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    @DD265 The nights go so quickly after work don't they.. especially when you are passionately pursuing a hobby. I know nothing about gardening and am the worst at it but you surely make it sound fun. I have no doubt you'll have a solution for your meals soon.

    6/28 exercise:
    12389 steps
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    went to the movies last night for the first time in 4 years and the popcorn and I became much too acquainted.... But, the scale was still friendly this morning so I guess all my good behaviour over the weekend allowed this little excess. I'll sweat all that salt out tonight at hockey.

    Next weekend we have my husband's daughter bringing a friend along for the weekend and that friend is being driven up by her mother, sister, and the sister's friend who will stay for dinner and a boat ride on Thursday evening. That means I have to grocery shop, meal prep, CLEAN the house, and still manage to get to hockey and work full time until then. Ack!
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    Yesterday was just ok. Went significantly over my target calories for the day, due to dinner out with friends. Did however, make decent choices and stayed within my normal daily calories allowance so I feel ok about it.

    Went to doc. Still not a clear diagnosis, but he thinks pain is probably coming from lower back. Have lots of stenosis and some misalighnment. On a short course of prednisone and will go to some physical therapy. Unfortunately, the earliest PT appointment I could get was 7/13 (ugh). If these interventions are not successful, the next step will be an MRI. In the meantime, still not able to ride so will have to focus on walking (which I can do pain free) and battling a bad mood.

    @lauren_989 Peaches!! We are getting peaches in the store now. I tend to ‘mini-binge’ on them, but they are so yummy and relatively low cal, so I still stay within cal allowance. Love summer with all the fresh fruits and veggies.

    @micki48 Good goals for the month! I would guess that if you are experiencing feet and ankles swelling that you are retaining some fluid … probably accounting for some of the ‘weight gain’. Drinking the water and getting your steps in should help with this. (It always seems counterintuitive to me that drinking more water helps when you are retaining fluids, but it work!)

    @graceojo999 Glad to hear your father is doing better.

    @DD265 I used to live a good distance from a grocery store, so got into a habit of going once a week. That is no longer necessary (only a mile from the store), but I still have the tendency to shop as if I am not going to be back for a week. It does lead to waste. Trying to break that habit. The one thing that I have found is that the only way I manage successfully is to not bring home anything I should no be eating. The idea of having something in the house and having just a taste (so I still stay within cal allowance) just does not work for me … it is an invitation t binge ☹ Maybe someday I can work that through … but not now.

    eggfreak “I love mornings” Me too!! All things feel possible in the morning.

    @Kali225 Congrats on your loss! It is sooo motivating when the scale takes a dip like that!

    @MoonlitMuse Sounds to me like you are doing a LOT! I certainly wouldn’t call you “being lazy” at the end of the workday … sounds like you are just really tired. No advice, just appreciate all you do and fit in what you can.

    @Gidgitgoescrazy Hope today goes better. A big well done! on logging it! I have a bad tendency to go into denial on those days … which, alas, can lead to a few more days of denial following ☹

    @CarolAnnM2 Joint pain is so challenging to work with. Do you by any chance have access to a pool? I know when I was struggling with knee issues before I had it replaced, I struggled to do much of anything that involved weight bearing. I found that there was a lot I could do in the pool for both calorie expenditure and fitness (I didn’t swim because of shoulder issues, but was able to do a lot of pool “calisthenics” that were really helpful.

    @Shawtytel Welcome. I am also new to the group this month. Congrats on making the choice to start again. I suspect most of us have been in your place. There is certainly a discouraging aspect to this, but I try to remind myself that I know a lot more than I did before and can use that to help me succeed this time.
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    Happy Hump Day!

    @micki48 I was thinking yesterday as I read through posts, "I hope Michele found time for some steps!" I am now manifesting exercise for others. Ommmmm. :D well done!

    @Gidgitgoescrazy I, for one, am not saying that 10 weighted squats is "nothing" - baby steps is the way to go!

    @PlaneMonkey movie theater popcorn just hits different. way to put in the work beforehand! an ice rink sounds like such a nice place to be, with temps hitting 80 here today. (although presumably you get justtttt as sweaty playing!!)

