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    I hope everyone has had/is having a good day, and things improve soon for those under the weather.

    We've been for a nice meal this evening at a local restaurant. Wasn't planning on a starter but we were warned there was a bit of a wait in the kitchen and I had tomato & basil soup, then for main I had a sirloin steak. Both were lovely. I was torn about ordering dessert and in the end decided against it, partly due to being full and partly being mindful of calories; in the past I would've made it fit! I'd not snacked between meals today knowing we were going out so everything sits within my calorie goal although there's always a lot of estimating with a restaurant of course.

    Prior to going out I went on an hour's run; a little slower than normal on the pace I think, but I had a stitch threatening. In fact, said stitch was threatening as I was leaving the house before I'd run at all and initially I was thinking posture, then I started having menstrual cramps when I got home - blaming those! We'll do a long walk tomorrow, so I'm happy with the amount of exercise in my weekend.
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    gak71 wrote: »
    SW - 361.5 lbs
    PW - 212 lbs
    CW - 208.8 lbs

    LTD: 152.7 lbs🥳🥳🥳

    Congratulations on passing the 150 mark, you’re killing it!

    thank you :)
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    @Terytha the new dress looks lovely and thanks for sharing your experience.. I haven't shopped in a non-plus size store in a long time so that's very inspiring to hear. I look forward to being able to shop at any store.

    @jugar so glad we have sun for today! See you soon!

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone.. I LOVE summer solstice...
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    It is time to recruit again :)
    Please encourage your friends to join our amazing group

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    @jugar. I don’t know if you saw my message. I would like to drop out after the end of June. Thank you
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    PW 156
    CW 156
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    Sorry to see you go, @lorib642.
    I’m back in my own digs and hope to catch up with all of the posts tomorrow.
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    PW: 226.4
    CW: 228.6
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    @ashleycarole86 Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles. It just doesn't feel like birthday cake without sprinkles. XD

    The cake was ok but the frosting turned out so good we had to stop ourselves from eating it all out of the bowl.

    I think using sweetener affects cooking times or something, the last couple of desserts we tried using monkfruit and erythritol sweeteners overbaked a bit.
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