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    The flank has the shallower wounds but she is currently lying on her bit shoulder... so that will have to wait for later!
    Update: shoulder picture taken! I swear in real life the shoulder looks deeper than the flank. She is reclined on the flank one and standing for the shoulder one. In the picture it looks WAY less dramatic than in real life!
    Pics will be up for a month or so:
    There are actually FIVE puncture wounds in total as it turns out.

    I talked with the owner vet and even though the wound care specific recommendation would be to proceed with deep cleaning and suturing, on balance given the totality of her conditions (IBS, sedations in the past 12 months, potential future issues), on balance we decided to go with a "conservative" approach which involved shaving, cleaning, and systemic antibiotic and to see how this develops
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    I think this is a very good call, PAV. Poor girl really got into it! <3
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    Bella - there is danger everywhere when you come out of the controlled pandemic world. And, what created problems for me is how a day or two of stretching the limits triggered terrible cravings. It was like my body suddenly realized it had been deprived of calories and that it might want to make up for those dark times!

    Again though - I have faith in you. Your self awareness and careful methodical approaches will see you (and all of us following you) through this well.
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    I wasn't the one who decided to tune-out the yelling from the observation platform above me and emitted a high pitched hunting trill before launching myself with a four pawed leap straight into the river to attack a swimming otter when I am barely able to dog paddle!!!!
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    Good Grief!….I am silent for a week and all of you are having crisis!….I think we must be a very dysfunctional bunch!….but I do love all of you!….

    Bella, I understand what you are dealing with and you have to stand up for yourself….my in laws lived with us and so did my mom while we were raising a teenage son and a toddler daughter….our parents were constantly wanting our attention and taking our time away from our kids….it was hard to tell our parents “No”….we had to control their meds, finally take their car keys away, grocery shop for them, balance their check books, etc….if I hadn’t stayed firm with some things, they would have had me in an asylum…tough love is hard to do….

    PAV I am so sorry about your doggie….I hope she has a successful recovery….

    Alex you are truly an amazing person…

    Yooly ( sp ) you give some good advice…btw did you know PAV thinks we are “ elderly”?

    Altajade you are dealing with so much I hope you find some relief and answers….

    Laurie you amaze me more and more with all of your creative talents….

    Did I forget anyone?….so happy we have some new members…I hope we don’t scare them away!
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    Well Connie- what does PAV know? He’s just a kid. Punk whippersnapper!
    We’ve got more life experience and wisdom than PAV could only hope to acquire.
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    Ha, the elder @conniewilkins56 showed up, huh?
    Bestow your wisdom in conjunction with @Yoolypr upon us whippersnappers!
    @Janatki I am sooooo not sure.... some people say they are so deep. others say not so bad.
    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 you will continue to amaze! :smile:

    @Bella_Figura you also have a Fitbit, right? How does your resting heart rate correlate to caloric overage / deficit? I'm not going to tell you NOT to be worried... especially if baked goods are switching from "seldom if ever" to "often". They are remarkably easy to consume, for myself. And it is not just "satiety" because they're an item that I will continue eating PAST satiety just because I like eating them! :smiley:

    So... there's a few strategies.
    One=less often and in lesser quantity (a treat a day :smiley: , two treats a day :blush:, no more than 1/3 of my calories worth of treats a day :innocent:)
    Two is adjust the rest of the day without resentment and without over-doing it. I mean if you had this big pizza lunch then I would be looking at a lighter dinner. Bunny time! Courgettes as you guys call them can make a nice salad, right? Courgettes and cauli and broccoli with vinegar and a tiny bit of oil :wink: OR whatever. But you can adjust a bit and end up the day even Steven. Or not too far off.
    Three is of course the other adjustment. Your 25K steps etc. But you have to watch it so that it becomes neither TOO obsessive, nor your ONLY tool in the arsenal. I won't lie to you: long walks and audio-book listening has covered a lot of overindulgent lunches. But it can't be the "goto" tool all the time because if you do, you're going to fall into the "you can't outrun a bad diet" category.

    So be... a LITTLE bit worried. On the other hand: that's what maintenance is all about. The SMALL shifts. So you had three days of too much. You may not even need to push down to a deficit at all to "correct" them. Just let them roll. If trendweight starts shifting calculate by how many calories and over what time frame and don't correct for any more than that and over a similar or longer time frame.... <-- PAV idea: "FLATTEN the curve". spikes are NOT your my maintenance friend...
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    You’re going through a lot of trauma Connie. Just do the best you can for now.

    For me the biggest motivation would be to get comfortable in the bra again. Nothing worse than a tight bra strangling your rib cage! And getting a bigger one costs a small fortune.
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    Hey boo: I've got all fingers and toes crossed that it is the ONLY thing you have and that it proves as "light" as Ms Google made it sound! But adding lbs? That one not very good! Come on you!

    *OK: @Yoolypr said things in a nicer way, so you listen to her, m'ok?!?!? :smiley:
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    Try to put away the embarrassment and self anger, Connie. It won't help you keep the hamsters at bay.

    I don't really know what will to be honest, but I know that won't. I've been battling myself. I managed to gain 30 pounds back but seemed to have that at least stopped.

    It feels like we are on a similar wavelength. What I'm trying now is to do what PAV keeps suggesting. To go very very easy. To aim somewhere between 1750 and 2000 calories - with the ultimate goal of staying under maintenance. This is hard. It doesn't feel like "dieting" nor is it "eating freely." But it is giving me back some control. I have managed to leave the grocery story without a treat a few times, and to not completely inhale the good stuff around me. And to save recoup the day when I lost control a few days ago.