    @Shawtytel welcome!! you are not alone in recommitting. This group has already seen me way up and way down (currently on the up part, unfortunately haha) but it's always here to come back to when I get off track.

    day is off to a good start for me. I guess I have mentally started to put a lot of eggs in the basket of this current job opportunity (the final interview round is set for tomorrow at noon) because I haven't been applying to many other jobs this week or end of last, like I was before. that's a little scary because I don't want to be super disappointed if I don't get an offer - although I will be. However, having this one opportunity to really focus on has allowed the last few days to be really straightforward in schedule - up to walk, yoga and workouts done in the morning, delicious lunch, and an open afternoon to enjoy the sun and work on my interview skills/stories to tell about why they should hire me. I just feel like I am able to get everything done that I need to, which is often not the case (relates back to what @DD265 said about unrealistic goals!).

    One thing that has really brightened my days - I am jamming out and dancing around to music constantly! just feeling really upbeat. Now how to make this all last... forever, and never return to the days where I feel like a lump, let moods dictate my eating, and ignore movement in favor of napping. A challenge.
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    One thing that has really brightened my days - I am jamming out and dancing around to music constantly! just feeling really upbeat. Now how to make this all last... forever, and never return to the days where I feel like a lump, let moods dictate my eating, and ignore movement in favor of napping. A challenge.

    This is a great challenge! Beware the "never" though - there will be lump days, you know there will. If you say never - never snack at night, never let your mood dictate your eating, etc. when it happens you feel even more horrible. Plan for them and it won't be so bad. Of course, no one wants those things to happen, but if you have a plan, you'll get through it faster.

    Another good strong theme that seems to be arising is grocery behaviour. This is a big big big one! Shopping demands a pocket full of NOPE. Feel the power of walking past that trigger food, putting the extras back on the shelf, and walking out of there feeling proud. I think it is the root of good eating in so many ways. I am careful to grocery shop at hours when I feel strong, but I know for so many of you who are working, raising kids, and doing all kinds of stressful things, it is not always possible to pick your time. If you can keep a running list (on your phone or in a little notebook in your bag), plan ahead just enough to know what you really want to be eating and what to avoid, hopefully the shopping will go well!

    For late night snacks @Shawtytel and others - some planning helps there too. And substitutions! You like crunchy salty? Raw veg and a bit of hummus. And pickles! They help quell the craving for sweets. But, as @Gidgitgoescrazy has discovered, they are salty, so don't go too overboard... You like sweet and crunchy? Sliced apple with a bit of almond butter is nice, and no added sugar at all. Or citrus fruit sections. Work intensive to peel and separate, no sugar, and refreshing. In any case, plan the snacks, make sure they fit into your calories for the day, and you won't have to completely give up the comfort of an evening snack.

    A NOTE: I am thrilled that there are so many good discussions, responses, and back-and-forth these days. BUT I do not want anyone to feel an obligation to reply to everyone or to comment on every situation - one of the great values about having a team is that there are a good number of us! I guess I'm just trying to say, don't get overwhelmed in here and end up dropping out because you can't "keep up". I know especially for new people it can feel like a lot, so please don't worry. If you feel inspired and helped by being here a lot - that's great! If you are slammed and feel like you can only pop in and give a bit of news, that's OK too. It's all good. Unlike certain snacks...

    Hugs all around, you fabulous people.
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    @Kali225 good luck on your interview tomorrow!

    @DD265 I love the idea of your pre-prepped dinners or meals that you pull out of the freezer and microwave! Does anyone else do this? What are some of the meal ideas you use?

    The past few days have been great for me! Logging my food and staying within my calorie range. Now to just keep that up!
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    jan110144 wrote: »
    @CarolAnnM2 Joint pain is so challenging to work with. Do you by any chance have access to a pool? I know when I was struggling with knee issues before I had it replaced, I struggled to do much of anything that involved weight bearing. I found that there was a lot I could do in the pool for both calorie expenditure and fitness (I didn’t swim because of shoulder issues, but was able to do a lot of pool “calisthenics” that were really helpful.

