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    @jugar I love fiddleheads but they do have such a short season! My husband picked some up last weekend from our farmers market and we put them in a frittata with sweet potato, shallot, dill, and herbed goat cheese. It was soooooo good!
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    The May Week 2 Group Challenge is LIVE and ready to begin on Sunday, May 7th and will run through Saturday, May 13th. You need a partner for this challenge so pop in, read the rules and register your team! Join us as we Partner Up in a Step Challenge! Here's your link:


    Can't wait to see our results this week!
    Jessica :smiley:
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    OK - that decides it. I'm going to put my step tracker back on. I have had a long break from it, and I'm getting sloppy about walking enough. Usually that is not an issue, but there have been a lot of family things to deal with lately, and more to come, so having a number to aim at is not a bad thing.

    I'm going back on the step challenge @ashleycarole86 - as of tomorrow. Aiming for 10k, but that will sometimes include my other exercise for sure!

    I'm also going to do the full group challenge from the post above. Who would like to be my partner? It starts tomorrow, runs through next Saturday. Here are the things we'd need to do:
    • Come up with a Snazzy Name for our partnership!
    • Discuss and make our walking plan as partners.
    • Announce our partnership on Sunday and then walk and report your steps daily.
    • We each must report separately every day.
    • Prize might be won!!!

    It looks like fun :smiley:
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    Hello all,
    I'm super late in checking in this month.
    First a little about me. I'm a critter person. I take in every critter that comes my way with issues. I have a crow who can't fly, a starling I raise from a hatchling, a Canada goose who can't fly, my little rescue chihuahua who's now a senior with no teeth, and a bunch of cats will all sorts of issues. All with special needs. Currently it's kitten season so I spend a good deal of time bottle feeding, cleaning eyes, etc. I've had horses, turtles, racoons and many, many more over the years. I'm also a Jeep person. My precious Jeepers is 26 years old and I'm the original owner. She's in need of a lot of body work but I've been taking care of so many other things I haven't been able to take care of her. Currently hubby is home recuperating from major surgery and is a pathetic patient. He loves to be in the spotlight and have everyone feel sorry for him. I think he has an eating disorder but those aren't very common in men but not unheard of. So, he's not eating. He's lost about 20 pounds in the last four weeks that he really couldn't afford to lose. He looks horrible. Anyway, I had to postpone my cataract surgery so I could drive him around but now, he's allowed to drive so this past Thursday I had my first eye done. I'm super, incredibly near sighted so even though having one eye fixed helps, I'm currently unable to drive. The worst part for me is not being able to bend over for a week. I can work around the weight restrictions though. That means I'm super busy even though I'm supposed to take it easy. Oh, I'm also taking hormone therapy for my cancer since chemo didn't work. I'm in NED status though and hoping to stay that way. The pills are horrible and one actually was designed for weight gain. That makes things super hard for me trying to lose weight. The other causes a lot of pain in the back, bones and joints and causes all sorts of panic attacks and anxiety and such. So, you'll hear a lot about my critters and my precious Jeepers. Oh, I also volunteer a lot at mobile food pantries and Community Dinners.

    So, I'm trying to lose weight. I need to eat more protein consistently. I also need to try to build more muscle. I've been stuck on a plateau forever and tried all sorts of things. My doctors say that I'm too focused on the micros and macros. Oh well.

    That's it. That's me. Have a great day everyone!
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    Yay @jugar glad to have you back

    I also want to participate in the group challenge so I'll need a partner too!

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    I downloaded the Mealime app to take a peek - thanks!

    @bowens1973 does all of the cooking in the house so I'll have to see what he thinks.

    Cheap me doesn't want to pay for the nutritional info and lazy me doesn't want to build recipes to find out. I'd say this is actually why we usually keep meals super simple or do pre-built kits that are predetermined calorie counts. Any tips to getting over that?
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    @jugar @EvMakesChanges
    So sorry to hear of the unexpected passing of your brother. I know with your dad there is a lot going on already. Thinking of you two and glad you have good family support
    And yea, let's partner up and make some magic with our feet @jugar

    Absolutely @KellyBgetsfit .. glad to have your steps back on the team

    Also @EvMakesChanges you're right there was nothing to lose about trying Mealime.. I am a classic overthinker but I showed Brad (our house's meal planner) and he was so excited and gladly paid the $3 for full access. So thanks for the nudge to try @MoonlitMuse suggestion
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    Anyone else want to do this week’s step challenge and be partners??
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    @jugar @EvMakesChanges So very sorry about your brother. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
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