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  • ashleycarole86
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    07/18 exercise -
    8,687 steps
  • Pearl4686
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    Apologies late weigh-in
    CW 86.7
  • CurvyCalorie
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    @jugar Monday Morning Weigh-in
    159.2 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    Now I’m cooking with gas. I’ll update my steps soon.
    Thank you
  • lovethyneighbor
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    CW: 228.2
  • Beka3695
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    Week 4 Challenge -- Reward Points!!


    Hop over and see how many points you can rack up this week!!!
  • jugar
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    edited July 2021
    I hope everyone is charging along in good form. Except for @DD265 - you needed that nap and I hope you took it :sleeping:

    @CurvyCalorie your gas stove is flaming away for sure! Well done. Tell us about how you have made the changes to get back on track - and how you got yourself to do it. We usually know what to do, but it takes some kind of beautiful effort to make ourselves actually do it. Those stories are always interesting. Thinking about the comments around guilt from earlier posts - I think this is where a lot of our guilt lives. We know what to do. We don't do it. We feel awful. Reminders of getting past that point are always helpful.

    If you have the time to do the points challenge, give it a try. It's a bit of work, but worth it. I have put it in a small notebook so I don't have to remember to post every single day. I like that the food points are meal-by-meal. You can blow it at one meal, but still get points for the other ones to help getting right back to reason after a slide into some unregulated consumption.

    Enjoy the rest of the day :heart:
  • Kali225
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    forgot where I left off with steps - let me know if I'm missing:

    7/14: 15,392
    7/15: 9,726
    7/16: 10,226
    7/17: 11,009
    7/18: 5,527
  • YinxFed
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    Greetings Team,

    Here are my latest Step & Exercise stats

    11/07 - 3608
    12/07 - 1917 / 7 mins Yoga / 54 mins Glutes & Hamstrings [Epic 1 Day 28]
    13/07 - 7197 / 49 mins Cardio Kickboxing
    14/07 - 3394 / 72 mins Isometric & Dynamic Full Body workout [Epic 1 Day 29]
    15/07 - 7288 / 53 mins Aerobics
    16/07 - 1927
    17/07 - 4406 / 35 mins EMOM [Epic 1 Day 30]
    18/07 - 12128 / 78 mins Aerobics

  • micki48
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    Did 15 minutes of Pilates to start the day. Had a nice chat with @jugar. Most of the afternoon spent trying to figure out some household business stuff.

    I have logged all my food and I am under my budget for the day so far. I have had 65 ounces of water so far. My Fitbit is charging so my steps will be inaccurate. Trying to decide if I have the motivation to go for a walk before the sun sets. With the weather here lately, I better check the weather report first.

    @conleywoods Wow!!! A close encounter with a cougar! I love that you view that as fun. I would have probably been a bit scared. When we used to hike with our kids, we used to tell our son, who liked to wander off, that he needed to stay close because they go for the smallest person. Lol

    @eggfreak I’d love to go for a walk with you. 🙂
  • jugar
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    forgot where I left off with steps - let me know if I'm missing:

    7/14: 15,392
    7/15: 9,726
    7/16: 10,226
    7/17: 11,009
    7/18: 5,527

    I'm missing the 11-12-13 July. Thanks!
  • jugar
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    Hi ho gang!

    Some exciting team announcements coming your way tomorrow morning - but for now, just the usual reminders!

    Weigh-ins due:



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