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    @cassandraw, I'm sorry to hear that about your main friendship. But stepping away from a friendship that's been in place for a very long time can be hard to do. … You have said you've gotten really bad vibes from the new husband, our bodies have a way of letting us know when something or even someone isn't right.

    So true — Your comment reminded me of the book The Body Keeps the Score:
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    Good morning Shape Shifters. Here is todays card. Happy Friday everyone <3
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    kodakslim wrote: »
    Mid-week check-in. I started using my exercise bike over the past couple of days, just to switch things up a little (again, thanks for the tips everyone.

    I like to watch SpinJunkie videos on YouTube for bike workouts. She does what's called "rhythm rides" where you pedal to the beat of the music. Riding along to the music makes it so much easier to keep up a pace, in my experience. Plus I like her personality, she seems very genuine.

    Music makes exercising so much more fun for me! The time flies and I enjoy moving to the beat. I don’t have a stationary bike at home but I’ll try to remember to tune into SpinJunkie videos when I use the exercise bike at the gym. Thanks for taking time to share the recommendation @dancingonstars!
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    PW 201.6
    CW 202.6

    6/20 13,510
    6/21 14,459
    6/22 12,245

    I've been doing better with food tracking and not snacking after dinner in the evening, but we ate out a few times this week to celebrate Father's day and some birthdays and I'm seeing that on the scale today. My weight keeps creeping up and I need to get back to concentrate on nutrition and cutting down my calories.

    This morning I enjoyed a 25min jog with my dog and then went for a 45min bike ride. I love a good sweaty workout before starting work.
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    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Tue 6/20: 10,103
    Wed 6/21: 10,933
    Thu 6/22: 12,058
  • Zaxa2021
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    Step Update

    6/21- 12,320
    6/22- 11,858

    Goal: 12,000
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    PW 225.5
    CW: 226
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    cre804 wrote: »
    I saw my primary care physician yesterday. She was pleased with my labs and not worried about the kidney numbers. …

    She took me off my blood pressure medicine! [Note: Bold emphasis added.]

    Congratulations, @cre804! — Well done! 🤩

  • Cyncia85
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    Step Check In
    Wed June 21 = 8,430
    Thurs June 22 = 7,856
  • angmarie28
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    Previous weight-176.4
    Current weight-175.8

    Ugh what a crazy couple weeks. Not to get too deep into it but I've worked a ton of extra shifts, my foot is not doing well, I think I need to see a specialist, so workouts have not been happening, and then long story short, my 2 oldest kids were stranded in Idaho just themselves and our truck, ugh, they were headed from montana to Oregon, they never made it to Oregon though. thankfully we have a wonderful friend up there who helped and gave them a place to stay for a couple days. Anyways so I stress ate the whole time, but they are back and everything is good again
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    step for:
    Tuesday 10918
    Wednesday 3415
    Thursday 12258
    Friday 4665
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    Good morning Shape Shifters. Here is the card for today. Happy Saturday everyone <3
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    @cre804 - congratulations! That’s a huge win!
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