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    @jessickrall8 Shelley
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    @kerdil08 Thrilled that you're back with us this month...don't forget to report your weigh in for this week. I have you down as doing Sunday weigh-ins. Is that right? Let me know please.

    @Be_theBest_Me Need your weigh in as well for this week...hope you're having a great week! I know I am!
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    angmarie28 wrote: »

    Been super busy picking up extra shifts, so no workouts for 3 days now, boo. But I will be up and hitting the gym in the morning

    Hey @angmarie28

    In January you posted this:

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    January 25

    1/21-4,984-my only day off during the week

    You left out the 22nd and I didn't notice I got all my numbers out of alignment. Your next post after this was for the 25th (10,219), so can you send me your steps for 1/22 please? Then, I think we'll be caught up. Thanks!

    @angmarie28 Please read above and get back to me ASAP! Thanks!

    @hipari I need your steps from Jan 16th through Jan 29th ASAP. Thanks!


    Sorry I just seen this, what a mess of a week

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    @cre804 I'm glad you still have power and hope the storm doesn't give you any trouble!! This one misses my area of coastal Virginia and I'm grateful. We got slammed with snow and ice the last two weekends. All of us like to be out and about, but don't discount the affects of walking at home, walking in place or doing some of the walking videos on Look up a Leslie Sansone walk, or check out fitnessbyrick and he has lots of great music you can walk to, which even breaks down the number of steps you're getting, the time left and how many calories burned. Plus his don't have a lot of talking during the walk, something that always annoys me. Better yet, turn on your favorite radio statio, CD and stream some favorite songs and walk/dance to those...all of those burn calories and brighten your mood, plus gives you a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! Let us know how you're doing tomorrow, ok?! Take care!

    @bearchested CONGRATS...nice loss! Don't you feel great?!!

    @PatriceFitnessPal Thank you for your kind words...I'm enjoying my birthday all week this week...loving the free time, no schedule, reading, lots of walking, dancing and a little shopping. It's been heavenly...look forward to my little winter break every year...started a few years ago and now it's my favorite!!

    Enjoy your day all!
    Jessica :smile:

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    PW: 172.2
    CW: scale broke, waiting on replacement

    Scale not working, might come in tomorrow or Monday. I have finished maintenance (sigh, I miss you already maintenance) as of Feb 2, the last day of Christmas! So now it is over, and I am back on for losing again. My cycle adds anywhere from 4-7 lbs so I always keep that in place. It fluctuates wildly at least twice a month. And my name is Tarean. Thanks @jessicakrall8. Hopefully, I won't have another 14 day cycle. If I do I will have to eat so much iron I may have to become a blacksmith! Where can I get an anvil?

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    PW: 227.2
    CW: 226.4

    It was a wild week of number fluctuation. I'm happy with the small loss.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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    @justanotherloser007 I've asked the MODS to move you from the support team to active. Please report your weigh in once the scale arrives. Welcome back to the insanity!!

    @Marni3369 Nice loss gal!! I wouldn't call it small...nearly a pound! Great job!
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    Step goal: 7,000 daily
    Tue 2/1: 12,225
    Wed 2/2: 11,271
    Thu 2/3: 12,810
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    Daily Step Goal = 6000
    1/30 - 8407
    1/31 - 5937
    2/1 - 5741
    2/2 - 8201
    2/3 - 4671
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    Happy Belated Birthday Jessica!!! Hope you had a fantastic birthday & wow...fantastic weight loss!
    Thanks for all you do to keep us on're awesome! <3
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