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    FYI Fitbit will be shutting down all challenges friends and eventually the app the challenges and friends will go away by 3/27

    I downloaded from another Fitbit group, an app called Stridekick and it's free. Has great challenges, with maps, etc and chat it so far. Takes a while to get used to anything, but I've cancelled my annual Fitbit subscription. Google will likely bring back some kind of challenges...most people won't keep subscribing without them, so once they start to lose significant money, watch for change. Really dumb in my guess they already have plans for something similar/better.
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    My daughter came up from Houston for a few days. Then my sister in law said our niece is driving over to Dallas from Jackson, MS for the weekend. She’s accompanying a friend to watch the daughter in a show choir competition. Great, we thought. Maybe we can meet up with them briefly. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is huge, so it would depend on where they are. Then my niece posted on Facebook last night and it turns out the show choir is preforming 2 miles from our house, at my kid’s old high school! So now we are in a holding pattern, waiting to hear from her so we can run over and give her a hug. We offered to take her to lunch but my family went ahead and ate because we haven’t heard back. I’m guessing she has her phone silenced in the theater until they can take a break.

    Meanwhile, we filed my daughter’s tax return, and I’m going to work on some more computer stuff because we just bought a new PC and I’m trying to transfer all the data and apps from the old one to the new one. Not fun! But I need to force myself to finish this so I can do something fun this weekend. Enjoy your weekend, y’all!
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    I'm JessicaKrall8 on Stridekick as well if anyone wants to "friend" me...if you're a guy, please let me know you're on MFP because I usually don't "friend" men...too many out think it's a pick up opportunity. I don't have time for that mess. :blush:
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    bbaldree64 wrote: »
    Friday Weigh-in
    PW: >216 lbs. (it's been all over the place!)
    CW: 220 lbs.
    LTD: 0 lbs.

    Good morning y'all! I love that I've been added to the Shape Shifters group -- helps with the mindset... I really want to become less of a round shape. :smiley:

    Up until this school year, I had been a special education teacher in an elementary school. In 2019, I decided to go back to college and have been taking 2 classes (3 in the summer) each semester as well as teaching full-time. This school year, I am working as a school psychologist intern (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!). I'm struggling with the freedom that I have in scheduling my days now -- I am out and about with easy access to fast food almost daily.

    In 2021 I lost 30 pounds but I ate it all back. I felt (and looked) so much better 30 pounds down! I am determined to lose that much (and more) and keep it off this time. I recognize that two things helped: tracking my food intake and having a community of people with the same mindset to turn to. I hope that I can get back on track and stay there!

    I look forward to learning about all of you!


    Welcome @bbaldree64 !! Please take a few minutes and go back to pg 1 of this chat thread and read our FAQ file. It should answer most of your questions!! I'm the other one of your Captains...Jessica. Glad to meet ya! Look forward to celebrating your milestone days with you!! Good luck in March!

    If there's anything I can help with...just let me know. Make sure you participate with the team...join our step challenge if you're a walker/runner...and if you like weekly Group Challenges, we'll have a new one starting tomorrow that I'll announce with a link to a separate challenge thread later this afternoon. The challenges are different each week and have participants from all 5 of the Fat2Fit teams, so gives you a chance to make new friends too! Hope you'll join us!

    Jessica :blush:
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    Missing the following 6 weigh-ins from this week (incl today):

    @GwenS23 x2
    @ewilhelm2487 x2

    Report in soon y'all...especially those with a x2 so you're not dropped...we'd miss you! Stats begin early on Sunday!
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    @angmarie28 Still need your steps from the 10th to present...please catch up ASAP. Thanks! Jess
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    Just saw the X2 part.. I swear this app drives me crazy. Last week I posted that my weight didn't change at 233.9, but for some reason sometimes when I post, it doesn't post it at all. 😑 Or it doesn't even let me access community page either. Maybe there's an update I missed🤷🏼‍♀️
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    Good morning Shape Shifters. I had a productive day. Saturday is laundry day here, so I did 2 loads. I also got some groceries in the morning. Going to make ginger tea with honey again so I got a big fresh piece of ginger. I am hoping this will help with the headaches too. Planning to start my day with it since I wake up with a headache every morning. I wasn't feeling great again and considered going to bed, but I was waiting for a package (some new sportbras). Thankfully it got better after I took another pill. I have been pretty annoyed with how dusty my desk and all the computer stuff was, so I decided to clean everything. I find this a very annoying task to do. Taking everything apart, pulling out all the cables, opening up the pc. But all that dust isn't healthy either, so I try to do it somewhat regularly. The inside of my pc wasn't bad at all, I just cleaned the fan blades. I also ordered a new keyboard and a massive mousepad. Both of them have needed replacing for years so I am looking forward to getting those tomorrow. Vacuumed the whole living room as well just to make sure all the dust was gone (for now anyway...). I was feeling very hot and sweaty when I was done, so I had a shower, opened the windows and burned some incense. Went to bed on time and had a good sleep. Happy Sunday everyone and see you in the March chat <3
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