    Our bodies really do try to fight back after losing such a significant amount of weight. We just have to outsmart them.

    To keep doing the same thing over and over just isn't going to suddenly starting working.

    Throw all the stress you are going through on top of the messed up hormones and you're talking a perfect storm. So maybe. For now. Your goal might somewhere just south of "maintenance" - even though that is hard when you can't let go of where you were just a few months ago.

    Maybe go buy yourself a new bra and undies....just a few that you don't feel terrible everytime you get dressed. Some pants too if you pulling on your pants makes you feel bad. Feeling terrible about your clothes leads to feeling terrible about yourself and that is not going to help you get into the mindset you need to take good care of you. It seems like it would, but it doesn't. And deep down we know that but just refuse to accept that we can't bully ourselves into submission.

    I finally broke down and bought some clothes last week. It was the best thing in the world for my state of mind. I'm starting to feel a bit better about my body and myself in general. And every once and a while notice that I look much better than a few years ago - even if it isn't as thin as last fall.

    Be gentle and kind to, Connie. She's the only Connie we got.
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    :love: Laurie!:kissing_heart:

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    Yep Connie, listen to Laurie - she speaks for all of us when she says go gentle on yourself. You're under so much stress that it would be counter-productive to demand fast-paced weightloss at this point. Just get a few small wins under your belt and take it one baby step at a time. Sending healing vibes your way for you and John!

    Alex I hope BF is approved for the two days of home working - many employers are much more open to that concept post-pandemic, so hopefully he'll get a positive outcome.

    Pav, I don't have a fitbit. I wear a heartrate monitor when I'm on the turbo, but I never wear it at any other time. So I have no idea how my heartrate fluctuates with high and low days.

    I'm not panicking unduly, but I'm feeling a little disquieted by the several days of unexpectedly high intake in a row. The choices feel transgressive and indulgent...I'm not sure if that puritanical mindset is a help or a hindrance.

    Re your counterbalancing measures, I do a mixture of them all. I was genuinely full until way past our normal dinner time yesterday, so at about 9pm I just had a banana and a thin slice of toast. I estimated yesterday's calories at 2,400, so on the high side but nothing too earthshattering considering the amount of NEAT/exercise calories I burned.

    For the next couple of days I'll try to come in at small deficit, though I won't sweat it if I don't manage it, provided that I keep within maintenance calories so that it all evens out over the next week.

    Just to reassure you, yesterday's exercise wasn't obsessive or done for compensatory reasons. The 24,000 steps just naturally happened from adding city windowshopping to my usual dog walks (because muttski had to stay home so needed walkies before and afterwards). The 25km bike ride was my usual Thursday evening Zwift group ride - I'd agreed to act as a sweeper to help any back markers make it back to the main bunch, so I felt I couldn't bail at the last moment. And it was a nice easy pace. And the gardening just arose naturally, because my baker friend bought round lots of veggie seedlings that needed to be got in the ground quickly because it's so warm here.

    So I wasn't flogging myself half to death to try to outrun my fork...

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    @bella_figura (MFP is not cooperating right now, again)... anyway Garfield. Unlike you I am not at all worried that you're actually above maintenance with your indulgences.

    To begin with I believe (without numbers; just on your description of activity) that you're actually at "maintenance pushing down" vs "maintenance pushing up". This is a pet theory. No real support. But pet theory is that there is a bit of a block to initiate change from equilibrium. The bit of a block is absorbed by NEAT changes first. And only once these NEAT changes are overwhelmed do we see energy reserve and weight changes. And while this resistance seems to be more absorbent dropping down than it is going up. It is STILL there even when going up.

    So an occasional overage without counterbalance will be fine. Persistent overages... not without a penalty.
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    Connie... take care of yourself dear. You and your family has been through so much of late!

    Bella... I know how you feel. It seems like one "cheat" (I actually hate that word but it is early on a Friday and I have not woken up fully yet) leads to another... and to another... and to another. It is not something that I have figured out how to stop yet. Actually in one of those cycles right now. Being back in the office 3 days a week gives me more opportunities to just get what I want to eat because I have more options. But the biggest downfall for me? Ordering in. I just deleted the doordash app again from my phone. Now to just follow through and try and forget the option even exists.

    PAV... I think the balanced, wait and see approach is the right one. Keep a close eye on the fur baby.

    Alex... do I remember right that you said it was a state job your BF got? I could be crazy and be making that up of course. But if so, as long as his job is able to be done from home, he should be allowed to work from home up to 15 hours a week. That was stated by the governor and applies to all agencies. Of course it doesn't work for all employees, but many would be able to. I work for the state and do 2 days at home.

    I am SO glad it is Friday. For some reason I was super tense last night and then I stayed up later then normal to finish the book I was reading. Oops.
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    Yeah, he's got a state job. Works for the DLGF. He is going to do two days a week at home, and that really helps as we have only the one car.

    Today I am precooking. I made a gyro quichecake, and battered and fried pork pieces for future Thursday night "Chinese takeout" dinners. It takes about an hour and a half of constant work, but at the end of it they are done, they are done five weeks ahead, and all I will have to do when I want them is warm them through in the microwave and tumble them onto a baking sheet to crisp up in a 200 degree oven while I get the sauce ready and steam the veggie and such. It makes things so much easier.
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    Thanks for all of the great advice….now to heed it!….the problem is that I will be 71 in July and I would really like to lose this weight before I get too old to care!…

    Today we have a handy fix it man at the house doing repairs…Willow hasn’t stopped barking for three hours….I am ready to give her away….