    I do not have regular access to a pool unless I join the YWCA or a city facility and the fees for that don't warrant the number of times I could use it, plus I am already paying for weekly physiotherapy and acupuncture. I am working 4 days a week and after work I am just too tired to go to a pool in the evenings. I do, however, go 1 or 2 times a month to a Mineral Spa and spend a weekend in the mineral pool. I find that provides me an opportunity to get more exercise and steps in as well as relaxation and reduced pain levels for a couple days.
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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes. Today's goal is to try and get through the night without snacking😩lol.

    @ashleycarole86 I've tried a few strategies some that worked others that didn't. The one that really seemed to help was posting notes on the pantry. It worked up until we moved and the notes never went back up. Chewing gum also really helped. That was a strategy that I've learned from when I joined WW back in 2006. For whatever reason it's not working anymore. Having my boys around and seeing them snacking on something I want is what makes me cave. Today I'm posting those notes back.
  • lauren_989
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    @Shawtytel sometimes I brush my teeth when I am done eating for the day and am afraid I will snack. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I like your note idea!
  • YinxFed
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    Wow @AshenMoon Congratulations 🎊 What exciting news! Wishing you all the very best for a perfect day ❤ 💙
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    @AshenMoon congrats!! have such a beautiful wedding day!

    to the opposite of what @jugar said, how many posts is too many posts in a day? anyways here I am again and while I have Liselyn's attention - why no habits in the tracker this month?! I need my accountability bud.

    Had a bit of a weird day for food in that my breakfast and lunch was normal, although I cut out one part of the lunch that I just didn't feel like having today. I had planned an afternoon snack that I skipped completely, not really intentionally but I was so wrapped up in interview prep that the time to have it flew by. But by dinner I really wasn't hungry?? I knew I should eat something anyway and doing caesar salads for dinners this week meant the regular plan wasnt big on calories, so I did that. But just odd to kind of lose appetite. This does happen when I get nervous and anxious but I actually feel okay about the interview so.. that's not it.

    I think I'm going to take a second long walk tonight because I have the energy and some new songs to listen to. Thursday is going to be really busy for me, the interview, errands, I need to paint my nails before leaving for the holiday weekend, and going to the Harvard art museums in the evening with my friend for the (free!) summer series.

  • jugar
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    AshenMoon wrote: »
    Cw: 231.3lbs :)

    Now for the big news, next week I'm getting married on Saturday 7/9 😁😁🎊 I'd like to take that week off from reporting my weight, as I'm sure it probably won't change much haha

    Beautiful!! I will certainly give you the week off :smiley: and I wish you all the best for your day. And week. And life!
  • jugar
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    @Kali225 and @ashleycarole86 I'm BUSTED!!! I got wrapped up in other stuff and did not get my habit tracking going for this month yet :grimace: I'll get it going as of tomorrow. Gotta get the head out of the clouds, right?? So yes, we will continue to check each others' checks :smiley:

    Thursday folks are ready to rumble for tomorrow, too I'm sure!

    See you soon!
  • Shawtytel
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    @lauren_989 I've tried that trick. It's a temporary fix for me. My bff said using mouthwash when her craving kicks in helps her out a lot.
  • Shawtytel
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    Today was a productive day. I got 64oz of water down, worked out for 45min, took a half hr walk with my boys and as I'm typing I've completed 11,139 steps. Ate dinner pretty late today and to grab something quick it ended up being 2 slices of pizza after 10 that ended up being nasty and not worth messing my day up over. Now I have a migraine. I wanted to accomplish something great today and I did my steps so I can't really be that hard on myself.

    Btw...notes posted!!!
  • ashleycarole86
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    Alright, I ended up turning the night around a bit. Brad made us supper, and after that I put on my shoes and took my dog for a walk and caught up with a friend on the phone.

    I then spent some time downstairs with mom decompressing a bit, talking about some of my perfectionist thought patterns and the ways they both help and hurt me, and after all that I have made my way back here feeling a little less off.

    @Shawtytel Sounds like a great day. Bummer when a pizza night isn't even tasty.. hope the migraine passes quickly

    @PlaneMonkey Tried to add you but it's not doing anything.. I'll try again tomorrow!

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