenreine 6.0 Lbs



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    Click on the link below to access the week 2 challenge.

    The Perfect 10 challenge is about tracking 5 of your habits/behaviors for a week then scoring yourself on your consistency.

    Hop on over and dust off your scorecards!!!

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    Weigh in day Monday
    PW 191.6
    CW 190.3
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    Weigh in week 2
    Weigh day Sunday
    PW 247.7 (112.4 kg)
    CW 246.6 (111.9 kg)

    Weigh in with some inflammation in my traps, has added 900 grams (2 lbs!) from where I was a few days ago. But still down from last week, so yay.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a good day. Went for a walk on the beach and got a lifting session in as well - these are the things that make me happy! 🤗

    I also wound up with 2 cakes as both my twins made one for me, I am encouraging the kids to eat the leftover cakes but they were delicious!
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    omg I have had to start this post over 3 times. mfp is making me leave the page so I am gonna make this quick. I had a great weekend. I busted my string yesterday but I slayed the weekend. have a great day everyone
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    Sorry I’m late ... can I change my day to Wednesday going forward?

    Week 2

    Weigh In Day: Sunday’s
    PW (Previous Weight): 149.03 (Jan 4)
    CW (Current Weight): 150.01
    HW (Highest Weight): 155
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    Sorry I’m late ... can I change my day to Wednesday going forward?

    Not a problem! I'll have you shifted to Wednesday for next week.
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    ~~ Happy Monday!!! ~~

    Welcome to a new week! We may still accidentally write the wrong year when filling out the date on paperwork, but that's just a January thing. Time to take a moment to reset, take a deep breath, drink some water, and reduce that tension you've been holding in your shoulders.

    HELP WANTED: Co-Captain

    We are still looking for someone to step up and take the role of co-captain. There is no rush on this request, as I am clearly killing it on my own, but I'm sure I'll need a break at some point. Honestly, even an Assistant Captain would be perfect - cover weekends and days I'm unable to be active, and we'd be set.


    Super Steppers!

    Over the past week, we have had nine members submit step totals, whether that be a weekly total or day-by-day, with a total of 551,592 steps (and that's still missing a few values from Saturday!).

    Our top stepper was...

    She totaled 106,253 steps over the course of the week, an average of over 15,000 steps per day! My feet hurt just from thinking about it!

    Steppers with more than 60,000 steps last week:

    Our other challengers:

    Keep up the awesome work, and be sure to give your legs a little extra love after all the walking you put them through. You'd be surprised how much difference a little stretching can make.
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    I weighed in on Sunday (yesterday) January 10th at 165. Last Sunday I was 166. I think I forgot to post.
  • Freeglerock
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    Check In: Sun 10th
    Food: Logged - over
    Exercise: 3.5k run and 7.5k walk
    Steps (for challenge): Sun 14,786

    Frustratingly my garmin watch battery died during one of my walks so the step count above does not includes 2k worth of walking. Hey ho - need to be better prepared and make sure I charge my watch regularly!

    So first part of my plan to get back on track was to log my eating and drinking. Success! I have tracked for 2 days now. Both days I was over my target calories, but baby steps! Now that I am tracking, next step is to stock to my calorie target. Currently on plan for today, and all my christmas prosecco and baileys (oh my! How high in calories is that drink!) are gone so that should help (which was going so badly!).
    The run was good. I went with my neighbour on an off road trail through a local common. Muddy, puddly and great fun! We then walked the route as a cool down and have a natter/catch up. Later went for a late afternoon/evening walk with partner and kids around a local lake and reedbeds. My son takes a lot of coaxing to go out, and he spends the whole time talking - making up fantastical stories/creatures. He has a very lively imagination and is very creative, but it become very difficult to get a word in once he gets started!
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
  • jedaschultz
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    Username: jedaschultz
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    Week: 2
    PW (Previous Weight): 206.2
    CW (Current Weight): 204.2

    Yeah! I did it again. Tracking my points (I'm on WW) and drinking my water and getting the steps in. I upped my steps by 500/day for this week for 5500 each day, we'll see how I do.
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    Hello team and happy Monday. @minstrelofsarcasm thank you for taking charge of our team. I’m full swing into tax season so I can’t help you out - but you are definitely killing it and don’t think for a second we take you for granted!!
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    @sleeymom5. Hugs!! Thinking of you and your family. I am praying for your brother in law.
  • Freeglerock
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    Check In: Mon 11th
    Food: Logged - over
    Exercise: 5k run and 2.5k walk
    Steps: 13,239

    Was all going so well during the day. Ran my fastest 5k (managed to get out without children on scooters in tow!), made a delicious chicken and tarragon hotpot (recipe from Pinch of Nom), drank some water. Then, once kids were in bed and I settled in front of the TV the want for sweet stuff happened. Felt hungry and so it was the easy to get crisps and biscuits that ended up being eaten. Took me from nicely under to quite a bit over. Plan today is not to eat anything past 8pm. Think I'll brush my teeth at that point to spell the end of eating for the day.

    @jedaschultz nice loss! I used to do WW. What plan are you following?
    @sleepymom5 Thinking of you and family xx
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    Hi all.

    I had a great workout class last night. I’ve been missing it. It’s a real sweatfest. I never seem to push myself as hard as they do.

    I’m hitting the gym today with my son. It’s usually a quick visit and I’ve been letting him call it, but tonight I’m going to let him know we are going to put in a longer workout just to make it worth the drive.

    Food is on track. But I’m fluctuating a bit and I’m more holding steady than seeing the downward trend. I had increased my calories for a half pound a week loss. Might need to make a change.
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    Sorry I’m late ... can I change my day to Wednesday going forward?

    Not a problem! I'll have you shifted to Wednesday for next week.

    Don’t kill me ... can I make it Friday?🙏🏽🙏🏽
    Sorry for all the back and forth just trying to create some routine for myself 😅
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    Good morning team weight no more. I am up early this morning. I have to go for some medical tests. it will take most of the day so I have planned accordingly. I have been on plan for 2 days. I have tied my string back together! Mackie seems to be feeling a little better. I am glad for that. I am off. I have to get my walk in before I leave.
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